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Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 Episode 15 Recap

At ZGDX base, nursery rhyme and girlfriend Chen Jinyang called to talk about today’s affairs, and the two chatted and laughed for a while. After hanging up the phone, the nursery rhyme was lying boringly flipping through the book, in a very bad mood.

Not long after, Lu Sicheng, who was out, returned to the base and hurriedly went downstairs when he heard the nursery rhyme of the sound of the car. Perhaps he realized his gaffe, and turned around and left after a simple question. At this moment, Lu Sicheng stopped the nursery rhyme and handed the nursery rhyme her favorite octopus balls.

Upon seeing this, the nursery rhyme became happy again. Seeing something to eat, Lu Yue also hurried over, but the eccentric Lu Sicheng did not prepare for his younger brother. Later, through the threats he saw, Lu Yue managed to be late for the small octopus balls from the nursery rhyme. Looking at the appearance of the two, Lu Sicheng’s mouth turned up slightly, darkening up.

Soon, the next game began, and a group of people were watching the replay before going on stage. At this moment, the classic quotations of nursery rhymes when the stomach hurts were released on the big screen of the game. It turned the sky over. The nursery rhyme of faceless and seeing people instantly wanted to find a ground drill, but it was already impossible to change the generals before the battle, so I had to bite the bullet.

At the beginning of the game, the two sides fought back and forth on their respective lines, and they were equally close. Soon, the two sides began to focus on the middle road draft. The FNC team played wild Kun frequently harassing the middle road, the nursery rhyme mentality burst, and one after another was killed. Although it is said that nursery rhymes have been killed one after another online, but other people in ZGDX also took the opportunity to develop. With the help of the victory of the Snake Group, the ZGDX team also directly pushed down the FNC team’s crystal.

At the end of the game, the nursery rhyme with a burst of mentality left, and the group returned to the base to rest. At this moment, FNC jungler Kun knocked on the door and came in. When everyone was puzzled, Kun went straight to the nursery rhyme. Interacting with fans in the live broadcast, seeing this scene, Lu Sicheng, who was upset, stepped forward to stop him. Before leaving, Kun had to leave the WeChat of nursery rhymes. The jealous Lu Sicheng looked at the nursery rhyme coldly, mocked her and left. After the episode, the group returned to their seats to continue discussing strategies.

At the beginning of the next game, Kun continued to target the nursery rhymes, because Lu Sicheng, who had been unhappy with things before, also began to target Kun. Not long after the start, Lu Sicheng immediately dropped Kun by one position. The angry Lu Sicheng became bigger and brave, and soon ZGDX pushed down the FNC base again and won the game.

When the people of ZGDX were about to go back, they just went out and found that Kun had already stood at the door of the bus early and greeted them enthusiastically. Then Kun stubbornly followed the car. After getting on the bus, Kun sat next to the seat of the nursery rhyme. Lu Sicheng and Xiaopang who felt Kun’s intentions switched seats. In the car, Kun sent a message to nursery rhymes on his cell phone. After discovering that Kun wanted to tease him, the nursery rhyme complained to the captain Lu Sicheng. Upon seeing this, Lu Sicheng aggressively announced in Korean that the nursery rhyme was his own woman. Hearing Lu Sicheng’s slightly angry questioning, Kun was dumbfounded, with incredible and aggrieved expressions in his eyes.

During the meal, Kun and Lu Sicheng were chatting about nursery rhymes. Although Kun tried his best, Lu Sicheng refused to let go. Finally, the impatient Lu Sicheng raised his hand to hit Kun. Seeing his brother so domineering and determined, Kun was extremely wronged. The two returned to the dinner table, and the nursery rhyme kindly gave Kun a piece of barbecue, but who knew that Lu Sicheng snatched it, and smiled mockingly at Kun.

The next day, Chen Jinyang invited nursery rhymes to meet in his newly rented hotel. The two chatted happily. At this time, the nursery rhymes were given to Chen Jinyang to listen to Lu Sicheng’s voice. The nursery rhymes that finally understood the meaning were a bit nervous and a little excited. Chen Jinyang also has a heart for gossip.

On this day, Lu Sicheng was taking a bath in the base, and suddenly received a WeChat message from Su Luo. Lu Sicheng questioned Lu Yue with an unhappy expression. Faced with the threat of his brother, Lu Yue explained clearly. After everything was over, Kun launched a love challenge to Lu Sicheng. At the same time, the nursery rhyme also came to question Lu Sicheng’s voice, and Lu Sicheng with a guilty conscience pretended to be domineering and left.

In the evening, Lu Sicheng chatted with the Pope, and the domineering Lu Sicheng would only be subdued in front of the Pope. Facing the pope’s toughness, Lu Sicheng could only endure it. The two chatting back turned their heads from time to time, always feeling that someone was peeking. Then, feeling uncomfortable, they got up and left. At this time, the nursery rhyme hiding in hiding also stood up and prepared to leave.

In the morning, Lu Sicheng, who got up, watched the nursery rhyme’s loving breakfast and was secretly happy. At this time, the nursery rhyme appeared from the corner. Faced with the questioning, Lu Sicheng changed his normal and answered the nursery rhyme question seriously. Sitting down, Lu Sicheng happily ate the breakfast of nursery rhymes, and the two simply chatted.

Before the start of the game, Su Luo came to the scene with a large bouquet of roses. This appearance attracted the attention of many people. This scene was seen by Lu Sicheng, who mistakenly thought that the nursery rhyme was interacting with Kun, and immediately jealous, turning his hand over the nursery rhyme head domineeringly and staring at each other.

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