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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 17 Recap

Since 1993, the Chinese government has carried out large-scale mine clearance operations and removal of explosive remnants of war along the borders of the two provinces of Yunnan and Guangxi. The operation lasted nearly 30 years. In Faka Mountain, Guangxi, the 1132 minefield was cleared on the first day. The team comrades joked that 6 mines were cleared today, and this is about to become the World Weapons Expo. Demining fighter Liu Xishi found a booby trap.

This booby trap belonged to the German-style thunderbolt. The lead wire had been corroded thoroughly. He immediately let others follow their footprints down the mountain, and he cleared the mine alone. Fortunately, Liu Xishi was experienced and took out the mines carefully and carefully. After the thrilling mine clearance was over for a short time, Liu Xishi was already sweating profusely.

Ruo Hua drove over and greeted Liu Xishi swaggeringly. Liu Xishi hurriedly told him to drive away with disgust. Subsequently, the EOD team carried out an EOD mission at 1132 Heights. Liu Xishi was responsible for shooting and recording, which included two anti-tank mines and six anti-infantry mines. After the demining mission was over, everyone retreated the same way.

At night, they lived in the wild, and Ruohua was cooking while saying that he would find a time to take his comrades down the mountain to catch fish. After eating, Liu Xishi asked Li Xinlei to check the work order. Li Xinlei was listening to the radio, and Liu Xishi accidentally broke his radio antenna. After finishing tomorrow’s work, Ruohua reminded Liu Xishi to get herself a new radio.

Early the next morning, Ruohua used the radio to set off the Charge, waking everyone up. Some soldiers complained that if they were in the same class as Ruohua, they would have ten years less lifespan. Listening to the sound of the Charge, Liu Xishi was in a daze and remembered what happened five years ago. At that time, he was still an unknown soldier in the Iron and Steel Company, and he was too tired to catch his breath even on the march.

But when he saw the EOD company passing by, his eyes widened, forgetting the fatigue of his body, and the idea of ​​wanting to be an EOD fighter came up. At that time, he was helping in the back kitchen, and the instructor called him over. The monitor knew that Liu Xishi was stupid and wanted to help Liu Xishi express this idea, but the instructor asked Liu Xishi to speak for himself.

Later, the instructor couldn’t hold him back, so he had to take him to see the company commander Sun of the search and disposal explosion, and let him see the blasting scene. Company Commander Sun asked him why he wanted to learn how to search for EOD, but Liu Xishi couldn’t say anything. He just thought that EOD suit was very handsome. The instructor felt very embarrassed and criticized Liu Xishi for his improper thinking, and ordered him to go back and write a good thought report.

Then, Liu Xishi seized the opportunity to read his thought report aloud to the instructor. The instructor didn’t hurt him, and even the squad leader scolded him. The squad leader told Liu Xishi to tell him not to look for an instructor anymore, because the instructor has family members here in the past two days. Liu Xishi was worried that the time was too late, so he ran to the instructor to read his thought report that night.

The instructor’s wife was also reasonable and asked him to allow Liu Xishi to come in for a thought report. This time, after listening to Liu Xishi’s truth, the instructor felt softened, and repeatedly confirmed that Liu Xishi really wanted to learn EOD, so the instructor sent him to Captain Sun to study together. At first, when Company Commander Sun taught the recruits, he also said that Liu Xishi was here to watch the excitement as a trainee.

Later, when he saw Liu Xishi was very serious and digging holes in strict accordance with the requirements, he was rarely praised. In the next year’s military competition training, Company Commander Sun can also bring Liu Xishi, and Liu Xishi can study hard and try to get a certificate. Liu Xishi replied that he wanted to learn this year.

Liu Xishi, fellow dormitory comrades and company commander Sun proposed to change the dormitory, and other soldiers also responded. Company Commander Sun said tactfully that if Liu Xishi is energetic, he can go for a run during the day and have a good rest at night. Liu Xishi didn’t understand what he meant, so he simply took him to the dormitory, covered the basin with a quilt, and simulated mine clearance with his eyes closed.

This operation directly made Captain Sun stare at him. Time goes back to now. On the 21st day of 1132 minefield demining, Liu Xishi and Ruohua ridiculed each other after clearing the mines. They learned that Ruohua’s platoon was indeed a string of all-plastic anti-infantry mines. Liu Xishi was dissatisfied with the loss. .

A few years ago, at the search and explosive professional competition test site, the soldiers who took the exam were one after another, and the soldiers who failed and were eliminated one after another. Liu Xishi was the last one. He meditated on the various procedures of demining, and then promised to the examiner. I will definitely finish the exam as soon as possible and let him eat hot buns.

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