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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 18 Recap

Mu Qing was playing catching dolls with Ou Kexin, and both of them had a great time and devoted themselves. Ou Kexin scattered all the dolls that Mu Qing had caught to others. Later, Ou Kexin took advantage of the chaos and found the two people who were monitoring her. Ou Kexin brought the two people to Mr. Ou to file a complaint. The glasses said that this was all arranged by himself, and he said that he was just to better protect Ou Kexin’s safety.

But Ou Kexin said that she didn’t like it very much, and the glasses said that she would immediately remove the surveillance. Mr. Ou asked about the progress of Ke Xin and Mu Qing. Ke Xin said that Mu Qing had agreed to be his boyfriend. Mr. Ou was very helpless with Kexin. The glasses said that he would continue to observe Mu Qing and Kexin, and Mr. Ou was relieved a lot.

The younger brother of the glasses told the glasses that Mu Qing’s files were very clean, but the glasses still let his younger brother continue to investigate Mu Qing’s background. After that, the glasses informed Tie Guanyin that he could do it. Tie Guanyin immediately ordered her subordinate Linda to take a batch of goods to try the quality, and when she took Mu Qing’s dark web, they would ship immediately.

The police station intercepted part of the goods that Tieguanyin and the others had scattered. According to the police’s research, the purity of this batch of goods was not high enough. Now they are probably being scattered to deceive themselves. Liu Ju told Mu Qing to be careful, he felt that Mu Qing had been targeted. Liu Ju asked how Mu Qing had been with Ou Kexin recently. Mu Qing said that although Ou Kexin was noisy, he cooperated well with him.

Li Ruosheng was recording a small video in a leisurely manner. Suddenly, his little brother told him that the Internet was completely disconnected and he could no longer conduct online transactions. Li Ruosheng immediately called someone from the Internet company to repair it. After a while, the network maintenance personnel came. Here, Li Ruosheng is reprimanding the network company for its poor service quality, and over there, maintenance personnel have secretly installed unknown equipment on the network host. After a while, the network was fixed. The maintenance staff also called to remind Tie Guanyin that everything was ready.

Mu Qing came to see Ou Kexin’s fashion rehearsal. Mu Qing found that Serena was walking on the stage. Ou Kexin told Mu Qing that as long as Xiao Wei was given a new identity, Xiao Wei could go on the right path. Ou Kexin asked Mu Qing in a low voice whether he had a new mission recently, but Mu Qing said that he did not. Ou Kexin invited Mu Qing to attend his fashion week, and Mu Qing readily agreed.

Li Ruosheng came to release the goods alone, and Mu Qing called to remind Li Ruosheng that no one was allowed to release the goods. At this time, a few beautiful women came to receive the goods. Mu Qing received the remittance on the dark web, and Mu Qing ordered the younger brothers to start laundering money. Tie Guanyin asked his little brother to immediately intercept Mu Qing’s darknet’s remittance. After a while, Mu Qing’s network was hacked. Mu Qing hurriedly operated the computer to stop it, but it was too late and the computer was completely hacked.

Mu Qing was very angry. He said that he personally pretended the firewall of the dark web. He pretended for 40%, and outsiders couldn’t get in. Now the problem must lie internally. Mu Qing searched for it, and he finally found an unknown chip. Li Ruosheng said that he didn’t know where the chip came from. The angry Mu Qing asked Li Ruosheng to find a way to fill up the six million.

Tie Guanyin’s younger brother found another monitoring account on the computer. He reported to Tie Guanyin that Mu Qing’s dark web transactions were monitored by a third-party software. Tie Guanyin asked his little brother to continue the investigation. On the other hand, Liu Ju immediately asked the members of Team 84 to stop monitoring after receiving Mu Qing’s news, but it was too late. Tie Guanyin’s younger brother still traced the IP address of the third-party software. Tie Guanyin immediately reported the situation to Mr. Ou.

Mr. Ou immediately asked Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng to find him, and Mu Qing called Ou Kexin before going. Mr. Ou asked Mu Qing why there is an IP of the Yungang City Public Security Bureau in his dark web. Mu Qing said that his servers were taken out of Da Kun’s Internet cafe, and the glasses accused Mu Qing of trying to come to a dead end while Da Kun was away. The younger brother of the glasses said that Mu Qing’s server was indeed removed from the Dakun Internet Cafe.

As early as two months ago, the server of the Dakun Internet Cafe had intermittent IPs from the police station. After Dakun’s suicide, the police station’s IP was no longer monitored. Mr. Ou asked Mu Qing to stop all transactions on the dark web, and waited for a new server to consider. Mr. Ou reminded Mu Qing to treat Kexin better in the future. Tie Guanyin complained to the glasses and let Mu Qing clean them again, and the glasses said that Mu Qing would show his feet sooner or later.

Ou Kexin congratulated Mu Qing for successfully passing this time, and Mu Qing thanked Ou Kexin for his secret help. It turned out that Ou Kexin converted the IP of Mu Qing’s server into Dakun’s monitoring log. There was news from the police station that all funds were going to Tieguanyin’s account. Mu Qing said that this Tieguanyin must be removed.

Li Ruosheng reminded Mu Qing not to have true feelings for Ou Kexin. First of all, Mr. Ou would disagree, and secondly, it would also affect Mu Qing’s business. Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng came to attend Ou Kexin’s fashion week conference. Ou Kexin generously introduced to others that Mu Qing was his boyfriend, and Li Ruosheng looked at them lost in the distance.

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