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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 35 Recap

Kong Hao and Mo Xiaobao kept talking to Zheng Gan. Cheng Xin’s mood improved a lot. They took out the gift they had specially prepared for Zheng Gan and gave him a pair of cups. Meng Xi wanted to help Cheng. When Xin explained the meaning of the cup, Cheng Xin was a little shy, so she didn’t let Meng Xixi say, Zheng Gan quickly said that no matter what the meaning was, he liked it as long as it was given by Cheng Xin. When the atmosphere was just right, Lin Man suddenly came.

Seeing that they were having a dinner together, Lin Man was a little embarrassed, saying that he just wanted to give Zheng Gan a birthday gift and left, but everyone found that Lin Man gave the same gift bag as Cheng Xin. Cheng Xin hurriedly stopped Lin Man and took a look at Lin Man’s gift. She found that her gift was indeed exactly the same as the one she gave.

Cheng Xin was so angry that Meng Xixi could tell the meaning of the cup, and she looked at the atmosphere at the scene. Some hesitated, but Cheng Xin was very firm. Meng Xixi had to say that the cup represents a lifetime. Lin Man was taken aback and quickly said that she didn’t mean it. Cheng Xin couldn’t control her emotions and asked Zheng Gan to accept Lin. Man’s gift, Zheng Qian faltered, saying that Lin Man was his partner at work, and she was too embarrassed to refuse her heart.

Cheng Xin became more and more angry and ran back to smash his pair of cups. Zheng Gan sees the way. The heart was so unreasonable to make trouble, and his heart was very weak. He thought that Cheng Xin would change after he calmed down for so long. He didn’t expect Cheng Xin to be the same, and Cheng Xin couldn’t stand it anymore. He asked Zheng Gan to formally break up and left after saying that. Mo Xiaobao and Meng Xixi hurriedly chased them out, Kong Hao also sent Lin Man back, leaving only a piece of chicken feathers for Zheng Qian.

Yao Jiaren refused Yang Chenguang’s cooperation. Mr. Sun was furious. Yang Chenguang hurriedly pushed the pot on Cheng Jianye, saying that Cheng Jianye was instigating it, and that he wanted to give Cheng Jianye some color.

Kong Hao comforted Lin Man on the way back to send Lin Man to tell Lin Man not to blame herself. There were some problems between Zheng Qian and Cheng Xin. Seeing that Lin Man was in a bad mood, Kong Hao offered to take her to eat. With Kong Hao’s comfort, Lin Man’s mood improved a lot. On the other side, Meng Xixi and Mo Xiaobao couldn’t find Cheng Xin everywhere, so they called Chu Yunfei for help. Chu Yunfei heard that Cheng Xin was missing, and hurried to help find someone together.

Chu Yunfei looked around. I found Cheng Xin at the racing track. Cheng Xin was racing wildly because she was in a bad mood. She accidentally got into a car accident. Chu Yunfei rushed Cheng Xin to the hospital. Jiang Jie and others rushed to the hospital. Zheng Gan heard the news. He also hurried to the hospital. Cheng Jianye looked at Cheng Xin lying on the hospital bed very distressed, and couldn’t help complaining about Zheng Gan.

Zheng Gan rushed to the hospital, but was stopped by Cheng Jianye’s bodyguards at the door of the ward. Zheng Gan quickly called Jiang Jie for help. Jiang Jie helped Zheng Gan distract two bodyguards. Zheng Gan finally entered the ward and was caught by Chu Yunfei. After being pushed out, Zheng Gan insisted on entering the ward. The two quarreled outside the ward. Chu Yunfei told Zheng Gan to give up Cheng Xin. He said before that he could bring happiness to Cheng Xin, but since Zheng Qian started his business, Cheng The heart has been very unhappy. Cheng Xin can only stand aside before starting a business. Zheng Gan said that he is different from Chu Yunfei. If he wants to succeed, he must work hard so that he can get equal love. However, Chu Yunfei said he wanted Cheng Xin didn’t want Cheng Xin at all. Cheng Xin only wanted his company at the moment.

Maybe Zheng Gan could reconcile Cheng Xin when he went in this time, but can Zheng Gan guarantee that he would not leave Cheng Xin in the cold? If he could promise Give Cheng Xin happiness, then go in and promise Cheng Xin, and promise to travel, if not, leave now. Zheng Gan hesitated and chose to leave. Cheng Xin heard the quarrel between Zheng Gan and Chu Yunfei in the ward. Seeing that Zheng Gan hadn’t come in, Cheng Xin was very disappointed, struggling to chase after him, looking at the back of Zheng Gan leaving. Cheng Xin collapsed.

After Zheng Qian returned to the studio, he told Mo Xiaobao and Kong Hao the matter. He felt that since he could not bring happiness to Cheng Xin, he should stop pestering Cheng Xin. Mo Xiaobao wanted to comfort Zheng Qian, Zheng Qian But he said that he was okay, the second episode of the talk show was about to start, and they still had a lot to do. After Cheng Xin was discharged from the hospital, he took Chu Yun to the studio and said that he was going to pack things and leave the daydream. Zheng Gan didn’t say a word. Mo Xiaobao helped Cheng Xin take things and accidentally broke the time capsule. Cheng Xin choked and said that he had broken up with Zheng Gan. This time capsule was meaningless to him. After saying that, he left. Cheng Xin went home unhappy. Cheng Jianye was very happy to know that Cheng Xin and Zheng Gan had broken up. Chu Yunfei seized the opportunity.

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