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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 14 Recap

Zhao Xudong asked Liu Mengyu to stop his work, and showed Liu Mengyu the drawings and grinding tools, and told Liu Mengyu that everyone had emotions if the experiment failed, but he still had to work hard. Rosenborg is about to return to China. Zhao Xudong joked that maybe the plane wanted to give the two more time to get together.

When the two talked about other experimental accidents, veterans would have problems, not to mention that a novice like himself would have to teach some tuition, Zhao Xudong Tell Rosenborg that it will not take half a year, and that the two will definitely meet again. Rosenborg said that he would, and that he could have another drink at that time.

Colleagues discussed that the failure of the test was related to someone’s failure to check in place. When Liu Mengyu was silent, she felt guilty. Zhao Xudong decided to give Liu Mengyu two days off to adjust his status. Liu Mengyu heard that Zhao Xudong was punishing him? Feeling that she was a defective product that was eliminated, Liu Mengyu cried sadly, and then left. When Liu Mengyu went home, she even forgot the key. She sat on the threshold and waited for her mother.

Her mother asked her if the plane was built. If she came back this time, she would not leave. Liu Mengyu explained that success is not a sign of success when the plane is in the sky. Mother Liu encouraged and comforted Liu Mengyu. When she was in college for the elderly, she would now be online. Others said that China could not build passenger planes, so she was anxious on the spot because of her own problems.

Husband and daughter are looking for planes. Mother Liu encouraged Liu Mengyu. No matter what was out there, she would always encourage her. When Liu Mengyu heard it warmly, she said thank her mother and started to pick up food. At night, Mother Liu went into the house to cover the quilt with Liu Mengyu, watching Liu Mengyu fall asleep, and then she closed the door comfortably.

Ma Yuechuan asked Zhao Xudong whether the 101 aircraft was damaged and whether it could be tested later. Zhao Xudong affirmed that even if it is a big deal, it will be reassembled to participate in the test, but the difficulty is time, but if enough time is given to absolutely solve the problem, Ma Yuechuan immediately stated that he would never urge. Liu Mengyu took Liu Mengyu to the square dance together, and happened to see the drone flying in the sky, and immediately stared blankly again.

When Liao Xiaoxue met Liu Mengyu, Liao Xiaoxue mentioned that Mr. Jiang, who was rejected by Liu Mengyu before, is now very popular in the factory. As long as it is about Internet technology, it will be no problem to find him. Liu Mengyu envied everyone finding a suitable position.

When Liao Xiaoxue was trying to comfort Liu Mengyu, her son Feifei began to cry, but she gave the airplane model to his son Feifei, and immediately stopped crying. Liu Mengyuan told Liao Xiaoxue that she did the same when she was a child, and as long as her father gave her a model plane, she stopped crying immediately. Liao Xiaoxue asked Liu Mengyu when he would go back, but Liu Mengyu was a little discouraged and said that he could not go back.

Liao Xiaoxue told Liu Mengyu that Liu Mengyu in her impression was not like this, and Liu Mengyu stated that he would not be this time. Similarly, I was afraid that I would be eliminated. Liao Xiaoxue comforted Liu Mengyu not to think the situation so serious. Liu Mengyuan told Liao Xiaoxue that she still believed that the new branch would be ascended to heaven sooner or later, but she no longer believed that she was qualified to be with him.

Mother Liu saw that Liu Mengyu had come back for a week and was depressed all day, so she helped her to submit a resume. Liu Mengyu went for an interview, and after seeing his big brother Hu Hansen as the person in charge of the company, he quickly slipped away. When Hu Hansen heard someone calling Liu Mengyu’s name, he chased her out and called her back for a chat. Hu Hansen still missed the days of beating and beating the most.

When asked how Liu Mengyu came for the interview, Liu Mengyu was hard to say. Hu Hansen asked her if she had made a mistake. He told Liu Mengyu when she left the job. Liu Mengyu explained that the mistake made this time was a bit big, and he couldn’t go back anymore. Hu Hansen looked at Liu Mengyu’s frustration and told Liu Mengyu that it’s not terrible to make mistakes.

The horrible thing is that he can’t go forward. It’s more important to go to heaven than anything else, but if Liu Mengyu wants to come to work, he can skip the process, and he can do it tomorrow. Come to work directly and tell Liu Mengyuan that people cannot lose their fighting spirit. If they lose their fighting spirit, it will be different.

Zhao Xudong came to see Liu Mengyu. Liu Mengyu was a little surprised. It turned out that Hu Hansen called him. Liu Mengyu asked Zhao Xudong about the situation on the outfield. Zhao Xudong knew that Liu Mengyu was worried about the outfield, so he took Liu Mengyu to ride the Ferris wheel, which he repaired.

On the Ferris wheel, Zhao Xudong told Liu Mengyu that he knew why he took her to make the Ferris wheel. He and Liu Mengyuan’s father had gone through all the hurdles they had experienced in their business. There was no plane for the worst. You practice. Liu Mengyu told Zhao Xudong that he liked the Ferris wheel so that he could get close to the sky for a few seconds. Zhao Xudong told Liu Mengyu to do their job, and his biggest dream was to watch the airplane he built flying in the blue sky.

Finally, Zhao Xudong told Liu Mengyu that the investigation report came out, and the main reason for the failure had nothing to do with them. Liu Mengyu was relieved and cried uncomfortably. Zhao Xudong told Liu Mengyu to look down on his team too much. , While allowing Liu Mengyu to return to the field.

Luo Zheng saw that Zhao Xudong went back to the field again, and it turned out that Zhao Xudong always remembered the plane in his heart. Zhao Xudong notified the crew in the cabin to start the operation, because there was no walkie-talkie, Liu Mengyu could only reply directly.

Director Yang asked Zhao Xudong if he could test the current situation of the 101 plane. Zhao Xudong certainly cannot bear it now, because it is under repair. Zhao Xudong boldly told Director Yang that all employees are very proud to participate in this project, but the pressure is also very high, but there is the trust of the country and the expectations of the people.

Wisdom and struggle will definitely be fixed and will definitely be able to participate in the next experiment. Director Yang saw Zhao Xudong’s confidence and put the ugly words on the front, saying that he could not afford some failures. Upon seeing this, Ma Yuechuan also issued a military order to Director Yang in front of everyone. If there were any problems, he would take full responsibility.

Zhao Xudong was busy working in the workshop alone. Liu Mengyu told Zhao Xudong that he had thought of a repair method, and wanted to come over to Luo Zheng to ask him something. Zhao Xudong agreed with Liu Mengyu’s repair plan. During the conversation between the three, Luo Zheng found that Zhao Xudong’s body was abnormal, and immediately went to help Zhao Xudong with Liu Mengyu. It turned out that there was something wrong with Zhao Xudong’s legs. Liu Mengyuan took care of Zhao Xudong who was sick in the hospital.

Liu Mengyuan told Zhao Xudong that there was a big shadow on his stomach, and he had to stay in bed for surgery and notify his family members at the same time. Zhao Xudong disagreed, saying that he could not let his mother know about this matter. Ma Yuechuan came to see Zhao Xudong and said that Zhao Xudong’s wife said that Zhao Xudong was competing with him. Ma Yuechuan understood Zhao Xudong’s feelings, but advised him to take a long-term view. They are aiming for the future. Zhao Xudong felt that the talk was particularly good.

In the workshop, everyone was chatting about Zhao Xudong’s illness and hospitalization, and felt that the backbone of the team had been taken away. Ma Yuechuan passed the video recorded by Zhao Xudong to Liu Mengyu, who was originally sick and hospitalized but worried about the progress of work.

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