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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 36 Recap

During the day, Zheng Qian pretended to throw the fragments of the time capsule into the trash can in front of everyone. At night, he secretly retrieved all the pieces of paper from the trash can and accidentally cut his finger. He flipped through a few. Finally turned to the note written by Cheng Xin. There was a ring in the note. Cheng Xin wrote in the note that she wanted Zheng Qian not to ignore herself because of starting a business. She just wanted Zheng Qian to pay more attention to herself. Using that one to propose to Zheng Qian, she hopes that one day Zheng Qian can put on the ring again for her. Cheng Xin also found the gift Zheng Qian had given herself at home, and fell into memories for a while, and both of them were in pain.

When Yang Chenguang and Mengxixi were shopping, Mengxixi passed by the bakery and was going to buy some bread. Yang Chenguang was waiting for her at the door. Mengxixi just saw the recruitment inspiration, so he asked the clerk a few words. The clerk was busy and asked Mengxixi to add something. WeChat, let’s talk carefully when I go back. This scene was seen by Yang Chenguang.

Yang Chenguang was a little jealous. He accused the man who had gone to join another man’s WeChat account. Mengxi quickly explained, but Yang Chenguang changed his face and resolutely opposed it. After going back to work, Yang Chenguang suddenly mentioned that he wanted to have a child with Mengxixi. Mengxixi liked children in the first place, so he agreed immediately.

Chu Yunfei confessed to Cheng Xin when she was sad and sad. Cheng Xin accepted Chu Yunfei when she was sad. Mo Xiaobao was surprised when he heard the news when he sent Cheng Xin WeChat, so he discussed with Kong Hao not to take this matter. Tell Zheng Qian that one day is a day, but he didn’t expect Zheng Qian to hear everything behind them. Zheng Qian was very painful, but he still pretended to be okay on the surface. That day when Yao Jiaren went to the Daydream Studio to record the show and left, a paparazzi at the door took a photo of Yao Jiaren leaving, and revealed that the car Yao Jiaren was riding was Cheng Jianye’s car. The rumors about the relationship between Yao Jiaren and Cheng Jianye were revealed.

Both Yao Jiaren and Cheng Jianye were affected. All reporters wanted to interview Cheng Jianye and Yao Jiaren. Cheng Jianye’s reputation was affected, so he and Chu Yunfei ordered the temporary suspension of talk show programs and replaced Yao Jiaren’s host, Chu Yun. Fei Conference notified the Daydreamers of the incident and explained who was behind the rumor behind the investigation. Mo Xiaobao and Kong Hao were a little worried about Zheng Qian, and their careers were hit after they fell out of love. As a result, Zheng Qian was already fighting to help Tenda plan a new project.

After Mengxixi and Yang Chenguang decided to have a baby, they took the time to go to the hospital for a check-up. They were in good health and could prepare for pregnancy, but Mengxixi felt that the progress was a bit too fast and their economic foundation was not strong. They were a little worried, Yang Chenguang He repeatedly promised that he could feed his family. While talking, Mr. Liu called Yang Chenguang again and asked Yang Chenguang to come out to see him. Yang Chenguang couldn’t get rid of him, so he had to agree. He turned around and said to Meng Xi that he had something to do with the company.

After going back, Mengxi was a little unhappy, but didn’t want to drag Yang Chenguang’s career, so he had to let him go. When Yang Chenguang was having a tryst with Mr. Liu, Meng Xixi found that he had a fever, so he called Yang Chenguang to come back early, and Yang Chenguang hung up after a few perfunctory sentences. The reporter who exposed Yao Jiaren sent a message to Yang Chenguang, saying that he was being followed by Chu Yunfei’s people. Yang Chenguang was worried that Chu Yunfei would find him out, and Mr. Liu said that he could help Yang Chenguang solve the matter.

Yao Jiaren got the opportunity of a second new actress. When she went to the crew to report, the female No.1 Sister Youyou stepped forward to provoke Yao Jiaren and forced the scene to change Yao Jiaren’s room and let Yao Jiaren live with her assistant Xiao Jiang. , Yao Jiaren didn’t want to make the field affairs embarrassing, so he agreed. In the evening, Xiao Jiang was very rude to Yao Jiaren, Yao Jiaren endured all of them, and Cheng Jianye called to greet Yao Jiaren.

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