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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 5 Recap

Bai Jing asked about the children at school and claimed to be Zhao Jincheng’s parent. Jiang Xiaopan’s mother felt wrong. She had a parent meeting with Zhao Jincheng’s mother. Bai Jing immediately explained that she was a godmother for fear of misunderstanding. I didn’t know that the parents found out that Zhao Jincheng and Jiang Xiaopang were missing. Other parents wondered if Bai Jing was a human trafficker. Bai Jing was taken away by the security guard.

Fortunately, the misunderstanding was finally resolved. It turned out that the two children went to Chaoyang community to play with puppies. . Bai Jing apologized to Jiang Xiaopang’s mother, saying that she shouldn’t claim without permission, mainly because he often saw Uncle Jiang always peeking at Jiang Xiaopang at the school gate. Jiang Xiaopang’s mother told Bai Jing that some things happened just like dreaming.

In the community center, Jiang Xiaopan had a temper and did not learn German. He just wanted to play with Zhao Jincheng and the puppy. Jiang Xiaopang’s mother was so persuaded that Jiang Xiaopang’s mood stabilized, and Bai Jing also agreed to Jiang Xiaopang, let Ma Ku didn’t give the dog to others, but placed it in the activity center.

When Jiang Xiaopang left, Ma Ku told Bai Jing that Bai Jing needed to conduct a self-examination. He Fenfang criticized Bai Jing at the activity center, and other volunteers also felt that when Bai Jing assigned work, it was not like discussing at all. After hearing this, Bai Jing felt a little uncomfortable, so she left the volunteer activity center first.

When Lin Jin returned home from grocery shopping, she found Bai Jing leaning on the sofa alone. Seeing Lin Jin coming home, her emotions could no longer be stretched. She cried when she hugged Lin Jin. Bai Jing told Lin Jin that she hadn’t solved the community’s affairs well, and she felt a little aggrieved. He Miaoyun uploaded the video of Aunt Xu’s grandson talking to Aunt Xu to Ang Luoshang. He Fenfang came to Bai Jing early in the morning.

Bai Jing told He Fenfang that she was angry with herself and felt that she was not suitable to be a volunteer. But now as a volunteer, she feels that everyone does not support herself as a volunteer. He Fenfang told Bai Jing that the community looks simple, but in fact it is difficult. If you want to be a good volunteer, you have to lie in the dirt. If you really can’t figure it out, you have to quit the volunteer.

Aunt Xu was so angry about the video. Aunt Xu felt that He Miaoyun planned her grandson to run herself. He Fenfang didn’t even listen to the compensation that was not Aunt Xu. He Fenfang got through to He Miaoyun’s phone. When Wen Jing went home, she accidentally ran into Yu Haiyang. He Miaoyun told He Fenfang that the words in the video were really not written by himself, but Xiaobin himself wanted his grandma to hear the voice of young people. He Fenfang felt that He Miaoyun had done too much in this matter, causing Aunt Xu to be scolded a lot, and the two mothers and daughters had a fierce quarrel.

Wen Jing called Bai Jing. When Bai Jing heard Wen Jing hit Yu Haiyang, she rushed to the hospital. Yu Haiyang only had a slight bone fracture, but the two sides had a very unpleasant quarrel. Wen Jing told Yu Haiyang that she had mistakenly admitted that, Yu Haiyang forced her to set up a stall illegally and asked the insurance company to pay for her medical expenses. Yu Haiyang told Bai Jing that some things had to be softened, so that Bai Jing and Wen Jing should give them face, and don’t bring Uncle Jiang into the matter, otherwise they would really be lying in the hospital bed and unable to get up.

On the way back, Bai Jing felt that Yu Haiyang was quite righteous. She was hit by a leg and was thinking about Uncle Jiang’s zombie car. Wen Jing told Bai Jing not to give up being a volunteer easily. Bai Jing came to the Volunteer Service Center. Everyone opened up and chatted. Community volunteers apologized to Bai Jing for what happened yesterday and told her not to worry about it.

Bai Jing joked about herself but held a lot of grudges, frankly confessing that Bai Jing had a strong image in their hearts. However, they have not been idle for the past two days. They have also consulted their parents to find out about the situation and decided to supervise collective learning as a promotional point. , Bai Jing praised them and apologized to everyone because of their outspokenness, which made her a better person.

Jiang Xiaopang’s mother planned to let Jiang Xiaopang and Zhao Jincheng raise puppies together, but Ma Kun felt that the attitude was not sincere, so she pretended not to hear it. Jiang Xiaopang’s mother also found the zombie car at the door, and told Bai Jing about her psychological thoughts about Jiang Fatty’s accident. Jiang Xiaopang’s mother planned to send Xiaopang to the community trusteeship class. At night, Bai Jing saw Ma Zun raising stray puppies.

Ma Zun told Bai Jing the truth. There were three stray dogs inside. Bai Jing’s bitter mother-in-law and daughter-in-law told Ma Zun that they should put the puppies in the resettlement center. The best destination. Bai Jing comforted Ma Zun and told Ma Zun that she wanted to understand dedication. This is the highlight of volunteers, and she will gradually become better and better.

Yu Haiyang called and asked Wen Jing why most of the day had passed, and the supermarket went out of the shotgun business. Wen Jing was a little helpless, but in fact, the goods were not selling well because Wen Jing could not find where Yu Haiyang put the goods, and the customers couldn’t wait. gone.

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