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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 17 Recap

Glory received a call from Mu Qing. Glory stated that the K Group’s shipments and bulk cargoes are now under the control of the police. Mu Qing hopes that Glory can take away part of Tieguanyin’s drug manufacturing plant. Glory reminded Mu Qing to pay attention to safety. Mu Qing was very moved. He said that he would always be called Liu Yuanwen.

Subsequently, the police launched Operation Thunder and successfully took away part of Tieguanyin’s drug manufacturing factory. Liu Ju reminded Glory that there must be relaxation and relaxation in work. Glory said that his father and sister had sacrificed for the anti-drug cause, and he did not want the city to have a shadow.

Liu Ju and Mu Qing met in the old place. Liu Ju praised Mu Qing’s dark web system. On the surface, this dark web system made the drug cartel more secretive, but in reality, all of this was under the supervision of the police. Mu Qing proposed to put a long line, catch big fish, and use the dark web system to completely destroy the K organization. Mu Qing said that he has successfully connected with Skylark. Liu said that the organization did not announce the news that Ou Kexin is Skylark in the first time. One is because Ou Kexin has a higher level of confidentiality tasks to complete, and the other is to better guarantee the undercover agents. Security.

Glory sent a text message to Li Yimeng and asked her to have dinner with her in the evening. Li Yimeng was very happy. In the evening, Li Yimeng dressed up and dressed up very beautifully, but she found that Glory had invited the members of the entire 84 group, which made Li Yimeng a little bit disappointed.

Tie Guanyin is reprimanding the person in charge of the warehouse. At this time, the glasses came. Glasses said that Mu Qing’s current sales network is going as fast as he can, and he needs a large number of drugs, and Mr. Ou asked Tie Guanyin to increase the output of drugs by 50%. The glasses said that Mr. Ou let himself be in charge of Ou Kexin, and Onion Tou is now busy reselling Dakun’s industry, which is totally useless. Now the burden of drug production falls on Tie Guanyin. Tie Guanyin said that he would help with glasses this time.

The Provincial Public Security Director told Liu Ju and Glory an amazing secret, that is, Ou Kexin is not Mr. Ou’s goddaughter, but Rong Yu is posing as a fake. It turned out that three years ago, Mr. Ou’s real goddaughter had an accident, and Rong Yu happened to be injured. Rong Yu took the initiative to apply for training for three years and then pretended to be Ou Kexin. Glory was excited and shocked after hearing the news. Liu Ju comforted Glory to believe in the organization’s decision. However, Liu Ju was worried that Mu Qing would find it difficult to control himself after he knew that Ou Kexin was Rong Yu. Liu Ju told Honor not to tell Mu Qing the news for the time being.

Mu Qing found out that he was being followed when he was buying the cake. He immediately called to ask if Ou Kexin was “concerned” by other people. Ou Kexin got through at one point, and she also found out that she was being followed. Have an appointment in the next two days. After Mu Qing returned to his site, he found that Tie Guanyin was waiting for him. Tie Gangyin asked Mu Qing to teach her how to set up a drug trafficking network. Mu Qing said that this was a business secret and could not be disclosed. Tieguanyin reminded Mu Qingmu to show up in the forest, the wind will destroy it.

After Tieguanyin left, Mu Qing told Li Ruosheng that Dakun would give Tieguanyin a two-point commission every time he sold drugs. Now that Da Kun is not there, Tie Guanyin is the most anxious. Li Ruosheng wanted to tell Mr. Ou about this, but Mu Qing said that even if Mr. Ou knew, he wouldn’t do anything to Tie Guanyin. Mu Qing said that in the future, they should also give Tieguanyin 10% of the benefits, which is equivalent to using money to buy stability. After hearing this, Li Ruosheng reluctantly agreed. Tie Guanyin asked her little brother to inquire about Mu Qing’s network site, and she was about to take action.

Glory came to see Ou Kexin secretly, and then left quietly. After Ou Kexin dressed herself up, she went on a date with Mu Qing. But Ou Kexin’s gestures were too similar to Rong Yu, and Mu Qing couldn’t help but think of his sweet memories with Rong Yu again, and he couldn’t help crying. All this was seen by Ou Kexin. Ou Kexin deliberately made Mu Qing happy, and she also took Mu Qing to play with the claw machine. Ou Kexin offered to compete with Mu Qing to catch the baby.

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