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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 27 Recap

Jing Zhao learned that Qing Mu had returned to the Tiangong with Houchi and Fengran, and she went to the Tiangong hall aggressively. Your Highness, Twilight is preparing to reward Qingmu. Qingmu puts forward Twilight’s promise to him at that time. What he asked for was not the territory of the Three Realms, but the termination of the marriage contract with Jing Zhao. Qing Mu insisted on releasing the marriage contract, Jing Zhao rushed out of the hall to stop the matter, the immortals talked a lot, but Qing Mu did not change his mind, he only fell in love with Houchi alone. Seeing Qingmu’s affectionate appearance, Wu Huan refused to dissolve the marriage contract, but Twilight said, he broke the marriage contract on the spot, fulfilling Qingmu.

After the marriage contract was dismissed, Qingmu came to see Houchi and hugged Houchi tightly, but Qingmu suddenly felt unbearable pain and fainted in Houchi’s arms. Jing Jian healed Qing Mu and found that what Qing Mu was holding was the breath of the three fire dragons. The three fire dragons were already demigods. Only the gods could save Qing Mu. Among the three realms, except for the ancient monarch whose whereabouts were uncertain.

Besides, now only Twilight and Wuhuan can save Qingmu. Houchi wanted to ask the two to save Qingmu. Jing Jian worried that it was because after Twilight dismissed Qingmu’s marriage contract, the two quarreled endlessly. Twilight entered the pilgrimage hall unbearably and couldn’t get out within a few months. Yes, and the pilgrimage hall can only be entered by the gods, and Qingmu is afraid that it will not be able to survive tomorrow.

At present, only Wuhuan in the heavens can save Qingmu. Houchi came to ask Wuhuan to save Qingmu. She told Wuhuan about the current situation in the Three Realms. If Wuhuan can save Qingmu, she would like to lead Qingchi Palace to return. Heavenly Palace, since then, the monsters are not enough to suffer. Qing Mu’s conditions are indeed very attractive, but Wu Huan is reluctant to agree to Houchi easily. What she wants is Jing Zhao and Qing Mu’s marriage.

Wuhuan pressed hard, Houchi did not understand why Wuhuan was named as her mother god, and why she was so disgusted with her. Wuhuan made no secret of his dislike for Houchi, and Jing Zhao lost to Houchi time after time. To avenge Jing Zhao, want to humiliate Houji, let Houji kneel here for a few hours, then she will consider agreeing to save Qingmu.

Houchi and Wuhuan are the same gods. According to the etiquette, Houchi doesn’t need to kneel to Wuhuan. Qingmu came and stopped Houchi. He would rather die than watch Houchi bow down for him. Wu Huan ridiculed Qing Mu’s irresponsibility. She is now the only one who can save Qing Mu. As long as Houchi does not kneel for a day, she will not take action for a day. If Houchi is capable, she can go directly to the temple to search for it. Twilight came to help.

Outside the pilgrimage hall, there is the barrier guardian of the ancient gods. Although the back pond is a god, but the strength stays at the god, if she forcibly breaks into the pilgrimage hall, she will only be smashed by thunder, and Qing Mu will not let the back pond Kneeling Wuhuan, even more refused to let her go to the pilgrimage hall. Death is not terrible for Qing Mu. He just wants to stay with Houchi quietly, so he let Houchi accompany him to Beihai.

Qingmu took Houchi to Beihai, which was the place where the two men made their love. Here, Qing Mu told Houchi that he had the figure of Houchi in his dream thousands of years ago. If there is an afterlife, he hopes that Houchi can meet him before he meets Houchi. If there is no afterlife, he hopes Houchi can live well alone. Hou Chi didn’t want the next life, but only wanted this life. Qing Mu couldn’t bear to see Hou Chi abandon Qing Chi Palace for him, and he didn’t want Hou Chi to pay him his dignity and life. Even if Hou Chi had obtained this life for him, he would still regret it. After spending time with guilt, he only hoped that Houchi could be happy.

Qingmu and Houchi returned to the Tiangong. Qingmu was in danger. Houchi still ventured to the pilgrimage hall. Wuhuan learned that Houchi had rushed into the pilgrimage hall. Wuhuan only laughed at the pilgrimage hall. act wildly. Outside the pilgrimage hall, Houchi confronted the heavenly soldiers alone, Feng Ran came to help the back pond, and Houchi stepped into the pilgrimage hall alone, Wu Huan was shocked that the enchantment of the pilgrimage hall had no slight influence on the back pond. Take action against Feng Ran. Just as she was about to deal with Feng Ran, Jing Jian came to protect Feng Ran, frankly saying that Feng Ran was his favorite, Wu Huan looked at Jing Jian in front of him, and only hated that iron is not made of steel and let it go. Fengran.

Houchi came to the pilgrimage hall and saw Twilight, and when she saw Twilight entering concentration, she used her weak spiritual power to transmit sound to Twilight, which also lost her spiritual power. Twilight was awakened by the back pond. When he was about to transfer spiritual power to the back pond, the temple of pilgrimage chose the back pond as the master at this time. The chaotic power in the temple hit the back pond. Twilight was shocked and worried about the back pond. He couldn’t absorb the power of chaos, he shot to help the back pond absorb the power of chaos in the hall, and the movement in the hall was seen by Wu Huan, and Wu Huan called it impossible.

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