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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 14 Recap

Tonight, Yutian Company held its annual meeting. Zou Siqi asked Du Xiaosu to dress up carefully, and took out the white gauze skirt to Du Xiaosu, falsely claiming that it was a reward given to her by President Mo, and asked Du Xiaosu to wear it to the annual meeting. Du Xiaosu believed that it was true , I changed it without thinking about it.

Zou Siqi drove Du Xiaosu to the hotel, and when he left, he rubbed against Jiang Fanlu’s car. Jiang Fanlu refused to give up and forced her to tell her contact information and current address. Jiang Fanlu immediately called when Zou Siqi said the house number. Check with the company’s personnel department and confirm that it is the apartment the company gave Lin Xiangyuan.

Jiang Fanlu wore that white gauze skirt and made a stunning appearance at the annual meeting, which immediately attracted the attention of the guests, but Lin Xiangyuan was dumbfounded. Jiang Fanlu didn’t expect Jiang Fanlu to buy the white gauze skirt again. Du Xiaosu appeared wearing exactly the same skirt, and the guests talked a lot. Jiang Fanlu immediately guessed that Lin Xiangyuan had given the skirt to Du Xiaosu. She was so angry that Lei Yuzheng actively invited Du Xiaosu to dance the first dance to relieve her embarrassment. , Jiang Fanlu gritted his teeth with anger.

Jiang Fanlu came to Lin Xiangyuan to inquire about the crime. She most hated to fight with Du Xiaosu. Lin Xiangyuan pretended not to know. After asking three questions, Jiang Fanlu exposed to the face that Lin Xiangyuan gave the clothes reimbursed by the company to Du Xiaosu and gave him the house that the company gave him to Zou Siqi. , Lin Xiangyuan was too scared to admit his mistakes again and again. Jiang Fanlu publicly exposed the fact that Lin Xiangyuan gave Du Xiaosu’s skirt and house, and asked Lin Xiangyuan to come over to confirm that Du Xiaosu was shocked.

Lei Yuzheng asked He Qunfei to pull Jiang Fanlu away. He pulled Du Xiaosu aside and accused her of being sloppy. Du Xiaosu didn’t explain, and slapped Lei Yuzheng severely, and then left without looking back. Lei Yuzheng chased him out and saw Du Xiaosu’s grievances bursting into tears. Du Xiaosu repeatedly explained that she didn’t know that the house and skirt belonged to Lin Xiangyuan, otherwise she would not accept it. Lei Yuzheng suspected that Lin Xiangyuan was plotting against her, and Du Xiaosu was annoyed. Turn around and leave.

Lei Yuzheng caught up with Du Xiaosu, took off the cover and put it on her body. Du Xiaosu was furious. She did not accept Lei Yuzheng’s kindness and knew that Lei Yuzheng had prejudice against her. Du Xiaosu admitted that Lin Xiangyuan had pursued her before, but she did not. Agree, Du Xiaosu also knew that the rainy night gave Lei Yuzheng a deep-rooted prejudice against her.

Lei Yuzheng was speechless by Du Xiaosu’s words, and Du Xiaosu returned the cover to him and left. Du Xiaosu went home frustrated, Zou Siqi repeatedly apologized to her, Du Xiaosu packed up all night, and wanted to move out tomorrow, Zou Siqi promised to move back to the original house with her. Du Xiaosu worked early in the morning and heard female colleagues sarcasm at her, but she resisted without responding.

Lei Yuzheng called Lin Xiangyuan early in the morning, and Lin Xiangyuan admitted that Du Xiaosu didn’t know the house and skirt, and it was his wishful thinking. He Qunfei heard the female colleagues’ criticism of Du Xiaosu and immediately reported to Lei Yuzheng.

Jiang Fanlu couldn’t get through Lei Yuzheng’s phone, so she had to beg his father Jiang Jin to call Lei Yuzheng. Lei Yuzheng guessed that Jiang Fanlu was next to him, and promised to meet her tonight to talk in detail. Jiang Fanlu was happy. She dressed up for the appointment. Lei Yuzheng tried his best to defend Du Xiaosu. Jiang Fanlu was very jealous. He just wanted to know if Lei Yuzheng had liked her. Lei Yuzheng admitted that he liked her, but it had nothing to do with love. Jiang Fanlu was very sad.

Due to Shanghai’s house purchase restriction policy, the landlord, Brother Li, came to inform Du Xiaosu and Zou Siqi and promised them to continue to live here, and they naturally couldn’t ask for it. Jiang Fanlu called Du Xiaosu to the office, repeatedly confessed her mistakes, and wanted to be a sister to her. Du Xiaosu felt very awkward. Jiang Fanlu took the initiative to show weakness to Du Xiaosu, admitting that she had always loved Lei Yuzheng, and Du Xiaosu repeatedly stated that she only loves Shao Zhenrong, please rest assured Jiang Fanlu.

Du Xiaosu considered repeatedly and proposed to resign to President Ning. President Ning asked her to have a good rest. Du Xiaosu packed her luggage and went to see the children on the island. Before leaving, she called and asked Zou Siqi to hide from He Qunfei and Lei Yuzheng, but Lei Yuzheng was very surprised. I soon learned of Du Xiaosu’s resignation from Mr. Ning. Jiang Fanlu went to the bar to get drunk every night because he was in a bad mood. Jiang Jin looked anxious in his eyes and couldn’t help complaining to Lin Xiangyuan. Lin Xiangyuan came to the bar to find Jiang Fanlu, and when she saw her drinking boring wine alone, he persuaded her, and agreed to accompany her to drink with her. Jiang Fanlu asked Lin Xiangyuan if she likes her through the wine.

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