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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 12 Recap

During the meal, Senior Brother Jiang introduced to Liu Mengyu that Ding Shaoliang had worked in the air force for ten years, whether he was a veteran ground crew or a soldier. Ding Shaoliang used the method of training special forces to train his apprentices. Ninety percent of the people applied for a master change. Ding Shaoliang had one.

Compared with Ding Shaoliang, the disciple who has left behind a hundred kinds of abuse, their master Zhao Xudong is a living bodhisattva. Brother Jiang persuaded Liu Mengyu to return to the sheet metal workshop, but Liu Mengyu was determined not to return, she wanted to spend the end with Ding Shaoliang.

Ding Shaoliang saw Liu Mengyu and the others assembling, and he wanted to say something. Liu Mengyu immediately stated that they had the proof. After the assembly was completed, Ding Shaoliang asked them to hold the assembled parts to the work area, and then called the technician who came to assemble them to disassemble them. Liu Mengyu wanted to know what was wrong with their assembly, but Ding Shaoliang did not answer.

While assembling, it was dismantled and reassembled according to Ding Shaoliang’s orders. Liu Mengyu was stunned. Ding Shaoliang asked Liu Mengyu and others to see if it was clear, and he stated that this is the gap. Liu Mengyu admits defeat and said that he certainly has no colleagues who are familiar with the assembly. They will never be able to reach this level. After all, they are just sheet metal. metalworking.

At this time, Zhao Xudong came and claimed that the company was worried that Ding Shaoliang was under too much pressure and sent himself to share the burden. Ding Shaoliang complained to Zhao Xudong that his apprentices were not good enough to punch holes. Even if they were given another two or three years, they would be advancing by leaps and bounds. He could afford to wait, but he could not afford to wait for a plane.

Liu Mengyu was very dissatisfied when she heard that she could make holes in front of everyone, or return to the sheet metal if she didn’t work. Ding Shaoliang immediately called someone to pull the number 9 frame. Zhao Xudong asked Liu Mengyu what was going on. Liu Mengyu told them that Ding Shaoliang hadn’t taught them anything since they came here. However, Liu Mengyu was still ashamed. Frame 9 could only be drilled with a curved drill.

On the way back between Zhao Xudong and Liu Mengyu, Zhao Xudong criticized her for not listening to persuasion. She had to go forward because she had to work hard. This time she was in trouble, and now she can only go back to the sheet metal workshop in a desperate manner. Liu Mengyu was a little aggrieved, and felt that he could not leave so unclearly, so he had to go to Ding Shaoliang.

Zhao Xudong asked Liu Mengyu if he really thought about it. Liu Mengyu wrote a review paper to apologize to Ding Shaoliang and sincerely apologized to Ding Shaoliang. Zhao Xudong also interceded for Liu Mengyu, saying that he was also out of management. some problems. Ding Shaoliang said that the rules are the rules, and he still intends not to keep Liu Mengyu. Liu Mengyu immediately reported his position. Didn’t he say that he would leave after the points were deducted, and now let him leave before the points are deducted?

Rule, if you have to remove your name, you should appeal to the Ministry of Manpower. The two masters and apprentice sang a harmony, Ding Shaoliang announced that Liu Mengyu would not be removed for the time being, and then placed a stack of certificates on the table, provided that Liu Mengyu had all the certificates in hand within six months. Liu Mengyu counted, there were ten certificates in total, originally he wanted to bargain, but Ding Shaoliang didn’t care at all.

Ding Shaoliang also asked Liu Mengyu to sign the fine for misoperation and fined him 5,000 US dollars. Teacher Jiang planned to help Liu Mengyu pay for it, but Liu Mengyu finally decided to mortgage it, deducting it from his monthly salary. Teacher Jiang had to ridicule that others mortgaged to buy a house and Liu Mengyu mortgaged to buy parts.

In order for Liu Mengyu to get those certificates in half a year, Zhao Xudong took Liu Mengyu to the auto repair shop run by Brother Jiang. It turned out that Zhao Xudong was reluctant to throw away the obsolete items in the workshop before, so he let Senior Brother Jiang put it in his own home. Zhao Xudong told Liu Mengyu that if he could make good use of these scraps, he would really turn stones into gold.

Zhao Xudong arranged for Liu Mengyu to train in assembly during the day and practice at Brother Jiang’s auto repair shop in the evening. Liu Mengyu jumped up with excitement and said that he must work hard to let Ding Shaoliang see and see the demeanor of a sheet metal person. In the following days, Liu Mengyu began to study hard and actively prepare for the exam. Brother Jiang waited for Liu Mengyu on the sofa, and waited and fell asleep.

Liu Mengyu asked Brother Jiang to take a few steps and could walk home by himself. Brother Jiang didn’t care about this, and immediately drove Liu Mengyu back. At home and on the road, Liu Mengyuan asked Senior Brother Jiang how many years he had been in the company. Brother Jiang said that he joined the company since graduation and stayed there for five years.

Seeing that Brother Jiang didn’t seem to like the company very much, Senior Brother Jiang said frankly that he felt that this was a decent unit, a decent career, and could also stop his parents’ mouths. He would not say that he was not doing business until Liu Mengyu appeared. Liu Mengyu is like a large nuclear-powered motor in the workshop. Every time I see Liu Mengyu’s ups and downs, he feels particularly energetic. Who knows that Liu Mengyu is so tired that he is asleep, and he never hears of Senior Brother Jiang. if.

After arriving, Liu Mengyu took Brother Jiang upstairs together, but she didn’t know that Aunt Liu was also in the house. Aunt Liu was very enthusiastic about Brother Jiang. Liu Mengyuan also saw that her mother had probably misunderstood the relationship between the two of them. Brother Jiang didn’t matter, saying that she would sacrifice in the future and would go home to dine with her mother after a big deal.

Liu Mengyu received all the certificates in half a year and placed them in front of Ding Shaoliang one by one. Ding Shaoliang carefully read the certificates and announced that Liu Mengyu could officially participate in the assembly today.

To celebrate Liu Mengyu’s official participation in the assembly, everyone drank and ate hot pot to celebrate. Brother Jiang confessed to Liu Mengyu through his drunkenness that he didn’t want to be friends with her anymore. As a result, Liu Mengyu, who drank, mistakenly thought that Senior Brother Jiang was about to break her relationship with her, and was so angry that she insulted Senior Brother Jiang from career to personality.

The next day, Liao Xiaoxue told Liu Mengyu about Brother Jiang’s confession through wine. Liu Mengyu felt it was impossible. He and Brother Jiang had a pure revolutionary relationship. When Liu Mengyu was operating, Ding Shaoliang came to check and saw that Liu Mengyu’s curved drill was clean and could be used as a spoon. Ding Shaoliang bluntly said that the curved drill not only made a hole in the part, but also dug a hole in Liu Mengyu’s heart.

Liu Mengyu told Liao Xiaoxue that what she was most depressed was not being deducted, but that Ding Shaoliang was right. She trembles when she picks up a curved diamond. Liao Xiaoxue offered comfort and recommended the bending drill operation tutorial to Liu Mengyu. Liu Mengyu immediately expressed his gratitude to Liao Xiaoxue. When drawing the question, Liu Mengyu drew the question of the curved diamond again.

The critic Liu Mengyu was very frustrated because he did not even call his name. Zhao Xudong called Liu Mengyu to meet Ding Shaoliang, and Ding Shaoliang asked Liu Mengyu if he knew who had the highest technical score. Liu Mengyu was very confident and asked if it was her. Ding Shaoliang joked that Liu Mengyu really dared to think about it and announced that Liu Mengyu ranked 21st. In addition, Ding Shaoliang said before that there were only 20 people in the outfield protection team.

In fact, there is no so-called quota at all. The main purpose is to examine everyone. Personal qualities, I gave Liu Mengyu an envelope, which contained the fine for her damaged parts. Because he and Zhao Xudong studied a remedial plan and the parts were not scrapped, they returned the fine to Liu Mengyu and announced Liu Mengyu. Yuan Yuan joined the field protection team honorably.

Liu Mengyu found Brother Jiang and apologized for the confession, and at the same time asked the Chaomeng Forum if Brother Jiang did it. Brother Jiang congratulated Liu Mengyu on joining the outfield protection team, and at the same time admitted that the family is quite rich, but it has nothing to do with him. He has to retire and retire.

This makes him a plane repairer. In fact, he is a waste of playing mobile phones. As soon as Liu Mengyu wanted to comfort him, Senior Brother Jiang received a call from the company’s propaganda department, saying that he wanted to use his Chaomeng forum as an internal training website and propaganda platform for the company.

Liu Mengyu was not surprised because of this incident. She recommended it to the company because Chaomeng Forum helped her pass the exam. She felt that Chaomeng Forum could not be a secret and should be known to more people. Liu Mengyu gave Brother Jiang a USB flash drive, recommended Super Dream USB flash drive, and recorded a lot of operation videos, and said that the two are still best friends.

At the wedding ceremony of Luo Zheng and Xiaoxue, on the day of their wedding, Liao Xiaoxue especially thanked her good friend and best girlfriend Liu Mengyu. She watched Liu Mengyu put all his time and energy into work. Thanks Liu Mengyu. I have been helping her in work and life, so I am particularly worried about Liu Mengyu’s lifelong event, so today’s bouquet of flowers is none other than Liu Mengyu, but Pang Yibing picked it up.

Liu Mengyu had dinner with Pang Yibing. Pang Yibing joked that Liu Mengyu should know how many windows the plane has. Liu Mengyu didn’t want to listen, and deliberately changed the subject.

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