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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 28 Recap

Twilight walked out of the pilgrimage hall with Houchi in his arms, Feng Ran took Houchi away, and Twilight went to see Qingmu, but discovered that Jing Zhao had given Qingmu his dragon pill. Jing Zhao loses his spiritual power when he loses Long Dan. He is no different from ordinary people.

Twilight and Wuhuan scold Jing Zhao, Jing Jian persuades Jing Zhao to let Qing Mu go, but Jing Zhao has to remember her until his death, even if Qing Mu and Houchi got married, but her dragon pill was in Qingmu’s body, and Qingmu would remember her for life. Seeing Jing Zhao, who was headstrong in front of him, Twilight became furious. Wu Huan knew Jing Zhao’s current physical weakness. She decided to let Qing Mu stay in Tiangong temporarily. Only when they thought of a way to save Jing Zhao, could Qing Mu leave.

The first thing Hou Chi wakes up is to find Qing Mu. Seeing Qing Mu An Ran in front of him, Hou Chi is finally relieved. Now, Houchi is the God who resounds through the heavens, she can detect that the dragon’s breath on Qingmu’s body has disappeared, and her spiritual power has increased a bit. This time the two had a blessing in disguise, but fortunately, the emperor made a timely move, and only then recovered their lives.

Due to the rescue of the Emperor, Qing Mu decided to stay in Tiangong for a few more days to participate in the birthday banquet, but now Houchi has absorbed the spiritual power of the pilgrimage hall, he will not let Houchi reluctantly participate in the birthday banquet, but let Houchi return to Qingchi first. Gong waited for him.

Feng Ran came to see Jing Jian. She only thought that Jing Jian’s words last night were an expedient measure to save her. Jing Jian fell in love with Feng Ran in his heart, but still did not express her sincerity. Wu Huan was thinking about the Houchi in the hall. The appearance of Houchi is similar to that of the ancients. She always feels that this is not easy, and she is not the biological mother of Houchi, but Twilight was ashamed of Gu Jun back then, so she was allowed to do it.

The biological mother who lost the egg. The ancient monarch is the body of the dragon, and if Houchi is the daughter of the ancient monarch, the rescue of Jingzhao is hopeful. There is a forbidden place in the Qingchi Palace, Huajing Pool, which no one can enter except the ancient monarch. Wu Huan believes that there must be the secret of the real mother of Houchi hidden in it, so she asked Fengnu to go to Qingchi Palace to have a look.

Houchi and Qingmu are becoming more dependent on each other. If there is no one another in the three worlds, it would be meaningless for them to become gods. Qing Mu temporarily stayed in Tiangong because of the Dragon Pill. He promised Jingyang that if he couldn’t pay the Dragon Pill by the time of the Queen’s birthday, he would pay it off with his lifelong cultivation. Jing Jian shook his head when he heard this. The Golden Dragon Pill could relieve all kinds of poison. Although Jing Zhao saved Qing Mu, he also harmed Qing Mu.

Qing Mu came to ask Donghua about the method of taking dragon pills. Only true gods can do dragon pills. Apart from the true gods, there is only one way to take risks. That is, Qing Mu cultivated as a god on the Azure Dragon Platform and replaced the dragon. Dan, take out the dragon pill. Qing Mu is still far away from Jinshen’s strength, and if he is not careful, he will lose his soul, but he has decided to use this method to take a risk. Donghua gifted a little yellow dog he found in Lookout Mountain to Qing Mu. I believe Qing Mu. This time it will surely turn the bad into good fortune.

When Houchi and Fengran were playing chess, they were in a trance. Only then did Fengran know that Wuhuan had taken care of the pilgrimage hall back then. The Forbidden City imitated the pilgrimage hall everywhere. Wuhuan had met the ancients, and she was absorbing During the pilgrimage to the spiritual power of the temple, I also saw the ancients, and the ancients looked the same as her. Earlier Tianqi had said that there was a seal in her body. If she was unlocked, she might no longer be her. She always felt that things were not simple.

Later, Hou Chi wanted to pack up his things and return to Qing Chi Palace, but Jing Zhao came to see Hou Chi. She clearly told Hou Chi that Qing Mu’s dragon breath poison was solved by her. This time Qing Mu will marry her, so she can do it. If you don’t have Qingmu, you will also be a thorn in the bottom of the two people’s hearts. At this time, Qing Mu came to Houchi, and he once again stated to Jing Zhao that he would not marry Jing Zhao anyway, and only loved Houchi one person in his life.

Feng Nu went to Huajing Pond and found that Huajing Pond was a room with a portrait of Bai Xuan in it, but Wu Huan didn’t know the identity of Bai Xuan, and only had a murderous heart towards Houchi. In the demon world, Tianqi learned that the Yuanling swamp involved Houchi Qingmu, but Senjian did not report it. He punished Senjian. Senjian worried that Tianqi would provoke Houchi to Tiangong, but Tianqi sneered. Back then, he could bear the sentient beings of the Three Realms for the antiquity, and he wouldn’t be a problem in a mere heavenly palace. After punishing Sen Jian, Tian Qi still asked Zi Han to send Zi Jin Dan to Sen Jian. His trust in Sen Jian was self-evident.

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