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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 10 Recap

The mother said that Xu Chengyi had badly harmed Xia Yan. At this time, the nurse passed by and told them that Xia Xueli was critically ill. This sentence frightened her and fainted. Xu Chengyi stood innocently and looked at Xia Yan and them. Han Shuang asked Xia Yan to stay there and watch her mother. Xu Chengyi comforted Xia Yan to take care of herself, otherwise no one would take care of her parents. Xia Yan blamed herself for quarreling with her father, if only to coax him.

Even if the leader of the company bullied someone and resigned, now my parents are sick but they can’t do anything. When Xu Chengyi watched Xia Yan cry into tears, his mood was naturally very complicated, and he didn’t know what to say. Xia Yan suddenly fell to the ground holding her father’s wallet, which gave Xia Yan an ominous premonition, and she was extremely frightened. At this time, the doctor went to inform Xia Yan that the operation was completed and it was successful. Han Shuang also went to tell Xia Yan that her mother was also awake and everything was fine. Xia Yan finally let go of her hanging heart.

Hao Jie saw that Lin Hao was very embarrassed because of Lao Li’s case, and he wanted to stand up for him, but Lin Hao had to take down Lao Li himself, or others would definitely treat himself as a little boy. Hao Jie felt that she had not read the wrong person, but Lin Hao mentioned that Hao Jie had called him the legal person of the company, so that everyone would not look down on him. Hao Jie told Lin Hao to rest assured that what he promised would be done.

Xiaojun told Zhao Xiaolei that he had resigned and changed his job. He also said that Lin Hao left Xia Yan to enjoy his luck. Tell your sister to find someone to marry as soon as possible. The uncle from last time can also do, at least he will take care of others. After that, Xiaojun went to find the uncle, and his behavior made the uncle very uncomfortable. I have to help manage the uncle’s books, but the uncle directly told Xiaojun that he wants people who understand and love books, and that people like Xiaojun can’t manage it.

After Xia Xueli woke up, the two of her mother discussed telling Xia Yan to go back to Anshan for work, but they didn’t want to embarrass her, so she made up her mind. Xia Yan didn’t want to make her parents sad, so she agreed to go back to Anshan. Several girlfriends were very reluctant to hear that Xia Yan was going back to Anshan. Han Shuang Xia Yan must have left because of Xu Chengyi, but Xia Yan left only because of her parents, and the few of them hugged each other and wept bitterly.

Xia Yan went to Mark and asked him to tell him everything, so she went to Xu Chengyi and asked him why he didn’t tell her about Lin Hao’s derailment in advance. But Xu Chengyi asked Xia Yan to tell her that she would not believe it at that time, and Xia Yan felt it was the same. Xu Chengyi told Xia Yan that the reason why she gave her some hints was because she also had that kind of experience, and she was used as a spare tire when she was in college. But we can’t blame Xia Yan for being played by a scumbag like Lin Hao, because Xia Yan lives in a family like Xia Xueli’s parents and there has always been love. I believe that Xia Yan will not give up accepting love from others after encountering a scumbag. But Xu Chengyi was not so lucky, and Xu Chengyi left after speaking.

Xia Xueli was discharged from the hospital. Xia Yan gave her father a gift. Usually the old man loves to play with walnuts, so he retrieved the walnuts that his mother would throw away for him. This made her father very happy and praised her for having a good daughter. Xu Chengyi went to Xia Yan and wanted to push the medical expenses he paid to Xia Yan, hoping that Xia Yan could continue to work in the company. After all, Xia Xueli and the others were not yet at the age when Xia Yan had to take care of them.

A person’s youth is limited. Give yourself only a few years without regrets. In addition, he didn’t want money. If Xia Yan stayed, he could deduct installments from his salary every month. The conversation between the two was heard by my father Xia Xueli upstairs, and my father thought what Xu Chengyi said was reasonable.

When Xia Yan returned to the house, her parents called her over, and asked Xia Yan what her parents meant when she came home. She wanted to know Xia Yan’s own thoughts. Xia Yan hesitated for a while and said that she wanted to stay there. There is room for development only when you stay in a big city.

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