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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 10 Recap

Mama Liu learned from her aunt that Liu Mengyu had not entered the job, so she rushed to the factory and strongly opposed Liu Mengyu’s aircraft construction. She also accused Zhao Xudong of linking up with Liu Mengyu to deceive herself.

Liu Mengyu felt that her mother already knew the truth anyway, and stated that she was ready to eat this bowl of rice by herself. Mother Liu was very angry. Before, Liu Mengyu’s father had worked overtime day and night and fell ill, so he left. Zhao Xudong doesn’t like to listen to what Liu’s mother said, saying that she is suspicious of herself, but she can’t ridicule their cause. He thinks that Liu Lingyun’s contribution has not been in vain.

He has been influencing and encouraging everyone, although Liu Lingyun has not waited until then. One day, but there are still them and his apprentices. If I have not waited until that day, there will be my own apprentices, as well as tens of thousands of people such as Liu Mengyu, who must believe in the planes made by the Chinese themselves. That day when there is heaven.

The next day, Liu Mengyu happily shouted to Master Zhao Xudong. The two exchanged views on the sheet metal industry in the workshop. The sheet metal industry is an important part of aircraft manufacturing. They both said that there is no sheet metal and no shape, which belongs to the country. The key project is to manufacture commercial airplanes flying all over the world, and airplanes do not have an 85% pass rate, only 100% and zero, because if the airplanes fly into the sky and accidents happen, the entire aviation industry will be completely destroyed.

So the burden on them is very heavy. Zhao Xudong read Liu Mengyu’s application for joining the party and clearly told Liu Mengyu that it is not easy to be a party member, and that he must have excellent ideas and skills. Liu Mengyu told Zhao Xudong that he would work hard.

Zhao Xudong taught his own land sheet metal skills and theories from various lecture hours and detailed prescriptions. The apprentices also studied and absorbed very carefully. Liu Mengyu took notes even more carefully. The teacher brought Liu Mengyu out to play tennis on the weekend, and Zhao Xudong even taught Liu Mengyu’s various skills in the details of the application of life.

Liu Mengyu is trying to fight the pure white hell puzzle that Master Zhao Xudong gave her. Teacher Jiang said that this is faster than the rules of the Zhao family. This is Zhao Xudong’s test of everyone’s familiarity with the drawings and concentration.

If you really want to finish the puzzle, you will test the master. Teacher Jiang heard that Liu Mengyu’s puzzle was 1,000 pieces, and was shocked. Both he and the big brother had only 400 pieces. He felt that Master really trained Liu Mengyu as his successor. Liu Mengyu practiced hammer by hammer, and then the elder brother also began to guide her in practice. Liu Mengyu intends to learn assembling when she is good at sheet metal.

The big brother Hu Hansen persuaded her not to think randomly, not to run before she learned how to walk, criticizing her for not being able to even improve the pass rate of parts. Liu Mengyuan complained to Teacher Jiang about Hu Hansen. Teacher Jiang told Liu Mengyuan, don’t think that she is the only one who wants to build the plane steadily. Liu Mengyuan heard what he said. Meng Yuan and Big Brother are rivals that meet each other in a narrow way. Teacher Jiang suggested that Liu Mengyu should secretly work hard to surprise everyone.

When eating in the cafeteria, Teacher Jiang deliberately got close to the big brother. He didn’t understand why he targeted Liu Mengyu so much, and suspected that he had a sense of crisis. The elder brother told Teacher Jiang that he would not have the same knowledge of Liu Mengyu’s little girl, but that Liu Mengyu was too impetuous, and that he would definitely have problems with his work in the future.

The big brother only hopes that Liu Mengyu can settle down and lay a good foundation, don’t keep thinking about other things, and complain that Master shouldn’t hire Liu Mengyu to break the rules. Teacher Jiang asked the senior brother to teach Liu Mengyu all the big tricks, so that the master would not say that he would only work hard and not lead an apprentice.

After returning home, Liu Mengyu had a good chat with her mother. Liu’s mother still did not approve of Liu Mengyu’s entry into the sheet metal industry, and said that she changed career that day and recognized herself as her mother. Liu Mengyu went back to the house and found that the small airplane model his father had given him was missing. Mother Liu said that she threw it in the trash can in the morning, and Liu Mengyu was angry with her mother and scolded her for not respecting herself.

Liu Mengyu was angry to pack her bags and left. Mother Liu let her go out of this house today and never come back. Liu Mengyu asked one last question, what about her small plane, Liu’s mother insisted that it had been thrown away, Liu Mengyu left without looking back, and Liu’s mother was crying anxiously behind.

Liu Mengyu came to Luo Zheng’s house with luggage, and found that there was a stranger in his house who was getting a plane. The strange man mistakenly thought that Liu Mengyu was Luo Zheng’s girlfriend. After Luo Zheng introduced him, Liu Mengyu knew that the strange man was Chong Yibing. Liu Mengyuan looked at Chong Yibing’s airplane model and told him that it was a defective product. When Chong Yibing saw it, she left first, not wanting Liu Mengyu to start a class for herself. I didn’t know that after Luo Zheng explained it, I realized that the plane had two windows less, and Chong Yibing was the youngest captain of Tiannan Airlines.

Luo Zheng saw that Liu Mengyu came to his house with luggage, and knew that Liu Mengyu was mostly quarreling with Aunt Liu. When Liu Mengyu was about to complain that Luo Zheng was not righteous, when she received a call from Liao Xiaoxue, she was very frightened when she heard Xiaoxue’s voice. Liu Mengyu and Luo Zheng rushed over, and it turned out that Liao Xiaoxue had mice in his house and was too scared.

I didn’t know that a big man Luo Zheng was also afraid of mice. Liu Mengyuan shook his head and drove the mice away. As a result, he accidentally found surveillance in the flowerpot and immediately called the police to deal with it. The police found it was a wretched uncle. Liao Xiaoxue and Liu Mengyu came to Luo Zheng’s house to stay. When Liao Xiaoxue saw that Luo Zheng was still working most of the night, she chatted with Luo Zheng.

At work, Xiaoxue Liao, who was in the craft workshop, came to the sheet metal workshop, explaining that the special parts had to be reworked and everyone was very emotional. The big brother also asked Liao Xiaoxue to come up with a specific craft plan. Otherwise, he would just go around in place. Liu Mengyuan was protecting Liao Xiaoxue and planned to do the extra work by himself, but the big brother told Liu Mengyuan that this was not a job that could be done by himself.

When Zhao Xudong happened to pass by, he asked Liao Xiaoxue to leave first, and let the big brother and Liu Mengyu come to the office with him. The big brother and the master complained that Liu Mengyu had turned his elbow away. Liu Mengyu explained that it was all for work. Zhao Xudong understands that both of them must be strong, but they must be strong to the locality. The industrial spirit is the spirit of collaboration, and this is true of any business.

At this time, Mr. Jiang came to say that there was also a problem in the assembly workshop, and the assembly was more difficult, and asked Zhao Xudong how to improve. Zhao Xudong thought that Liu Mengyuan and Hu Hansen were so strong, and he just took this question as today’s examination question, and whoever can answer it will listen to whoever can answer it. After reading the drawings, Hu Hansen’s solution was to dismantle all of them and then reassemble them.

Everyone felt that this was too difficult and it would also delay the construction period. However, Liu Mengyu’s method was simple. He replaced his eyes with a probe, and quickly found the problem, which was praised by everyone. Hu Hansen was very unconvinced, thinking that Liu Mengyu would only be clever and play some tricks. The real kung fu was to rely on competitions, and in front of the whole workshop, he showed the two to meet at the company-wide skill competition.

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