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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 7 Recap

After hearing the news, Bai Jing saw Lin Jin holding a big speaker to popularize the knowledge of 5G base stations, but no one responded. Bai Jing looked at Lin Jin and found it funny. After returning home, Bai Jing couldn’t help but start laughing. Lin Jin hypnotized herself. He felt that this incident opened up a new path of truth, and it was inevitable that there were some twists and turns.

When Bai Jing planned to go to a community meeting, he asked volunteers to help. How to solve the current base station problem, Lin Jin immediately refused when he heard it, and asked Bai Jing to borrow the activity room from the community, planning to start a class to popularize the 5G base station problem, so that Bai Jing understood what is just power.

Secretary Lv shared with other volunteers about the blockage of 5G base stations. He Fenfang took the lead and said that this matter had a great relationship with the inadequate communication work of volunteers. Bai Jing told everyone that Lin Jin was not aggrieved and is now fighting high. Writing at home, the group received a message from Lin Jin as soon as the voice fell. The content was too professional, and Secretary Lu couldn’t help saying that this was because he couldn’t understand it when he was writing a paper.

No one came to listen to Lin Jin’s lecture, which made him very depressed. Bai Jing teased that Lin Jin overestimated herself. Lin Jin stated that this was human sorrow, and the rumors covered up the truth. Just when the two were about to leave the volunteer activity room, Uncle Jiang came, and he heard that children come here to attend classes every day. Bai Jing explained that in order to reduce the burden on parents, a community care class was established.

Bai Jing asked Uncle Jiang to come and see if nothing happened, just as grandson Jiang Xiaopan was also here. Uncle Jiang opened a calligraphy that he wrote. Bai Jing understands Uncle Jiang’s intentions, indicating that many parents in the community want their children to learn calligraphy, so they invite Uncle Jiang over to teach the children and give them some pointers. Uncle Jiang didn’t say much after hearing it. He got lucky with the calligraphy and painting, but said that he would consider it again.

On the way back, Lin Jin heard an uncle say that 5G’s entry into the community is a great thing for the country and the people. He instantly doubled his confidence, and finally there are people who are not superstitious. Bai Jing took the opportunity to persuade Lin Jin to mobilize the supporters of him. This is what he should do now.

Lin Jin saw a poster on the bulletin board saying that he could get a prize. He immediately had a new idea and decided to plan the lecture. At the same time, he asked Bai Jing to apply for another appointment in the activity room after two days, saying that this time There are definitely more people. Bai Jing thought that Lin Jin was too simple, but Lin Jin promised that no one would come this time, and he was willing to bet.

Lin Jinyu bought 30 boxes of yogurt at Ocean’s supermarket, and asked Yu Haiyang to help deliver it to the community activity room. He also asked Yu Haiyang to post a poster on the bulletin board and let Yu Haiyang help him promote the event in the past two days. You can receive yogurt after listening to the lecture in the room, but the yogurt is limited, first-come-first-served, and don’t say that you are giving the lecture there. Yu Haiyang expressed his understanding when he heard it, and Lin Jin quickly thanked him.

The little girl Huahua followed her father to Ma Kun to apply for the adoption of a puppy, saying that she had done a lot of homework and asked Ma Kun to test herself. Hua Hua answered Ma Kun’s questions very smoothly, which made Ma Kun very touched. They agreed to adopt a puppy. Ma Zhen explained the matter of Huahua’s dog raising very carefully. Bai Jing also congratulated Ma Chen for taking the first step. Ma Chen admitted that Bai Jing was right. In fact, it was not that uncomfortable at this point.

Yu Haiyang posted the poster, and many grandpas and aunts were curious about which mysterious guest they were, and they even gave yogurt to the class. Wen Jing sent Zhao Jincheng and Jiang Xiaopan to the custody class in the community activity room and told Bai Jing that she sent the video of Gao Hong’s class to the parent group.

She also touted that there would be teachers from other courses in the future. Now Many parents say that they want to send their children here, and they also want to take Wenjing to the car. Just when everyone was chatting happily, Uncle Jiang passed by and saw Panpan’s mother, and went straight into the activity room without speaking.

Wen Jing was worried about whether Uncle Jiang’s temper was capable of teaching children, but Bai Jing asked Wen Jing to be patient. Uncle Jiang asked all the children to write home characters three times first. Wen Jing worried that Uncle Jiang would teach so many strokes as soon as he came up. She was suspicious, afraid that the parents would not come after reading it. But the children are okay, they are not resistant and are very willing to learn. Uncle Jiang took special care of Jiang Xiaopang, touched his head, and specially gave Jiang Xiaopan a writing brush with the word Jiang. Jiang Xiaopan didn’t know that Uncle Jiang was his own grandfather.

After class, Jiang Xiaopang bounced around and told his mother that Uncle Jiang gave himself a brush. Bai Jing persuaded Jiang Xiaopang’s mother to open the knot, but Jiang Xiaopang’s mother hesitated and did not know how to explain to Jiang Xiaopang, saying that there were so many things in the family that the child didn’t understand whether she could understand it. Bai Jing listened. Tell Jiang Xiaopang’s mother whether you can maintain the relationship well, it depends on whether your mother is willing to take a step.

When other parents saw the teachers in the community, they were very serious and responsible. They asked Bai Jing whether to sign up for a red envelope. Bai Jing told the parents that it was not necessary for every teacher here to be a neighborhood leader. When the parents heard it, they would still repay in another way. If you need help, just speak up.

Where did Bai Jing need Lin Jin’s 30 boxes of yogurt money come from? Lin Jin lied about the company’s public relations fees for each project and the company would reimburse it. However, Bai Jing swindled and defrauded Lin Jin’s self. Out of pocket. Bai Jing is very supportive of Lin Jin’s work and intends to help him fight a beautiful turnaround.

A few days later, Bai Jing told the grandpa and aunt who came to listen that the small electrical appliances used in daily life have radiation. The data shows that the radiation of the 5G base station will not cause any harm to everyone’s body. Lin Jin also took advantage of this plan to let the grandma. You can buy a device to test the authenticity. One of the uncles said that what Lin Jin couldn’t say was right.

He had read an article on WeChat that said it would harm his health. But when he went to find this article, he found that the article was blocked because of rumors. He Fenfang immediately asked Lin Jin to talk to everyone. Lin Jin took this opportunity to immediately give everyone knowledge of popular science, and this allowed these grandparents to completely dispel their worries and no longer worry about the harm of 5G base stations.

Jiang Xiaopang’s mother intends to adopt the puppy Wangwang, but Ma Kun learns that Jiang Xiaopang’s mother is very busy and may not have psychological care for Wangwang, so she is very unwilling to go through the adoption procedures. Upon seeing this, Bai Jing asked Jiang Xiaopang’s mother to chat alone. Bai Jing said bluntly that Jiang Xiaopang had another family member who could take care of him, that is, Uncle Jiang. Bai Jing’s heartfelt kindness made Jiang Xiaopang’s mother deeply moved.

Bai Jing feels that Uncle Jiang is willing to take the initiative to teach calligraphy, which is equivalent to taking the initiative to throw an olive branch, and Panpan’s mother has to respond no matter what. Panpan’s mother wondered if Bai Jing cared so much about her family’s affairs and wanted to move the car. Bai Jing generously admitted that she did have this idea at the beginning, but now she just hopes that their family can untie the knot and reunite.

On the basketball court, He Miaoyun and other young people were preparing to play, but when she saw her grandma dancing square dancing, she was planning to go out to find a court to play. Aunt Li led the team and asked her to give up the court to play for them. The young people expressed their gratitude. Li Seeing that the young people were playing tightly on the court, the aunt simply gave them away.

Uncle Fang suddenly fainted when he was picking up the ball and pitching it. It happened that Xiao Su, a medical college ball friend, hurried forward to check and found that Uncle Fang had a cardiac arrest, so he immediately performed CPR, and the others called for ambulance immediately. car. Fortunately, the first aid was timely, and Uncle Fang could be considered dead.

Gao Hong is serious about being a teacher in the community. He Miaoyun admits that his popularity is really high, and said that if he hadn’t been angry with He Fenfang, maybe he is more popular in teaching in his community now. Coincidentally, He Miaoyun entered the room and told them that Uncle Fang was all right.

He Fenfang praised He Miaoyun and Gao Hong, saying that he had been a volunteer for so long, and this was the first time that he had actually saved lives for the first time. He Miaoyun wanted to post the video of her daughter’s saving lives to the community group, but found that the number of likes on the video about saving people on Weibo has exceeded 10,000. He Fenfang told He Miaoyun that if it’s because the video became popular, he would do it.

Love shows off, He Fenfang doesn’t conceal his happiness at all, and happily shares that sometimes helping others can be addictive, and the two mothers and daughters also eased a lot. Gao Hong casually mentioned that He Miaoyun also wanted to come to teach. He Fenfang planned to let He Miaoyun accompany the children to practice piano. He Miaoyun wanted to refuse, but He Fenfang offered to take care of her twice a week for the fried noodles. He Miaoyun bargained for three meals and wanted taste. It’s marinated mutton.

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