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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 11 Recap

Coming home from get off work, Liu Mengyu was so tired that he wanted to lie down and sleep, but was pulled by Luo Zheng to eat. Liu Mengyu guessed that there must be something wrong with Luo Zheng. Luo Zheng handed Liu Mengyu a bank card, which was Liu Meng. Yuan Yuan’s salary card, it turned out that Mama Liu had come, and all the food was sent by Mama Liu. Liu Mengyu knew her mother was gone, thoughtful in her heart.

After the meal, Liao Xiaoxue took Liu Mengyu to the assembly workshop together. Liu Mengyu was particularly excited. This was her first close and real contact with a Chinese-made airplane. He touched every tooling and equipment in the workshop. Just as Liu Mengyu was excited, someone came and asked Liao Xiaoxue if he had forgotten something when he came to the workshop so late.

Liu Mengyu didn’t dare to speak out, but the person still heard the movement and mistakenly thought it was Zhao Xudong, so he chatted casually, saying that he was like Zhao Xudong, as long as he couldn’t sleep, he would come to the workshop to see the big plane. That’s a step away. They also mentioned that they had been thrown cold water before, saying why the aircraft should be made in China, and foreign aircraft could be bought.

However, this technology core and bargaining power are in the hands of others, which is tantamount to being stuck. China is an industry. How can a big manufacturing country be so short of a diamond, we must build the airplane. After chatting for a while, the person who mistakenly regarded Liu Mengyu as Zhao Xudong and left, leaving Liu Mengyu alone in the workshop manager and let out a sigh of relief.

The next day, Liao Xiaoxue came to the sheet metal workshop and told Liu Mengyu that there was another special part to be reworked, and it was not an ordinary special part. The assembly side was rushed, and it was best to make it in the morning. Liu Mengyu couldn’t do it, so she suggested that Liao Xiaoxue go to Master Zhao Xudong. Liao Xiaoxue didn’t dare, saying that she trembled as soon as she saw Zhao Xudong, and Liu Mengyu took Liao Xiaoxue to find the master as soon as she heard it.

Zhao Xudong looked at the documents, but those were difficult to fight. Zhao Xudong also ridiculed that if the damage was broken, the salary would not be lost, but he still offered to do it himself. During the meal, Liu Mengyu asked Zhao Xudong how such difficult holes were made. Zhao Xudong replied that when he was an apprentice before, he had to study fitter for half a year at most.

Liao Xiaoxue came to the workshop and said that this special part could not be installed. The workers in the sheet metal workshop didn’t believe it. You must know that Master Zhao Xudong has always made zero mistakes. Zhao Xudong humbly asked Liao Xiaoxue to ask the leader, wanting to know where he was wrong, and let the leader meet with him to determine where the specific problem was.

Liao Xiaoxue returned to the craft department to report. Director Yang was very upset. He asked her to solve the problem, so why did he throw the problem back. Liu Mengyuan came to show that the special parts have been reworked frequently recently, and asked Director Yang to find out what caused Master’s error and where the problem was.

Director Yang expresses Liu Mengyu, in order to solve this rework problem, suggest Liu Mengyu to go upstream to see, let Xiaoxue Liu receive Liu Mengyu after finishing speaking, Liu Mengyu asks Liao Xiaoxue to read all upstream information for herself to consult. As soon as Luo Zheng came back, he saw that Liao Xiaoxue and Liu Mengyu were solving trigonometric functions, and said that this had to be verified by computer modeling. Liu Mengyu dragged Luo Zheng to the office regardless.

The skill contest officially started, but Zhao Xudong hasn’t come yet. Ma Yuechuan announced that the rules are the same as before. The quality is not up to standard and the time exceeded the specified time is zero points. All participants must show their housekeeping skills and compete with the spirit of the aviation people. The event of this competition is punching. Liu Mengyu almost missed the game because she stayed up late, but fortunately, Teacher Jiang called to remind her. Rework of special products has always been a problem. Ma Yuechuan took out the problematic parts to see if everyone could find the real crux.

Liu Mengyu rushed to the game in the last place. Everyone was racing against the clock. The judge Ma Yuechuan was the deputy chief engineer of the regional airliner project. He walked around and looked at the operations of the mechanics. When he saw Liu Mengyu’s operations , It is clear that the operation must be strictly in accordance with the process documents. Hu Hansen took the lead in completing the hole punch and got a high score of 97. When Ma Yuechuan saw Liu Mengyu’s work, his face was embarrassed, and Liu Mengyu explained that he had done his best.

Ma Yuechuan just emphasized that the operation must be strictly in accordance with the process documents, and he declared Liu Mengyu’s unqualified. Liu Mengyu immediately explained that she did this for a reason. She did not believe that Master would make such a mistake. So she checked the data for nearly a month and found that similar problems had occurred in other workshops, but there was only one solution. After rework and rework, Liu Mengyuan told Ma Yuechuan that the parts made by Zhao Xudong were perfect.

The problem lies in the other parts provided by the supplier. Each batch is different, and the stacking layer caused huge deviations, which led to the assembly. Not on. Liu Mengyu thinks that the biggest problem lies in the process, the design process, procurement and assembly, and even in the sheet metal workshop, each link is fighting separately, the economic cost of the problem and the loss, and the reputation of his master Zhao Xudong with zero errors.

So I dared to test it out and urged the leaders to pay attention to this matter. Ma Yuechuan was very pleased with this skill contest and announced the first place in the skill contest, Hu Hansen. Liu Mengyu was not convinced, after all, she knew this was the result when she decided to do this, and she was psychologically prepared.

Zhao Xudong was mopping the floor in the workshop. Ma Yuechuan found Zhao Xudong and praised that his two apprentices gave him a long face today. Hu Hansen’s skills are outstanding. Female apprentice Liu Mengyu is also impressive, and he put the problem of rework of special parts on the table sharply. Ma Yuechuan asked Zhao Xudong to let Liu Mengyu and Hu Hansen enter the outfield test flight support team, but he worried that Zhao Xudong would be reluctant to let Zhao Xudong leave two proud students. Zhao Xudong shook his head straight, and cultivating apprentices is for young people to pass on smoothly. For them to go to such an important position, he can’t ask for a master.

Luo Zheng complained about Liu Mengyu’s battlefield. Among the newcomers, she was the most able to find things. At the same time, she revealed that Liu Mengyu’s name was on the list of the outfield test flight protection team, and Liu Mengyu couldn’t believe it. Liu Mengyu came to the workshop and saw Teacher Jiang and others tell Hu Hansen to stop working.

It turned out that his waist injury was getting more and more serious. Zhao Xudong also walked over. Hu Hansen said sorry to his master. He went to the hospital and said that the lumbar spine compressed nerves and must be operated on. After the operation, he was not qualified for his current position. Therefore, participating in the last competition was a perfect picture of his career.

At the end of the period, I am very content now, so I can only make so many parts. Hu Hansen gave him a resignation report, and Zhao Xudong told Hu Hansen that the company’s leaders decided to respect Hu Hansen’s choice after careful research. Zhao Xudong was happy for Hu Hansen but also sad. He arranged for him to perform the duties of the next team leader for the last time, remembering that the sheet metal workshop will always be his home.

Liu Mengyuan cried and begged the big brother not to leave. Hu Hansen told Liu Mengyuan that they had given them two places in the workshop. He wanted to go, and wanted to go too much, but destiny did not give him this opportunity. Hu Hansen told Liu Mengyu that going to the outfield test flight support team was only the first step to learn from the experience. After that, it was necessary to select layers to enter the outfield test flight team. Don’t be lazy, don’t be foolish, everyone can stare at it. .

Liu Mengyu was also unhappy because of Hu Hansen’s departure, while Liao Xiaoxue comforted her. Hu Hansen is well-known and many companies outside want to hire him, which is also a good thing for him. As soon as the voice fell, Luo Zheng pulled Liu Mengyu’s luggage. Liu Mengyu actually cared about Liu’s mother, but felt that she was a little sorry for Liu’s mother. Liu Mengyu opened the suitcase and saw the small airplane model.

Only then did she realize that she hadn’t been thrown away by her mother at all, so she went home to look for her mother. The mother and daughter talked, and the relationship eased. Mother Liu said that Liu Mengyu had no choice but to run a plane with her father, but she thought that Liu Mengyu is now at a stable job, and her heart is at ease, but she is not young enough to find a partner to get married early and start to urge her to marry Liu Meng. Yuan said that if she doesn’t agree, she will go to the blind date tomorrow.

Liu Mengyu came to the outfield test flight protection team. The coach was the last judge Ding Shaoliang. After the lineup, Ding Shaoliang announced that they were training and selecting here. One year later, only 20 people were performing the glorious protection mission. Starting today, Their every move will be included in the assessment. Everything starts from scratch. One point will be deducted for improper operation, and will automatically exit after the deduction is 20 points. Liu Mengyu will be deducted three points for confronting the instructor because of delay in answering.

Ding Shaoliang arranged for Liu Mengyu to familiarize himself with the tooling first. Liu Mengyu was not convinced, why other people can directly operate it, they can’t, is it because they are sheet metal workers. Ding Shaoliang asked them if they had all kinds of work permits and operating licenses. None of the three of them had any, but all of them had direct hands-on operations. They could not work without a license. This is a rule.

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