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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 8 Recap

He Miaoyun was very careful in teaching the children fingering knowledge in the community room. The parents were very satisfied with He Miaoyun’s teaching outside the house. During the free activities, the parents brought a lot of small snacks to share. This is Uncle Jiang who also came to the community activity room. Jiang Xiaopan’s mother hesitated for a while, and handed over the spring rolls with mustard stuffing she made herself, saying Jiang Before his death, Pan told himself that both of their fathers loved this bite.

After Uncle Jiang had eaten a few mouthfuls, and class time came, Jiang Xiaopang’s mother greeted the children to class, and Uncle Jiang secretly hid a large box of spring rolls. After class, the children were gone. Uncle Jiang personally coached Jiang Xiaopan. He vividly compared Jiang Xiaopan’s writing style. Jiang Xiaopan suddenly asked Uncle Jiang if he was hungry because his mother had told him that Jiang The uncle was a little surprised when he heard that, but he definitely told Jiang Xiaopan that it was.

Jiang Xiaopan immediately took the phone to his grandfather and told him that the password was his father’s birthday, and there were words from his father. Jiang Xiaopan’s mother stood in the activity room, watching the conversation between her grandson and grandson, the stone in her heart fell. Jiang Xiaopan’s mother told Jiang Xiaopan to go home with her first.

Only Uncle Jiang was left in the activity room. Uncle Jiang turned on the phone and listened to Jiang Fat’s audio during his lifetime. In the recording, Jiang Pan proposed to sell the restaurant abroad and settle back in his country. After all, his parents are getting older, and there are big and small problems in keeping them in place. Uncle Jiang listened to Jiang Pan’s thoughts and knew that he had misunderstood Jiang Pan, and silently said to the phone that I was wrong.

The next day, Uncle Jiang personally washed the zombie car and asked the trailer group to tow the car away. Everyone looked at the zombie car being towed away, and Uncle Jiang also watched the zombie car leave. Jiang Xiaopan’s mother asked Jiang Xiaopan to comfort Uncle Jiang. Jiang Xiaopan patted the dust on Uncle Jiang’s body and told Uncle Jiang that he would accompany him and that he would drive with him when he grew up.

Uncle Jiang touched him. Jiang Xiaopan’s head left without saying a word. Yu Haiyang leaned on a cane and handed the consent form to He Fenfang, and told He Fenfang that he was really convinced. Uncle Jiang’s car had been left at the door for several years, and he never thought that the car would be towed away. And it was Uncle Jiang willingly to drag him away. What he had said was a good deal. He Fenfang asked He Fenfang to put the consent form in his store. Whoever buys something will let them sign the consent form. If he does not sign, he will not sell him. thing.

Secretary Lv praised He Fenfang for being able to unite even in the ocean. He Fenfang replied that Yu Haiyang had already done work when 5G entered the community, and he should not always look at Yuhai with old eyes. Secretary Lv praised the volunteer team on behalf of the street. They solved the contradiction of the 5G base station very well this time. If they wanted to seek experience for other communities, He Fenfang told Secretary Lv that he had to ask Bai Jing about this.

Bai Jing presided over justice on the basketball court, saying that the negotiation of this matter must have the spirit of contract, and no one can go back once it landed. Aunt Xu proposed to leave them with young people all day, Saturday and Sunday, which made the young people very happy. However, Grandma Xu’s grandson spoke on behalf of the young people, saying that the elderly were also very hardworking and could not take advantage of them.

In the end, the two parties reached a satisfactory time agreement. He Miaoyun even sent out wireless headphones and told Aunt Xu what to think of in the morning as long as she puts on the headphones. You can dance anytime. Aunt Xu thanked He Miaoyun, and He Miaoyun told Aunt Xu that she wanted to benefit from advertising, and that she would just be able to take a video of her dancing with her earphones. Aunt Xu and Xiaobin shook hands and reconciled, and the contradiction in the basketball court was completely resolved.

Lin Jin’s classmates listened very carefully. He Fenfang told Lin Jin that he planned to arrange the science class into a video so that he could help volunteers in other communities and promote science work. Lin Jin said that for science and truth. It is incumbent on him that Bai Jing couldn’t help but spit out his upper body, but she actually boasted that he was doing well.

Uncle Jiang came to teach the calligraphy class again, Uncle Jiang explained the family character to the children again, saying that a happy and happy home has brought family affection, and it has brought constant feelings of separation. When Uncle Jiang talked about this, he took a peek at Jiang Xiao Hope.

Jiang Xiaopan told her mother that grandpa agreed to adopt Wangwang and he could come to see the dog at any time. Jiang Xiaopan’s mother was also very happy to hear that, and sincerely invited Uncle Jiang back home to eat fried spring rolls. Uncle Jiang agreed. Jiang Xiaopan’s mother is very happy. More than two-thirds of the people have already signed the consent form, so the elevator can be repaired, and the volunteers are happy.

He Fenfang asked He Miaoyun if she really planned to live in Wenjing’s house, but in fact, He Miaoyun wanted to move back home. Lin Jin and Bai Jing folded their children’s clothes, He Fenfang also gave them new clothes, planning to be a godmother for the baby in Bai Jing’s belly, Lin Jin mentioned to Bai Jing that he has a good house, and his down payment is almost the same. Now, Bai Jing asked Lin Jin to ask if He Fenfang’s current rented house could be sold. Lin Jin was a little embarrassed, but he still obeyed Bai Jing’s wishes and said that if He Fenfang agreed to sell the house to them, then Chaoyang Jiayuan would be in the future. Their home is now.

The elevator in Chaoyang Jiayuan has been repaired. Auntie Square Dance wears wireless earphones to dance square dance, which does not affect young people’s playing. Uncle Jiang has more smiles on his face. Jiang Xiaopan can also play with Wangwang, looking at Chaoyang Jiayuan. Bai Jing was very happy in her heart. He Fenfang is recruiting new volunteers, and He Fenfang said warmly that Bai Jing would have time to rest, and she would be busy when the children landed. Bai Jing has only moved here for two months. How can she feel that she has known Sister He for a long time. Before Bai Jing had prenatal anxiety, she later thought about having a baby and couldn’t always live for herself.

It’s just that people shouldn’t live just for themselves, they have to be responsible, caring and paying. Bai Jing sincerely thanked Sister He, if it weren’t for Sister He, she would have retreated long ago. Sister He didn’t believe it. In her heart, Bai Jing would not really retreat, and she also recommended Bai Jing to select the most beautiful volunteers. This was the unanimous opinion of the big guys and passed by unanimous votes.

When Bai Jing heard that He Fenfang wanted to participate in the selection with herself, He Fenfang said that she would not be with them. Bai Jing’s young image was good, and she would be able to compete for the community. Bai Jing persuaded He Fenfang to run for the election with herself, and He Fenfang asked Bai Jing to go for a check-up as soon as possible.

At the beginning of 2020, when the new crown pneumonia is epidemic, the workload of community volunteers is unprecedented, and we are determined to fight the battle of epidemic prevention and control. He Fenfang arranged masks and disinfectant to be distributed to those in need first, and Officer Luo asked volunteers to coordinate the epidemic prevention work. On the Lantern Festival this day, a doctor named Wang Peng came to the community service station and asked to see his wife and told him about himself and her daughter-in-law.

He was about to fly to Wuhan to fight the epidemic. Everyone was in awe. Wang Peng said that he had not met with his wife for more than a year, and he had to leave as soon as he came back. He asked the community if he could find a way to arrange a meeting with his wife. Sister He is going to arrange for their husband and wife to reunite, but Wang Peng doesn’t want to bother everyone, and understands that he is indeed not responsible for going home now, not to mention that he is still a doctor.

Wang Peng stood downstairs and called his wife. The daughter-in-law and the child stood on the balcony and encouraged each other. This scene moved everyone. He Fenfang and other volunteers saw Wang Peng off, and waited for the successful fight against the epidemic before taking him home. This year’s Lantern Festival was particularly cold and quiet.

Everyone forgot that today is the Lantern Festival. After the volunteers inspected each other, they said Happy Lantern Festival. I didn’t know that everyone in the community responded. Bai Jing couldn’t help shouting for China’s cheering. Every window also heard the echo of China’s refueling. Volunteer work is still busy, and everyone performs their duties to make their own contributions to the epidemic prevention work.

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