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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 13 Recap

Liu Mengyuan found that Pang Yibing’s meal was particularly interesting. Like a little girl, Liu Mengyuan asked Pang Yibing about the past, but Pang Yibing did not answer directly. Pang Yibing told Liu Mengyuan that he would leave Sky Southern Airlines soon, and he hadn’t figured out where to go. Pang Yibing asked Liu Mengyu to build the plane quickly. He thought about flying a domestically-made plane before retiring, and teased Liu Mengyu that he would have to buy a lot of insurance for the plane she built.

After dinner, Pang Yibing sent Liu Mengyu home. Pang Yibing also handed the bouquet to Liu Mengyu, but Liu Mengyu did not dare to accept it. At the same time, he refused the bouquet that Pang Yibing handed over. In fact, the deer thumped and throbbed in his heart. .

Liu Mengyu plans to go to the Northwest for a business trip. Mother Liu prepared a lot of food for Liu Mengyu, but Liu Mengyu didn’t want to eat it. Mother Liu was a little sad. Liu Mengyu quickly apologized and stated that she had eaten the food. Bring them all. At a test flight base in the northwest, the test flight was considered a success, and everyone was very happy. Zhao Xudong asked everyone to go back quickly, because there is still a lot of inspection work to be done after the plane returns. This is the first step in the Long March.

The reporter asked Zhao Xudong that he had succeeded in his first flight, and now he is waiting for the airlines to come and buy the plane. Zhao Xudong told reporters that the first flight was successful, and the work here is almost over. However, to get a civil aviation certificate or the like, a series of tests, test flights, and hundreds of projects are required. In two years, the journey of a thousand miles began with a single step, and we must continue to do it down-to-earth in the future.

Liu Mengyu was called out by the spicy noodles from the northwest, but Zhao Xudong was very spicy. Liu Mengyu learned that Zhao Xudong had flown west before, and Zhao Xudong ridiculed that Liu Mengyu might know of aircraft models that are not available in this noodle restaurant. Children know a lot about the naive, because this noodle restaurant is a spot on the off-site plane, and many people will come here to eat after work.

Liu Mengyu is not used to eating the hot and sour taste of the Northwest, so she took out her mother Liu to let herself For the ingredients I brought, I am grateful to Mother Liu for her foresight. Liu Mengyu didn’t understand why the planes made by her own should be reviewed by foreigners. Luo Zhen explained that because China’s planes are not only self-produced and sold, they also have to face the global market. The United States is the largest market for civil aviation aircraft, and it won the United States The market is considered recognized.

The Chinese aircraft have to face extreme load experiments, because the environment that the aircraft has to face is very complicated, so as to assess whether the safety performance of the aircraft meets the safety standards stipulated by the trial flight. Luo Zheng said that we dare to do it. Such a test proves that we have confidence in the 101 aircraft. Luo Zheng made Liu Mengyu more optimistic. Even if he is pessimistic, he must keep the aircraft because we are only driving.

Zhao Xudong told Liu Mengyu that the more a temporary test, the more things would happen. Luo Zheng suddenly called for Zhao Xudong to tell the big guy to stop all the work on his hands. It turned out that Rosenberg asked to terminate the test and did not agree with the vertical loading method. Upon hearing this news, Liu Mengyuan was also very excited, saying that the vertical loading method cannot be used on a Chinese aircraft because it is the turn of the Chinese aircraft.

Luo Zheng feels that this is not just a question of method, but a lack of confidence in the Chinese. Luo Zheng Said that there is no other way, but to inform that work can only slow down. Zhao Xudong was very emotional when he heard that and planned to talk to Rosenborg. Rosenborg saw Zhao Xudong and told everyone that this was his old buddy. The two hadn’t seen each other for ten years.

It turned out that Rosenborg used to be his own boss in Singapore. When old friends got together, Zhao Xudong told Liu Mengyu that Rosenborg had taught him a lot. Zhao Xudong mentioned that Rosenborg looked down on Chinese people back then, and he bet 24 hours to work. There is something in Zhao Xudong’s words that Rosenborg is guilty of old problems again.

Rosenborg immediately stated that today he only tells the old things, not official affairs, let alone talks about official affairs with favor. Zhao Xudong was a little angry, and asked Rosenborg to talk about the specifications no matter what the situation was. At the same time, he took pictures of the table. Liu Mengyu was also anxious when he saw it. He felt that Zhao Xudong’s attitude could not talk about things.

Three days have passed since the meal between Zhao Xudong and Rosenberg, but there was no movement at all. Liu Mengyu worried that it would be counterproductive. Zhao Xudong told Liu Mengyu that Rosenberg was very stubborn. It was useless to persuade others, so he had to wait. He realized it by himself. The two were chatting, and Luo Zheng came to pass the message, saying that the plan was passed, but very stringent conditions were put forward. When Zhao Xudong heard it, he felt that the amount of work was not low.

Everyone started working non-stop, but Luo Zheng gave a drawing that did not have a part. Zhao Xudong took the drawing and made it himself, and said that the sheet metal workers know how to push the past in an emergency, and the machine will never do this. Liu Mengyuan contacted Liao Xiaoxue about the glue. Just as Zhao Xudong was anxious about the glue, Liu Mengyuan pulled in the glue and came in. When the work was over, Liu Mengyu called Liao Xiaoxue.

It turned out that Liao Xiaoxue took the time to give birth to a baby. Liu Mengyu watched the baby through the video and was very happy. Liu Mengyu was awakened during a break due to excessive stress, and planned to check the plane again, but the scene of the plane was already closed. Zhao Xudong let Liu Mengyu relax.

In December 2009, when the test day came, Zhao Xudong asked if the location of Liu Mengyuan’s noodle shop was fixed. Zhao Xudong asked everyone to relax. In fact, everyone was nervous and looking forward to the test results. Unfortunately, they were loading again and again. During the test, the plane’s flight test failed. Afterwards, Luo Zheng shared the data investigation report of the test flight failure. Ma Yuechuan told everyone not to be too anxious.

It is recommended to characterize the accident first and study the remedial plan. It is inevitable to encounter a nail during the exploration. At the same time, he also knows that everyone is feeling uncomfortable. Speaking of comfort should be fortunate to be in the experimental stage, not after being put on the market. I hope that everyone will not become helpless because of this failure, and the responsibility for the accident will be borne by themselves.

Zhao Xudong asked the big guy to go back and rest, but Liu Mengyu stayed alone. Zhao Xudong stepped forward to comfort. Liu Mengyu told her that she was not careful enough to check. She asked Zhao Xudong every time he had a backup plan, and asked him this. Zhao Xudong only said that it was a good question, but did not respond positively.

Hanhan and her mother came to deliver the food, and asked Liu Mengyu to hurry up to build the plane so that she could fly on the plane made in her own country. Liu Mengyu was feeling guilty and uneasy because of the failure of the experiment. Quickly hung up the phone.

The video of the aircraft explosion made Liu Mengyu very sad, and Zhao Xudong was also a little bit lost. Luo Zheng comforted Zhao Xudong. This is the first load test in China. Although there was a little problem, we still accumulated a lot of valuable data. I believe it will be done next time. Can be better. Colleagues discussed that foreign experts will return to China soon, and that the test will not be completed in a short while, and Ma Yuechuan also returned to Shanghai overnight to conduct a review.

Zhao Xudong asked the big guy to stop his work, and just work hard. He reprimanded them for chewing their tongues behind their backs, and made it clear that if anyone finds it unhappy at this time, he will make them unhappy. After saying this, let the big guy continue. Work.

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