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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 16 Recap

After Lei Yuzheng took Du Xiaosu to watch the sunrise, he went shopping on the street. Du Xiaosu wanted to buy some daily necessities for the children. She bargained all the way. Lei Yuzheng wanted to pay the money and go back as soon as possible. Du Xiaosu complained, so he could only be patient. Waiting, Du Xiaosu fancy a pearl necklace, because it was too expensive to buy, Lei Yuzheng quietly bought it.

He Qunfei came downstairs to Zou Siqi’s house early in the morning, thinking of apologizing to her, Zou Siqi suddenly rushed downstairs, and ran directly to Guan Boyao’s car. The two people talked and laughed and left in the car. He Qunfei recognized Shangguan Boyao, and gritted his teeth with anger, so he had to go to Lin Xiangyuan to complain. He wholeheartedly told Zou Siqi, but he did not expect that Zou Siqi would step on two boats, and Lin Xiangyuan kindly persuades him.

Lei Yuzheng is about to leave the island and return to Shanghai. He and the children bid farewell to him. Du Xiaosu came to see him. Lei Yuzheng hugged her gently. Du Xiaosu didn’t want others to know that she was on the island. I came to see her on Xiaodao and gave the pearl necklace to Du Xiaosu. Du Xiaosu was enthusiastic.

He Qunfei has always been uneasy recently and cannot sleep well at night. He sees a psychiatrist and the doctor reminds him to take it seriously, otherwise he will become depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder. He Qunfei was scared into a cold sweat. Immediately afterwards, He Qunfei booked a five-star hotel and prepared flowers and wine. He took out the diamond ring and proposed to Zou Siqi on one knee. Zou Siqi was so angry that she didn’t want these flashy things, only one. The house belonged to them, Zou Siqi slammed the door in anger, and He Qunfei was completely discouraged.

He Qunfei received a call from Lei Yuzheng early in the morning and learned that he had returned to Shanghai. He Qunfei hurried to the front desk to check out. The cost was as high as more than 30,000 yuan. He didn’t have that much money and wanted to take credit first, but the front desk clerk disagreed. He had to call Lin Xiangyuan for help. He Qunfei returned to the company full of alcohol and lost a page of the document in a hurry. Lei Yuzheng gave him a severe lesson.

Lin Xiangyuan sympathized with He Qunfei’s situation. He had had such embarrassing days. Lin Xiangyuan gave He Qunfei a card to encourage him to use the money to make money and fight for what he wanted. He Qunfei secretly followed Shangguan Boyao and Zou Siqi. The two talked and laughed and were unhappy. Zou Siqi kept inquiring about the income of the fund from Shangguan Boyao. Shangguan Boyao vowed to guarantee a 10% return. Zou Siqi was happy. The ground closes from ear to ear. He Qunfei accidentally dropped the tea cup, Shangguan Boyao turned around to recognize him, and took the initiative to say hello, Zou Siqi pretended not to know He Qunfei.

Shangguan Boyao pulled He Qunfei for a drink. He Qunfei picked it up and drank it before leaving the table. Zou Siqi hurriedly chased him out and condemned He Qunfei should not follow him. He Qunfei reminded her to stay away from Shangguan Boyao. The son, Zou Siqi sneered at him, and the two of them did not speculate, and finally broke up unhappy.

Lei Yuzheng came to see Jiang Jin in person. Jiang Fanlu dressed up and went out. She ridiculed Lei Yuzheng and repeatedly claimed that there was a bunch of fresh meat waiting to date her. Jiang Jin repeatedly explained to Lei Yuzheng, please be kind to him. Persuade Jiang Fanlu. Du Xiaosu came to the company to go through the resignation procedures, and met Lei Yuzheng in person. Lei Yuzheng welcomes her to come to Yutian at any time.

Du Xiaosu went back to the office to pack things, and colleagues couldn’t bear her. Ning always advised her to think twice, but Du Xiaosu had decided to leave. Ning always welcomes her to return to Boyuan at any time. Du Xiaosu wanted to find Lei Yuzheng to say goodbye, but he didn’t know how to face him. Du Xiaosu hesitated and had to toss a coin to decide. Lei Yuzheng concluded that Du Xiaosu would come to him to leave, but he never saw Du Xiaosu’s figure. Lei Yuzheng went to the office to look for Du Xiaosu and found that the seat was empty. At the same time, Du Xiaosu came to the office to look for Lei Yuzheng, but the two of them missed it.

Jiang Fanlu and her girlfriend came out drinking and saw the pouring rain outside. Lin Xiangyuan came to pick her up in time, brought tomato and pomegranate juice to sober her up, and bought Xiaolongbao. Jiang Fanlu remembered that Lin Xiangyuan had always treated her. The meticulous care has mixed feelings in my heart.

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