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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 18 Recap

After the exam, Liu Xishi helped the examiner buy back the buns, and happily returned to the dormitory to take a bath. Company Commander Sun took him to the examiners. As Liu Xishi broke the military record in 6 minutes and 11 seconds, many people didn’t believe it. For this reason, Liu Xishi needed to re-examine in front of everyone. Liu Xishi didn’t have any dissatisfaction either.

He re-examined calmly, and under the eyes of everyone, he easily found the explosives and dismantled them. The day was New Year’s Day. The comrades in arms celebrated Liu Xishi by the way. The result was that he was asked to go out and run a few laps. The instructor called out the squad leader to convey the orders of his superiors.

Company Commander Sun also believed that Liu Xishi was the material for demining. The regiment also ordered Liu Xishi to take a good annual leave and participate in the assessment and training of the special operations base in the fullest mental state. But Liu Xishi offered to be on duty this year. The monitor and the instructor explained that the relationship between Liu Xishi and his mother was not very good, and every time he called home he was looking for his sister.

In any case, the instructor asked the monitor to find someone to replace Liu Xishi on duty. This year, he must let Liu Xishi take his annual leave to go home. The special operations base is very strict, and Liu Xishi’s shop is reserved for him, so that everyone will know when he comes back from the special operations base.

The next day, everyone dressed in military uniforms and took a group photo together, and the squad leader specially pulled Liu Xishi in the middle to take a photo. Soon, Liu Xishi went home to see her sister, but after a long time, the street became more lively. Sister Liu Di asked him when he would go back to see his mother, but Liu Xishi was silent. He and stepfather didn’t deal with it and didn’t want to go back. Liu Xishi and Liu Di went to the station to pick up their brother-in-law. When they came back, they saw their mother standing next to the shop. Liu Xishi bit his scalp and said hello. The next day, Liu Di took Liu Xishi to pay New Year greetings to his mother and stepfather. The family finally had a reunion year.

Liu Xishi was about to return to the team on the second day of the new year, and his stepfather asked his wife to send him off for him. Liu Xishi took some time to meet Bai Yan, his former classmate, but the two did not talk for long. On the day of returning to the team, Mother Liu took a big bag and gave it to her son. She said there were his father’s relics and some sweaters in it. Liu Xishi was a little bit sad. He said that he had missed her a lot during the years in the army. In the New Year next year, he strives to come back again. Mother Liu turned her back to wipe her tears. Liu Xishi picked up her bag and left. Mother Liu couldn’t help looking at her son, her eyes full of reluctance.

On the bus leaving home, Liu Xishi took out his father’s military medal and relics, feeling overwhelmed with emotion in his heart. Soon afterwards, Liu Xishi went to the special operations base with his suitcase on his back and met Li Xinlei, Liang Bo, and Qiu Jie. The instructor of the special operations base was surnamed Chen. He thought that anyway, the number of people who came to the special operations base would not be more than 7%, so he didn’t say his name. He asked everyone to call him instructor Chen. He came up and gave Li Xinlei a disarm, asked him to do 50 push-ups, and then changed the method to complain about Liu Xishi’s wet milk.

Instructor Chen said that special forces are sharp knives in the army, and search and EOD is the tip of sharp knives. An EOD is always on the front line, smashing obstacles and solving difficulties, and the error tolerance rate of each EOD is zero. . Having said this, Instructor Chen stopped abruptly and announced his dissolution. On the first day of training, instructor Chen asked them to pass at least 6 needles with a thread within 10 seconds. Even if it was Liu Xishi, it only passed 2 needles. Instructor Chen ordered everyone to practice well, or else all those who failed the examination tomorrow will be rolled back from where. That night, the dormitory was brightly lit, and everyone was practicing piercing needles.

Li Xinlei saw that Liu Xishi was too nervous, so he put his earphones on his ears to relax him. When the time went back to the current node, Liu Xishi was clearing mines, but Liu Xishi didn’t wear an explosive suit, and he appeared beside him in a carefree manner. Liu Xishi took out the bomb, Ruohua’s heart hung in his throat, watching Liu Xishi slowly pierce the needle into the mine, carefully twisting the explosive device of the mine. The two finally breathed a sigh of relief, and Ruohua felt relieved and lay on the ground. Both of them didn’t sleep well that night. Ruohua ate sugar cane early the next morning. He said they lost their souls yesterday.

The sugar cane and fruit were sent by a girl from Winding Village down the mountain. They happened to ran into him. They didn’t want to take the girl’s things. However, the girl was too enthusiastic, so Liu Xishi stuffed the fruit and sugar cane into Ruohua’s hands. . Seeing the girl’s legs and feet inconvenience, Liu Xishi volunteered to send the girl down the mountain, she opened the corner of her skirt openly to reveal a prosthetic leg. Liu Xishi was surprised, but she seemed very indifferent. This minefield on the mountain caused many people to lose their legs. Ten people in Guafengzhai had nine legs. Although this is a joke, Liu Xishi still sounds very scared. .

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