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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 24 Recap

Lu Yingyao was alone in the room, thinking about what happened in the past few days, and her wedding dress was lying quietly on the table. The day of worshiping Nanba Tiantang is approaching. Lu Yingyao took out a dagger from her pocket and was about to kill herself. Xiaobao stunned and rushed in and rescued Lu Yingyao, while Mei Shiqing lit a torch in the cottage. hay. Everyone went to the prison to rescue He Yizhi. At this time, Nan Batian and the others happily talked about the wine in the lobby.

Nan Batian instructed Nan Xiang to take a look at Lu Yingyao’s situation. When Nanxiang saw Xiaobao, she couldn’t help asking a few more questions, but Xiaobao and the others ran away in a hurry and had to hurriedly lead them. When Nan Xiang came to the room and saw a mess, only then did he find that the major event was not good, and felt that he would report it back to Nan Batian. The angry Nan Batian immediately ordered a search.

Nanxiang didn’t want Lu Yingyao to be her stepmother at all, so she let her subordinates deal with things casually down the mountain, and she lay in the middle of the road to sleep. Wu Ye found that He Yizhi had also escaped from prison. His subordinates had seen Xiao Bao before, and Nan Batian realized that he had been betrayed, so he asked Wu Ye to take all his brothers to arrest Xiao Bao.

Xiaobao and Mei Shiqing met, and several people came to Ruyi Tower to rest. Lu Yingyao and Xiao Wanzi both thought about whether they would have to leave their beloved if they changed their identities. Xiao Wanzi assured Lu Yingyao that he only needed to say goodbye to Mei Shiqing one night. But Lu Yingyao was also reluctant to part with Xiao Bao, so he discussed with Xiao Wanzi to continue the trick. On the other hand, Xiaobao and Mei Shiqing began to praise Lu Yingyao for being good. They heard that Mei Shiqing’s ears were cocooned…

Qiaoyun and Qiuhua finally saw Lu Yingyao again. Qiaoyun felt Lu Yingyao’s love for Xiaobao and couldn’t help sighing the princess’s life, but Lu Yingyao insisted that it was not Xiaobao not to marry, and the two heard nothing. On the other hand, Xiao Wanzi confirmed that Mei Shiqing had not fallen in love with the princess, so he was relieved. But when Xiaobao heard from Lu Yingyao that his daughter-in-law was the princess, he suddenly felt timid. Fortunately, Lu Yingyao’s love was real, which allowed Xiaobao to return to the look of fearlessness and fearlessness.

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