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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 15 Recap

Lin Xiangyuan had coveted Jiang Fanlu for a long time. Facing Jiang Fanlu’s soul torture, he was happy, admitting that he had always liked Jiang Fanlu, and the two of them had a one-night stand because of their drinking. Jiang Fanlu woke up early in the morning and remembered her impulsive behavior after drinking last night. She regretted it and quietly came out of the hotel.

Jiang Fanlu did not see Lei Ting for several days. Lei Ting mistakenly thought that Lei Yuzheng had a conflict with her. Lei Yuzheng denied it. Lei Ting decided to invite Jiang Jin and Jiang Fanlu to eat at home on the weekend. Lei Yuzheng was anxious to go to the company. Let him arrange. Lei Yuzheng went to the mall to buy a quilt, and met Jiang Fanlu face to face. Jiang Fanlu sneered at him. Lei Yuzheng asked the mall manager to prepare ten more quilts and send them to the children on the island.

Jiang Fanlu felt that what Lei Yuzheng did was to please Du Xiaosu, and Lei Yuzheng made it clear that it was for Shao Zhenrong. Jiang Fanlu didn’t want to be entangled with each other, and Lei Yuzheng hurriedly found an excuse to leave. He Qunfei asked Zou Siqi for dinner, and the crowd brought out a diamond ring to propose to her. Zou Siqi felt that their current situation was not suitable for marriage, and she was still living in a rental house and would be chased out by the landlord at any time.

He Qunfei touched his nose and went home dejected. He suddenly received a call from his mother to urge him to get married. He Qunfei had to lie and was about to get married. Zou Siqi wanted to invest in funds and make money to buy a house to get married as soon as possible. She asked her best friend Huanhuan to contact a friend who is engaged in finance for an interview. Huanhuan introduced the young talent in finance to Shangguan Boyao. He fell in love with Zou Siqi at first sight. Zou Siqi heard that he recommended Huanhuan. The stocks made a lot of money, so he asked him for advice. Shangguan Boyao promised to help and introduce his friends in the financial industry to Zou Siqi. Naturally, Zou Siqi couldn’t ask for it. He Qunfei kept calling Zou Siqi, but Zou Siqi didn’t answer. He Qunfei stayed up all night in a hurry.

He Qunfei called Zou Siqi early in the morning, but she still did not answer the phone, and He Qunfei was uneasy. Lei Yuzheng discovered that He Qunfei’s complexion was not good, and guessed that he was not able to sleep well by his material girlfriend again, and He Qunfei couldn’t tell. Teacher Sun soon received the quilt sent by Lei Yuzheng. He called Lei Yuzheng to express his gratitude. He also revealed that Du Xiaosu was about to celebrate his birthday. Lei Yuzheng decided to go to the island to celebrate Du Xiaosu’s birthday. He concealed it from He Qunfei. He lied about staying abroad for a few days, and repeatedly told He Qunfei to keep confidential and discuss cooperation with SG company.

He Qunfei’s parents came to Shanghai suddenly, they went directly to Zou Siqi, only to call He Qunfei to inform them. As soon as He Qunfei’s parents saw Zou Siqi, they happily took her to ask questions, urged her to marry He Qunfei as soon as possible, and also brought him 30,000 yuan to meet. Zou Siqi was caught off guard. She secretly called He Qunfei aside, complaining that he shouldn’t cut it first, and then returned 30,000 yuan to He Qunfei. He Qunfei repeatedly apologized. Zou Siqi wanted to use the money to invest, and He Qunfei worried that she would pay. Sorry to his parents for the money, Zou Siqi angered him and ignored him, and the two broke up.

He Qunfei walked down the street dejectedly and was suddenly robbed by a thief. He Qunfei desperately protected the bag containing the money. He beat the thief away. The money was scattered all over the place. He Qunfei had to pick it up one by one. Lin Xiangyuan drove past and hurried off. The car humbled and asked him warmly. He Qun flew to him and vomited bitterness. Lin Xiangyuan encouraged him to cheer, believing that he would get everything he wanted sooner or later.

Today is Du Xiaosu’s birthday, and bright fireworks suddenly appeared in the sky. Teacher Sun took the children to congratulate her and gave her a birthday cake. Lei Yuzheng came afterwards. Du Xiaosu was surprised when she learned that the fireworks were Lei Yuzheng. Prepared specially for her, warm in my heart. The next day when it was not light, Lei Yuzheng called Du Xiaosu to the beach and watched the sun rise together. Du Xiaosu was extremely excited. Lei Yuzheng wished her a happy birthday. The two happily talked and laughed.

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