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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 17 Recap

Lin Xiangyuan desperately tried to please Jiang Fanlu. He clearly remembered that the first time they met was in such a rainy day. Jiang Fanlu gave him Jiang Jin’s clothes. Since then, he has liked Jiang Fanlu and Jiang Fanlu. Very impatient, urged him to drive quickly, Lin Xiangyuan was not angry, and took out a blanket to cover her lap.

Lin Xiangyuan sent Jiang Fanlu home. Jiang Jin wanted to ask Lin Xiangyuan to stay for dinner. Lin Xiangyuan politely declined, and quickly found an excuse to leave. Jiang Jin saw that Lin Xiangyuan liked Jiang Fanlu, and repeatedly reminded Jiang Fanlu not to miss Lei Yuzheng because of Lin Xiangyuan. Jiang Jin felt that Lin Xiangyuan was too difficult to be a master. Jiang Fanlu didn’t want to listen to him continuing to talk, so he hurried back to his room.

From that day on, Lin Xiangyuan pursued Jiang Fanlu, racking his brains to make her happy. Jiang Fanlu only wanted to know Lei Yuzheng’s attitude towards Du Xiaosu’s resignation, but Lin Xiangyuan couldn’t guess it. Du Xiaosu persuaded Zou Siqi and He Qunfei to reconcile. Zou Siqi had been brainwashed by Shangguan Boyao. He was not pleasing to see He Qunfei everywhere. He didn’t want to live with him anymore. Shangguan Boyao called Zou Siqi to have dinner. Zou Siqi refused to listen to Du Xiaosu’s persuasion and went happily. Go to the appointment.

Lei Yuzheng had been waiting for Du Xiaosu to call, but she remained silent. Lei Yuzheng had to call Du Xiaosu’s cell phone, which was always busy, and Lei Yuzheng sent a message to ask her to eat together. Du Xiaosu was calling around to rent an apartment to open a studio. She didn’t see Lei Yuzheng’s message until she was finished. The two went to a noodle restaurant for dinner. Du Xiaosu talked about the idea of ​​opening a studio. Lei Yuzheng wanted to help her. Du Xiaosu wanted to start a business by his own ability and repay his money as soon as possible.

Du Xiaosu ran with the real estate agent for a whole day, but did not find a suitable house. Zou Siqi persuaded her to ask Lei Yuzheng for help and wanted to invest in the studio. Du Xiaosu did not want to rely on anyone. Early the next morning, Du Xiaosu rode a bicycle around looking for a house, and ran into a senior sister from the university. The senior sister had just received an invitation letter to study abroad. Her studio had one year to expire. The senior sister agreed to give up the studio to Du Xiaosu. Naturally, Du Xiaosu Can’t ask for it.

Today is the opening day of Du Xiaosu’s studio. He Qunfei asked Lei Yuzheng for leave to congratulate him. He and Zou Siqi met unexpectedly. He Qunfei solemnly apologized to Zou Siqi. Du Xiaosu also persuaded him, and Zou Siqi reluctantly agreed to forgive him. At this moment, Lei Yuzheng asked the flower shop to send a lot of large flower baskets to congratulate Du Xiaosu’s studio on the opening.

Du Xiaosu welcomes his first customer. The customer only needs to redecorate the bathroom and let Du Xiaosu dredge the toilet and floor drain. Du Xiaosu was reluctant, but he bit the bullet and agreed. Du Xiaosu quickly redecorated the customer’s bathroom, and the customer was very satisfied. , And gave her 800 yuan wages on the spot. Zou Siqi went to see Shangguan Boyao secretly and asked Du Xiaosu to help conceal it. Du Xiaosu got the first decoration and wanted to invite Zou Siqi to dinner, but she didn’t come back. He Qunfei couldn’t find Zou Siqi, so he called Du Xiaosu to inquire. , Du Xiaosu lied that Zou Siqi was hiding in the toilet.

Suddenly, Du Xiaosu received a call from the property in the client’s community and learned that the client’s home was stolen, so she hurried over to see what happened. The customer insisted that Du Xiaosu had stolen her jade bracelet. Du Xiaosu was at a loss, but the customer didn’t know it, but the customer punched and kicked Du Xiaosu, and finally went to the police station. Du Xiaosu and the customer had their own words. The police asked Du Xiaosu to find his family to come to the police station. Du Xiaosu called Zou Siqi, but no one answered her phone. Du Xiaosu had to call Lei Yuzheng for help.

Lei Yuzheng took Lawyer Wang to the police station and helped Du Xiaosu go through bail procedures, allowing Lawyer Wang to thoroughly investigate the matter. The client saw that Du Xiaosu was released. She and the police quarreled. The client’s husband suddenly came to the police station, indicating that the jade bracelet had been found. Lei Yuzheng felt very sorry for Du Xiaosu. While helping her to bandage her wounds, she complained that she shouldn’t be alone, and worried that she would encounter more difficult customers in the future. Du Xiaosu immediately decided to let him be the first honorary customer.

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