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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 23 Recap

Little Treasure personally put the hairpin on Lu Yingyao, and the faces of the two couldn’t help but get close. Little Treasure felt her heartbeat speed up, and Lu Yingyao suddenly woke up when she realized that the breath of the person in front of her suddenly left. Xiaobao invited Lu Yingyao to play the newly repaired piano for herself at night.

So, under the night, Lu Yingyao started to play, Xiaobao sat quietly and listened, and the song ended. Xiao Bao said goodbye, but Lu Yingyao stopped Xiao Bao and offered a kiss. Xiao Bao was stunned. Lu Yingyao was about to leave. Xiao Bao hugged him again and kissed him deeply…

The next day, Nan Batian called Xiaobao and introduced his brother Situ Lin to Xiaobao. It turned out that he was still trying to capture the Eidolon. Situ mysteriously revealed that the true identity of Night Spirit Man was Mei Sanshao, so he once again asked Nan Batian to help him. Although he had friendship with Situ, Nan Batian still offered to increase the price, and Situ had to bite his teeth and increase the price by 700 taels of gold. Seeing that the money was in place, Nan Batian readily agreed to take out Mei Shiqing’s Xiangshang head in three days.

When Lu Yingyao heard Xiaobao calling herself, she found flowers full of flowers after she walked out of the room. Xiaobao held flowers and proposed to Lu Yingyao. Seeing Xiaobao pretending to be sincere, Lu Yingyao took the flowers and smiled happily. Afterwards, Xiaobao started practicing exercises before dawn. When he heard that Xiaobao was going to the General’s Mansion to kill Mei Sanshao, a dark cloud appeared on Lu Yingyao’s brows.

As soon as Xiaobao entered the room, he found that the bridal gown appeared on Lu Yingyao’s desk. Xiaobao mistakenly thought that Lu Yingyao had prepared the wedding gown himself, and was extremely happy. Unexpectedly, seeing Nan Batian in wedding clothes again in a blink of an eye, Xiao Bao was shocked. Nan Ba ​​Tian said that Lu Yingyao had personally agreed to marry him. Now only if Xiao Bao kills Mei Sanshao, Nan Batian will give up Lu Yingyao.

Little Bao couldn’t believe it, so he had to ask Lu Yingyao in person. It turned out that after asking for an antidote to Xiaobao, Lu Yingyao agreed to marry Nan Batian. Little Treasure did not expect that his sweetheart would pay so much for himself, and now he feels that life is better than death. Little Treasure had to dream that Nan Batian would keep his promise after he killed the Dark Knight. Lu Yingyao begged Little Treasure to see the reality, but this promise has become the last straw for Little Treasure…

Xiao Bao came to Nan Ba ​​Tian’s door again, and happened to overheard the conversation between Nan Ba ​​Tian and Lao Wu. The old five proposed that Nan Ba ​​Tian take the opportunity to marry Lu Yingyao when Xiao Bao left. Little Treasure smashed all the Tibetan wine in Nan Ba ​​Tian in a fit of anger. He also hugged Lu Yingyao’s shoulders, gritted his teeth and promised to kill Mei Sansao.

Xiao Wanzi wandered by the pavilion alone, recalling the agreement with Qiaoyun, she felt a little melancholy. Mei Shiqing grabbed Xiaowanzi’s hand and wanted to take him some food to comfort her mood. Who knew Xiaobao suddenly appeared and suggested Mei World Youth helps himself…

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