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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 18 Recap

Lin Xiangyuan chased Jiang Fanlu fiercely, Jiang Fanlu avoided him everywhere, Lin Xiangyuan came to the door of the house to stop her, Jiang Fanlu was too disturbed, so he had to accept the flowers he sent and send him away in a few words. Jiang Jin saw this scene on the balcony on the second floor and complained that Jiang Fanlu shouldn’t be entangled with Lin Xiangyuan. Jiang Fanlu told her about the one-night stand she had had with Lin Xiangyuan after drinking. Jiang Jin severely criticized her.

There have been no guests coming to the studio, Du Xiaosu was bored, and Lei Yuzheng persuaded her to return to work in Boyuan, but Du Xiaosu was unwilling to give up. Lei Yuzheng invited his boss Ye Shenkuan to drink and strongly recommended Du Xiaosu’s studio to him. Ye Shenkuan was puzzled that Lei Yuzheng, who never asked for help, bowed his head for a woman. Lei Yuzheng didn’t want Du Xiaosu to know that he was a matchmaker. Jiang Fanlu considered repeatedly deciding to be engaged to Lin Xiangyuan. She personally sent an invitation to Lei Yuzheng. Lei Yuzheng reminded her not to be with Lin Xiangyuan to avoid being deceived. Jiang Fanlu would not listen at all.

Du Xiaosu was shopping with Zou Siqi when he suddenly received a call from Ye Shenkuan. Ye Shenkuan wanted Du Xiaosu to decorate the office building. Du Xiaosu cheered happily. Tomorrow, Zou Siqi will accompany Guan Boyao on a business trip to Guangzhou. Du Xiaosu strongly objected and insisted on siding with He Qunfei. However, Zou Siqi had decided and Du Xiaosu reminded her to be careful everywhere.

Du Xiaosu wanted to bring Zou Siqi to the park for a picnic. Zou Siqi temporarily missed the appointment, so she had to come to the park to celebrate by herself, thinking that she had finally gained a foothold in Shanghai, not to mention that she was more happy. Du Xiaosu poured herself into a drink and soon became drunk. Lei Yuzheng called Du Xiaosu and learned that she was having a picnic in the park, so he drove to look for her. Du Xiaosu was in a good mood and talked vividly about her first business with Lei Yuzheng. She was happily like a child, and Lei Yuzheng was also affected by her emotions. Infected, two people pushed cups and changed cups, talking and laughing happily.

Before the engagement, Jiang Jin called Lin Xiangyuan home and pointed out to the face that he was not an ideal son-in-law. He only hoped that he would treat Jiang Fanlu better. Jiang Fanlu took out Du Xiaosu’s invitation and asked Lin Xiangyuan to hand it over to her. Du Xiaosu finally completed the decoration of Ye Shenkuan’s office building. Ye Shenkuan was very satisfied. Du Xiaosu suddenly received a call from Lin Xiangyuan. She bit the bullet and went to see him. Lin Xiangyuan gave her the engagement invitation and Du Xiaosu promised to attend on time.

Today is the day when Lin Xiangyuan and Jiang Fanlu get engaged. Lin Xiangyuan greets guests at the door early, but Jiang Fanlu is not happy at all. Du Xiaosu came to the banquet hall on time. Lei Yuzheng accompanied Lei Ting and Shao Kaixuan to the engagement banquet. Lei Ting kept complaining that Lei Yuzheng had missed a good marriage. Lei Yuzheng could only play haha ​​with a smiling face. Shao Kaixuan urged Lei Yuzheng to find a girlfriend to marry as soon as possible. When Jiang Jin saw Lei Yuzheng, he even apologized to him. Lei Yuzheng hurriedly changed the topic to congratulate him.

When Lei Yuzheng saw Du Xiaosu, he realized that Lin Xiangyuan had invited her to participate. Du Xiaosu couldn’t help but teased Lei Yuzheng and suspected him to snatch his relatives. The engagement banquet officially began. Jiang Jin gave a brief speech and bowed deeply to express his gratitude to the guests. Du Xiaosu was moved by the atmosphere of the engagement banquet to tears in his eyes, and Lei Yuzheng couldn’t help but laugh at her.

The last item of the wedding banquet was to set off fireworks. Du Xiaosu looked at the splendid fireworks in the sky and felt that happiness was fleeting like fireworks, but Lei Yuzheng believed that as long as happiness bloomed, there would be no regrets. Du Xiaosu’s studio has constant clients. She is very busy every day. Lei Yuzheng comes to see her and sees her napping on the table, and he feels pity immediately.

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