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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 8 Recap

Zhao Xiaolei asked what Xia Yan did? Only her and Lin Hao’s relationship is enviable among the four of them. What should Lin Hao do now? Xia Yan knew that Xu Chengyi had thoughts about her and still stayed in the company. Is she also tempted by Xu Chengyi? Xia Yan was sad to tell Zhao Xiaolei that she had indeed made a mistake and would bear the consequences. Looking at Xia Yan’s back, Zhao Xiaolei was also sad to tell Ma Xiangnan if she was really speaking hard. She really hoped that Xia Yan would not easily lose her happiness.

Director Xue saw Xia Yan’s leave slip after work and was very angry to ask you what was going on. Youyou said that Xia Yan left right after she went to the company. Xu Chengyi should know if she left together. I don’t know if the two left together. Director Xue became even more angry when she heard that it was too much to leave a request for leave without her approval.

Xu Chengyi asked Lin Hao out to meet him, he was looking for Lin Hao for Xia Yan. Xu Chengyi saw Lin Hao and said that it should be the third time they met. He had seen Lin Hao and Hao Jie together in Beijing before, but he didn’t expect Lin Hao to be Xia Yan’s boyfriend. Lin Hao was a little afraid to ask Xu Chengyi if he had talked to Xia Yan?

Xu Chengyi told Lin Hao that he couldn’t say it himself. So Lin Hao lied that what Xu Chengyi saw was because Hao Jie was drunk. Xu Chengyi told Lin Hao not to lie. Hao Jie said that he divorced because of Lin Hao. He hoped that Lin Hao and Xia Yan would confess to Xia Yan and not to disappoint a good girl. Lin Hao turned his face directly and said that Xu Chengyi was a digging corner. Xu Chengyi turned around and asked how Lin Hao knew he was digging a corner. Did you see him on the balcony yesterday?

Lin Hao was desperately waiting for Xia Yan in the community, and Xia Yan looked guilty when she saw Lin Hao. When Lin Hao saw Xia Yan, he asked if something had happened without answering the phone. Xia Yan told Lin Hao to go home. Lin Hao asked Xia Yan to tell the truth. The male boss I said before always pestered her. Isn’t it Xu Chengyi?

Where did you spend your anniversary night? Xia Yan asked Lin Hao to give herself a few days to answer, but Lin Hao pressed hard to ask if she was with Xu Chengyi that day? Xia Yan asked Lin Hao to listen to her explanation, and Lin Hao insisted that Xia Yan was at fault. Knowing that Xu Chengyi has ulterior motives for her, he still insists on staying in the company to work? Must be tempted by Xu Chengyi.

Xia Yan told Lin Hao that she hadn’t been tempted by anyone except Lin Hao, but Lin Hao didn’t believe it. Xia Yan told Lin Hao that night when he called Lin Hao and sent a message and he didn’t reply, so he drank too much when he was in a bad mood. Lin Hao didn’t want to listen to Xia Yan’s explanation. In fact, Lin Hao knew that Xia Yan was innocent, but he just wanted to find it. Xia Yan’s fault came to the breakup. After Lin Hao walked out of the room, he slapped his mouth with self-blame, calling himself a scumbag.

Xia Yan went to Lin Hao to make things clear, but opened the bag and saw that if it disappeared, she remembered that she went to Lin Hao’s house with Xu Chengyi that day and forgot to unplug it after inserting it into Lin Hao’s door lock. At this time, the aunt facing the door went to Xia Yan and said that Lin Hao took a girl home a few days ago. She didn’t look like her. This made Xia Yan understand that Lin Hao had something to hide from herself.

Jiujin told Zhao Xiaolei that Lin Hao had asked for a long leave and said that he was going home, and several people had contacted Lin Hao’s classmates and friends but had never seen Lin Hao’s figure. Han Shuang told everyone that if you have to find Lin Hao, you must ask why he treats Xia Yan like that. Later, I saw photos of Lin Hao and Hao Jie playing together in Hainan in the circle of friends.

Zhao Xiaolei felt that it should be the assistant who has a good relationship with the boss. She believes that Lin Hao is not that kind of person. But Han Shuang said that Lin Hao is different from before, and now he is eager to be able to approach the rich woman.

At this time Xia Yan went out and asked Zhao Xiaolei to show her her phone. Han Shuang wanted to find Lin Hao to avenge Xia Yan, but Xia Yan asked Han Shuang not to look for him. Zhao Xiaolei blamed Xu Chengyi for the blame.

If he didn’t take Xia Yan to the hotel, he would be fine. At this time, Han Shuang heard that he was uncomfortable. It turned out that they all knew that Xu Chengyi and Xia Yan had opened a room. Don’t be afraid that everyone will treat yourself as a joke. Just now I wanted to vent my anger to Xia Yan, but I didn’t expect that Xia Yan and Xu Chengyi would be a natural pair, and they were clowns. Han Shuang was willing to stab them, but he couldn’t hide everything from her. Han Shuang also cried and left. Ma Xiangnan told everyone to leave Han Shuang alone, just ask her to go out and calm down.

Xiaojun watched Lin Hao go back to the company to pack his things, and told Lin Hao loyally that he would not tell Zhao Xiaolei about them when he went to the new company. Lin Hao should have broken up with Xia Yan long ago. She and Xu Chengyi were unclear. I hope that Lin Hao can take himself to the new company, and he will definitely work hard.

When Xu Chengyi learned from Yoyo that Director Xue did not approve Xia Yan’s vacation, and wanted to expel her, he asked You You to tell Director Xue that Xia Yan’s vacation was approved by him. Youyou told Xu Chengyi to get Xia Yan back. They all miss Xia. Yan.

Xia Yan looked at the photos of Lin Hao with her mobile phone alone and started crying when she thought of the beauty of the past. At this time, Han Shuang stood in front of her holding an umbrella. After listening to Xia Yan telling her the story, I started to feel sorry for Xia Yan, telling Xia Yan not to miss that scumbag. Han Shuang told Xia Yan that nothing happened when she and Xu Chengyi went to the hotel that day, and was teased by Xu Chengyi. Xia Yan told Han Shuang that she knew she was there, and told her that Han Shuang was drunk that day, which surprised Han Shuang, and she didn’t even remember it.

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