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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 6 Recap

Wen Jing suggested that Yu Haiyang close the store, but Yu Haiyang said that was not possible. Grandpa and aunt would buy vegetables at his side. It would be very inconvenient for them to close the door. Bai Jing praised Wen Jing for adapting well in the store, and at the same time asked Wen Jing to go to Didi today, and asked volunteer Zhou Wenhao to help open the store.

It turned out that Bai Jing wanted to take advantage of the absence of the ocean to borrow his shop to promote the custody class. After all, the people here are a good place for publicity. Yu Haiyang’s WeChat collection went all the way to the account. She wondered if Wen Jing had a discount. She immediately called Wen Jing and Wen Jing explained that she was relieved.

Secretary Lu looked at the environment of the community hosting class and praised us for being very good, and even more praised that Bai Jing really brought the speed of the Internet to the community. Bai Jing learned that there were only a dozen children enrolled in the custody class, and felt that the number was a bit small. He Fenfang immediately comforted her that the data in the first class is already good, and it will always get better and better in the future.

When the custody class started, some of the children who signed up went to other art classes temporarily. When everyone was depressed, Wen Jing brought Zhao Jinchenghao and Jiang Xiaopang to the community service center, while He Fenfang comforted Bai Jing that everything was difficult at the beginning. Bai Jing felt that there were still some details that she hadn’t thought of. He Fenfang, let everyone not be downcast, doing good deeds definitely requires a process. In fact, when Jiang Xiaopang and Zhao Jincheng came to the community, they actually wanted to see the puppy. In order to boost morale, He Fenfang invites everyone to go to his steamed bun shop for extra meals.

Yu Haiyang was worried that the store would be sold out, so he sneaked out of the hospital on crutches. As soon as he returned to the store, his neighbors boasted that the ocean was advancing with the times. Yu Haiyang took a look at the fresh food counter at the door. After Zhou Wenhao explained it, Yu Haiyang was relieved. It turns out that the fresh food counter is a manufacturer.

In the promotion activities, 70% of the money earned went to the ocean. In addition, Zhou Wenhao helped Yu Haiyang to update the manifest that more young people like. After Yu Haiyang understood the situation, he felt that he should stay longer in the hospital. When Zhou Wenhao saw that the ocean was back, he left first. It happened that Uncle Jiang came to buy something and saw the grandson’s custody leaflet printed on the cash register and took one away.

Bai Jing saw He Miaoyun dragging a large luggage sneaky. After Bai Jing understood the situation, she learned that He Miaoyun was going to sign the company and agreed. He Miaoyun told Bai Jing about the contradiction between herself and He Fenfang. It turned out that He Fenfang did not support her full-time job. The anchor, Bai Jing suggested that He Miaoyun go to Wen Jing’s house to stay for a few days. After all, the rent has not been collected yet, and it happens to be able to teach Zhao Jincheng to play the piano. He Miaoyun accepted Bai Jing’s proposal.

As soon as Bai Jing turned her head, she told He Fenfang about He Miaoyun’s staying in Wen Jing’s house. She didn’t feel surprised to know He Fenfang. At the same time, she secretly recorded a video of He Fenfang’s heartfelt words for He Miaoyun to watch. Thinking, but pretending to be angry and complaining that Bai Jing betrayed both ends. As an engineer of 5G base station, Lin Jin brings the concept of smart community into the community, and at the same time allows the community’s grandparents to ask themselves if they have any questions.

Secretary Lu expressed support and recognition of community work and analyzed the situation of his own investigation. It turns out that parents do not want their children to do homework in the custody class, but rather to expand their learning. Therefore, if they cannot learn anything in the custody class, they would rather If you are tired of spending money, send your child to a special class outside. Bai Jing suggested that they should recruit people with academic backgrounds from community households and set up a shared teacher in community classrooms.

Secretary Lu felt that the idea was good, but he still poured cold water on Bai Jing in advance. There was a discussion here, and the volunteers ran and said that there was a fight on the basketball court. Everyone rushed over. It turned out that it was Lin Jin who wanted to build 5G base stations in the community and let 5G enter the community. But the aunt and grandpa were worried about radiation insecurity, so they surrounded Lin Jin and other engineers and prevented them from building base stations in the community. He Fenfang finally persuaded these grandpas and aunts to let Lin Jin and them leave.

Bai Jing complained about Lin Jin’s attack on dimensionality. Lin Jin asked He Fenfang what she did to persuade these grandparents. Bai Jing suggested that Lin Jin teach the children in the community to program, and help persuade those grandparents. Lin Jin has an opinion and doesn’t believe that she is a graduate student. I can’t deal with these uncles and aunts.

Gao Hong and He Miaoyun came to Chaoyang community because they wanted to find He Fenfang as an intermediary and asked Aunt Xu to take a video to express their opinions. Bai Jing winked and asked Gao Hong to teach the children in the community. At the same time, Bai Jing made a video of the real class. Gao Hong’s classroom is very interactive, children speak enthusiastically, and the classroom atmosphere is very relaxed.

When the parents learned that Gao Hong was a big manga with hundreds of thousands of fans on Weibo, they felt that they should indeed send their children to the community. Jiang Xiaopan’s mother accidentally saw Uncle Jiang coming to see Xiao Pang, and she was thoughtful. Sister He praised Gaohong not only to paint well, but also to be a good teacher. He Miaoyun reminded Sister He that Sister He and Bai Jing should fulfill their promise tomorrow.

After returning home, Bai Jing asked Lin Jin if he needed volunteer help. Lin Jin asked Bai Jing not to worry about anything, and made the uncle and aunt submissive in these two days.

Aunt Xu waited for auntie to dance square dancing at a skateboarding camp, but was chased out again. Only then did He Miaoyun realize that he used a twisted and extreme way to criticize the elderly like Aunt Xu. In fact, people need to understand each other because they are of different ages. Different positions should be resolved by heart than heart. He Miaoyun also sincerely apologized to Aunt Xu through the video. The aunts and grandpas also reconciled with these young people.

On the basketball court, half of the grandpas and aunts dance square dancing, and half of the young people play basketball. They get along very harmoniously. Bai Jing came to the basketball court and praised He Miaoyun. He Miaoyun was very concerned about He Fenfang’s attitude towards him. Bai Jing asked He Miaoyun to go to the community and ask He Fenfang. As soon as the voice fell, Lin Jin’s voice came from the speakers in the community. The content was about trusting science and breaking superstitions.

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