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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 15 Recap

After consulting Ma Yuechuan, Zhao Xudong asked Liu Mengyu to take his place temporarily, hoping that everyone would unite and refuel for their plane. Ma Yuechuan asked if Liu Mengyu could resist the restoration work. Liu Mengyu was ordered to face the danger and firmly stated that she could resist. After receiving a positive reply, Ma Yuechuan summoned all the workers and said that Zhao Xudong had temporarily left the fault repair team due to his health, and Liu Mengyu took over the related work.

Everyone whispered to each other after hearing the news. Liu Mengyu immediately expressed his opinion and encouraged everyone. Now everyone is worried about Zhao Xudong’s health, but the doctor is watching Master’s illness, and everyone in the crew has to stare at Master’s illness. Before Zhao Xudong’s health returns, everyone must Let 101 fly again.

Under the leadership of Liu Mengyuan, everyone performed their duties and quickly completed the related troubleshooting work orders. Ma Yuechuan notified the original structure failure recurrence experiment. Everyone stared at the big screen and looked at the loaded aircraft data. The final test result was successful. Liu Mengyu saw Luo Zhengchao give himself a thumbs up, and immediately talked to the hospitalized master Zhao Xudong Report the good news.

Liu Mengyu was chatting with her mother on video, and her mother teased Liu Mengyu quickly to find a companion to bring back. At the same time, she thanked her for the amulet sent by her. The project was progressing very smoothly. Mother Liu claimed that the amulet was for Zhao Xudong and explained that Liu Mengyu was going to see Zhao Xudong. Liu Mengyu was embarrassed, and Zhao Xudong would not let her go to see him. Mother Liu asked Liu Mengyu to bring the amulet to Zhao Xudong.

At this time, Liu Mengyu received a call, saying that someone was waiting for her downstairs. Liu Mengyu shut down the video and went downstairs, and was especially surprised when she saw Pang Yibing. Pang Yibing said that he came to Luo Zheng, but Luo Zheng was too busy to get away, so he came to Liu Mengyu. Luo Zheng told Liu Mengyu that he had come all the way and asked Liu Mengyu to treat him to a supper. And I haven’t seen each other for almost a year in two years.

Liu Mengyu took Chong Yibing to the noodle shop again, and added a lot of chili to Chong Yibing. When Chong Yibing saw it, she spiced herself. It is hard to know that both of them were spoiled. There is cola to relieve the spicy. Chong Yibing asked Liu Mengyu if Luo Zheng’s recent project was in trouble. Liu Mengyu immediately smiled and told Chong Yibing not to follow her own words, and the broken place was stronger. Chong Yibing listened to it. I immediately sent a model of A300 aircraft to Liu Mengyu. It was difficult at the beginning of the business. Liu Mengyu thanked Yibing for his agreement.

Liu Mengyuan heard whether the agreement before favoring Yibing still counts, that is, to fly the plane they built. Retirement agreement. Chong Yibing told Liu Mengyu that he might not be able to wait this time. He was already retired. Liu Mengyuan was very angry when she heard that she scolded Pang Yibing for saying that he would fly the plane they built and retire. But as a Chinese pilot, he did not fly. It was a failure to get on the plane built by the Chinese themselves. After speaking, he left the restaurant with anger, leaving only Chong Yibing in the restaurant.

Luo Zheng thinks that Liu Mengyu is a bit too much. Pang Yibing’s choice of work is his freedom. Why should he point fingers? Liu Mengyu believes that Pang Yibing has no confidence in the domestic machine. Luo Zheng confesses that Liu Mengyu is love and hate, and Liu Mengyu insists on not admitting it. Liu Mengyu suddenly remembered the possession charm, Luo Zheng said that it had been delivered, and after the loading experiment was successful, let Liu Mengyu go to see Zhao Xudong with the news of success.

Director Yang told everyone that good things are hard to do, and Ma Yuechuan also said that imperfections have contributed to perfection. Rosenborg came to the test site again, and the commercial airliner was subjected to the ultimate load test again, but it was suddenly unloaded during the loading process. Liu Mengyu told everyone to stop panic and start an alternative plan immediately. Liu Mengyu went to check and told Ma Yuechuan that he found that there was an error in the stroke setting of an actuator. It has been checked and is being rechecked. It takes three hours. Ma Yuechuan can only comfort himself.

Ma Yuechuan came outside to breathe, but he was very upset in his heart, and even asked the security guard for a cigarette. Luo Zheng saw it and advised Ma Yuechuan to have quit, so he stopped smoking. Ma Yuechuan put the cigarette away when he heard it. Luo Zheng comforted Ma Yuechuan that although there was a little episode today, his heart had never been so at ease, and he was confident. Only then did Ma Yuechuan feel relieved and followed Luo Zheng back to the workshop to start the experiment again. After returning to the workshop, Ma Yuechuan also joked with everyone humorously, saying that the withdrawal just now was a prospective replay.

After several hours of re-inspection work, the loading test started again, and the loading was repeated again and again. Everyone held their breath and waited for the final loading result. This time it was successfully loaded to 100%, and the load was kept for three seconds. In 2009, the loading test finally succeeded. At this moment, everyone cheered and embraced, and Liu Mengyu cried with joy. The 101 plane successfully experienced the ultimate load electrostatic test, and the combat effectiveness of the entire team was baptized in this battle, especially the candidate party members who applied to join the party have been approved to join the Communist Party of China.

Director Yang hopes that Liu Mengyu and others will not forget the pioneers. Role, not forgetting the entrustment of history. Liu Mengyuan and several reserve party members made a solemn oath to join the Chinese Communist Party and become a glorious party member. Liu Mengyu came to Zhao Xudong’s ward and found that the ward was empty and anxious, so she ran to the door of the operating room and waited for the results of the operation with her mother.

Director Yang told everyone that after more than three years of follow-up and approval, the new turbofan feeder aircraft has passed the preliminary approval of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, which also means that the approval of the new feeder will enter a new stage from this moment on. Ma Yuechuan stated that the revolution has not yet succeeded and colleagues still need to work hard.

Zhao Xudong came to the workshop and looked at the plane, with mixed feelings, while Liu Mengyuan was holding shift meetings as the team leader. Liu Mengyuan saw Zhao Xudong hug the past immediately. Everyone applauded and welcomed Zhao Xudong. Zhao Xudong told everyone that everything was normal, except that he could not eat spicy and other irritating things.

Liu Mengyuan told Zhao Xudong that he was his own Dinghai Shenzhen, and asked him to say a few words to everyone. Zhao Xudong told everyone that the company arranges itself to help everyone, and all future matters must follow the command of Team Leader Liu Mengyuan. While chatting, Luo Zheng called to Liu Mengyu, and Liu Mengyu asked Zhao Xudong to help him hold shift meetings, and he hurried to Luo Zheng’s office.

Luo Zheng asked Liu Mengyu to take a good look at the problems exposed in the test flight, but he was very dissatisfied with the opening time of the hatch, and felt that there was still a lot of room for improvement. Luo Zheng asked Liu Mengyu not to bargain with himself, but to go back and complete the target. Liu Mengyu and Zhao Xudong chatted, and Luo Zheng changed from an athlete to a referee, very harsh. Liu Mengyuan stated that everyone has changed, only he and Gillian have not changed. Zhao Xudong is curious about who Gillian is. Liu Mengyu introduced that plane 101 is her good sister Gillian.

Zhao Xudong asked if Liu Mengyu’s personal problems had been settled. Liu Mengyu complained that Master talked to his mother in an accent. Zhao Xudong said that the elderly are like this, and only want them to have a solid place, so that they can be at ease, and the laws of nature. . But Liu Mengyuan made it clear that if Gillian did not obtain the airworthiness certificate for a day, she would not be able to make them feel at ease.

Luo Zheng and Liu Mengyu shared that the plane lost pressure at a high altitude over Windsor, Ontario, Canada, which led to the incomplete control of the plane, which caused the Windsor incident in the United States and a series of plane accidents. Liu Mengyu understood why Luo Zheng was so harsh. Luo Zheng hoped that Gillian’s error rate would be zero. Liu Mengyu immediately got up and said that he would go back to repair the door. When Liu Mengyu was leaving, Luo Zheng apologized to Liu Mengyu, hoping that he would forgive the recent harshness and inhumanity. At the same time, she told Liu Mengyu that she would have a surprise with her for the minimum ground clearance test flight next week.

The minimum ground clearance test flight test is like shaving with a razor. The requirements for pilots are extremely high, and there are no more than ten pilots that can be completed internationally. Everyone was engrossed in the minimum ground clearance test flight test, and the test flight test was a success. Everyone admired the superb skills of the test pilots. Liu Mengyuan was very surprised to see that the test pilot was Pang Yibing. Director Yang introduced that Pang Yibing was the bureau’s test flight comrade Pang Yibing, and praised him for completing such a difficult test flight. Pang Yibing praised that it is a good domestic machine and the power of the equipment is very good. Of course, he also made some comments. The cabin door is very noisy, and he can still hear it when he wears headphones.

Luo Zheng whispered and told Liu Mengyu whether it was a surprise or a shock. Zhao Xudong summed up a total of four questions. Liu Mengyu was a little embarrassed when he heard these questions, but remembered that Master had trained Airbus and asked how to solve these problems. Zhao Xudong explained that the design concept is different, and it is naturally impossible to refer to. At this time Pang Yibing appeared, explaining that he was just telling the truth about his opinion.

Zhao Xudong asked Pang Yibing to communicate with Liu Mengyu alone, and Pang Yibing asked Liu Mengyu if she had fulfilled her promise, did she want to reward him with a hug, and ridiculed that she was using her life to help him test the flight. Liu Mengyu was curious about how Pang Yibing suddenly returned. Pang Yibing was actually not working in civil aviation. He did not say that he could not fly. His ideal was to fly a plane made by the Chinese themselves.

Liu Mengyuan stated that he had actually worked very hard. Two years after Chong Yibing told Liu Mengyu that he had disappeared, it turned out that Pang Yibing had signed up for the screening of the bureau’s test pilots four years ago. The last time he looked for Liu Mengyu, he was arranged to go abroad for training. Liu Mengyuan asked Pang Yibing to help him do some more data every time he test flight.

Pang Yibing asked Liu Mengyuan to invite himself to dinner. Liu Mengyu’s clear division of labor made Zhao Xudong compelled to praise Liu Mengyu’s current working thinking is very clear. Liu Mengyu said that although starting from scratch, it does not mean that the foundation is zero. They have a lot of experience and data that are worth learning. Chong Yibing helped Liu Mengyu record the data during the test flight. He didn’t know that Liu Mengyu only said thank you and bowed his head to work.

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