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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 16 Recap

Pang Yibing took the data recorded during the flight test to give Liu Mengyu, but Liu Mengyu glanced at Pang Yibing, said thank you, took the data and lowered his head to work. Pang Yibing was inconvenient to disturb Liu Mengyu, and could only leave silently. Liu Mengyu has been studying how to solve the problem of the cabin door, and found that it is necessary to observe the cabin door in the flight state to solve the problem of the cabin door.

Luo Zheng revealed that there will be a test flight the day after tomorrow. Liu Mengyuan and Ma Yuechuan applied for permission to test the flight with the aircraft, which was of great help in solving the problem of the cabin door. Ma Yuechuan hesitated, after all, following the plane requires training and a lot of preparation. Liu Mengyu explained that she had been trained and her physical condition was fine. Zhao Xudong suggested that it is better to let him go.

Pang Yibing said he did not agree, but Zhao Xudong was just discharged from the hospital and his physical condition was not suitable for boarding the flight test. Liu Mengyu tried his best to get the opportunity to board the plane for himself. Pang Yibing strongly opposed to Liu Mengyu’s safety and said that he was the safety captain. He had the final say. Ma Yuechuan asked Zhao Xudong to accompany him to discuss with the review representative. . Pang Yibing angrily scolded Liu Mengyu for not understanding the test flight, let alone the danger of the test flight, and the two began to argue.

After a while, Ma Yuechuan and Zhao Xudong came in and announced the approval of Liu Mengyu’s boarding application. Liu Mengyuan was very happy, but Pang Yibing looked helpless, and particularly reluctantly promised that he would take care of Liu Mengyuan. Pang Yibing played billiards to vent his emotions. Luo Zheng told Chong Yibing that he nodded in agreement with Liu Mengyu’s decision to test the flight.

At the same time, he pointed out that Pang Yibing was impetuous, which was nothing like before. But Pang Yibing just couldn’t understand what it meant to let a little girl accompany him on the test flight. Luo Zheng explained that Liu Mengyu did not accompany him on the test flight, but represented the hard work of thousands of people for nearly a decade. Everyone was doing their best to accomplish this. At the same time, he made fun of Pang Yibing for being too self-righteous, and let Pang Yibing take good care of it. Liu Mengyu. .

Before boarding the test flight, Pang Yibing repeatedly told Liu Mengyu that she was the safety captain of the test flight. All her actions were under the command. Anything during the flight must be notified to herself as soon as possible. During the flight test, Pang Yibing called Liu Mengyu never heard a response, and his thoughts were broken, so he called the tower to indicate that the test subjects had been completed and requested to return to the flight. It turned out that Liu Mengyu fainted because of physical discomfort. Fortunately, Pang Yibing found out that this didn’t cause a big mistake.

Although Liu Mengyu fainted, he got the first-hand data before fainting, which can definitely solve the hatch problem. But Liu Mengyu found that the recorded notebook was missing. When he thought that he had landed on the plane and was emotionally about to go back to retrieve it, Zhao Xudong meaningfully told Liu Mengyuan that Pang Yibing had sent it. Seeing Pang Yibing writing Liu Mengyu’s words to cheer in his notebook, Liu Mengyu turned over immediately.

At the meeting, Ma Yuechuan stated that the test flight has entered its fifth year and that all test flight subjects will be completed this year. After the meeting, Pang Yibing originally greeted Liu Mengyu, but Liu Mengyu ignored her and told Zhao Xudong not to mix up the two of them.

Chong Yibing drove 102 aircraft to conduct a natural icing flight test and asked his assistant to record the data. But Chong Yibing felt that the data was not enough and continued to fly forward. According to the airborne radar system, Ma Yuechuan immediately called 102 planes through the command center, requesting to suspend the test and return immediately.

But Pang Yibing finally got into the clouds, and thought there was still room, so he continued to venture forward, ignored the call from the command center, and requested to continue the experiment. Liu Mengyuan asked to return to the flight immediately. Their team checked that the airborne radar was correct and the data was accurate. If they insisted on returning to the flight, it may lead to insufficient fuel. Pang Yibing was very reluctant to return home. It was 30 seconds away.

The test was immediately successful. At the same time, he insisted on suspicion that there was a problem with the data and there was a deviation in the data calibration of the aircraft navigation system. Liu Mengyu disagrees, she and the team are sure that the data is okay. The key to Ma Yuechuan’s statement now is not to blame each other, everyone’s goal is the same, but to learn the lessons of failure during this test flight. Ma Yuechuan asked Liu Mengyu to compile a data report to himself.

Liu Mengyu complained to Luo Zheng that Pang Yibing did not obey the command of the tower and acted without authorization. Luo Zheng speaks for Pang Yibing. After all, the situation in the sky is changing rapidly. This time, the situation is special. Besides, Pang Yibing has rich experience in flying tests. In this case, we must trust professionals. Chong Yibing heard the conversation between the two and asked Luo Zheng to say a few words.

Liu Mengyu didn’t believe it, and told Chong Yibing to clarify who was right and who was wrong, and the analysis report came out to see the truth. Liu Mengyu has been studying the analysis report, and Zhao Xudong told everyone not to disturb her. Ma Yuechuan understands Windsor Airport and understands that there is extreme weather over there in line with natural icing. The mother called Master to find out about the situation of Chong Yibing and Liu Mengyu, and expressed mutual concern.

Liu Mengyuan finally knew where the problem was, and immediately found Zhao Xudong. They were okay. It was Pang Yibing who misjudged because he ignored the magnetic field error caused by the oil field. But at this time Pang Yibing went to Canada to take part in the natural icing test flight. He sent a letter to Liu Mengyu, acknowledging that it was his fault that the oil field caused the magnetic field error, and asked Liu Mengyu to wait for him to return.

The natural icing test flight was successful, everyone cheered, Pang Yibing and others triumphed, telling everyone that even foreign experts praised their Gillian as the leader in regional jets. Chong Yibing wanted to find Liu Mengyu, but she didn’t know that Liu Mengyu was in a hurry for a meeting, so she ignored her. Ma Yuechuan informed that the plane’s load test flight was about to begin, which would be the last battle for their aircraft to become airworthy. Ma Yuechuan encouraged everyone to cheer up and meet the final challenge.

Luo Zheng sent Pang Yibing a smoked chicken supper from a century-old shop, and asked him how uncomfortable from time to time, everyone in the audience knew, and asked Chong Yibing what he likes about Liu Mengyu. Pang Yibing told Luo Zheng that he likes Liu Mengyu to go straight and not hypocritical, and is serious about his work, and he believes that Liu Mengyu’s job is to maintain and guarantee aircraft routinely. Luo Zheng doesn’t like to listen anymore.

He feels that petting Yibing is more than the other. He doesn’t understand Liu Mengyu’s work, so he is so angry that he takes away the supper, leaving Pang Yibing alone. Pang Yibing sneaked into the outfield and saw Liu Mengyu who was working hard for the test flight. He seemed to have a better understanding of Liu Mengyu’s work.

When Liu Mengyu notified the end of work, Pang Yibing sent delicious food to the outfield to please Liu Mengyu. Liu Mengyuan thanked Chong Yibing for remembering that she did not eat green onions. Liu Mengyuan hoped that Pang Yibing would not forget. Every test flight, she and the team worked hard to escort him and told Chong Yibing that he would treat him well. Before waiting, all those who have dreams are Pang Yibing’s strong backing. Liu Mengyuan gave Pang Yibing a paper airplane. She only had a word, hoping that Pang Yibing would come back safely. Chong Yibing glued the plane to the top of the plane and began to continue the test flight.

The new turbofan regional airliner is undergoing a series of flight tests, and finally obtained a type certificate and officially put it on the market. Everyone feels that this journey has not been easy. Goodbye to the future airworthiness certification. When Liu Mengyu learned that she was going back as Gillian, her heart was in vain, and the plane made by the Chinese finally took to the sky and soared in the blue sky. Zhao Xudong and Rosenberg stayed in the outfield to drink alcohol. Liu Mengyuan gave a speech, saying that aircraft manufacturing is the dream of generations.

Now China has realized the dream of flying into the sky. Although the journey is full of hardships and difficulties, full of doubts, and he has self-doubt, but the spirit of the fathers. I have given myself strength. Today, Chinese-made airplanes have soared all over the world, but I believe that the torch of the leadership of the party will be bright, and we will make long-term dedication and endure hardships for a long time, so that Chinese-made aircraft will continue to take off. .

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