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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 7 Recap

Huo Kai took Xiaoling out to play football. Ma Xiangnan told Xiaoling to go back to the ward as soon as he knew it. That would be very dangerous. Then he went to Huo Kai and told him not to be willful in the future. Xiaoling is a bone tumor and can’t be long. Stay outside.

When Xia Yan met Xu Chengyi at work, she mentioned the resignation that she had mentioned before. Now that the work at hand has been completed, she asked Xu Chengyi whether she could keep her promise. But Xu Chengyi said that he had arranged for the personnel department to transfer Xia Yan to the company’s anniversary celebration to help, because when applying for the job, Xia Yan also promised that Xu Chengyi would get involved in various majors in SG, so that everyone would not be dishonest. And immediately the anniversary bonus and the previous bonus will be issued, so Xia Yan will think about it.

After Xia Yan went home, she told Lin Hao that the company would be celebrating its anniversary next Friday, and hoped that he could participate together, but Lin Hao said that he was going to work and could not participate together. Xia Yan told Lin Hao that Ma Shang was about to resign, because Xu Chengyi always said some strange things to herself, which made herself very uneasy. But Lin Hao felt that they should not resign. Their lives are under a lot of pressure, and they have to pay back their loans.

Ma Xiangnan went to Huo Kai’s ward and saw that the person was not there, but there were a pile of music and lyrics on the bed, which made Ma Xiangnan think Huo Kai was very interesting alone.

Xiaoling was suddenly in a critical condition, and Ma Xiangnan hurried to rescue. Huo Kai stood aside and watched the scene in front of her, but she quickly lost her heartbeat. This made Ma Xiangnan very sad and went to the lake to relax with her. Huo Kai looked at Ma Xiangnan’s back and walked into her, took off the earphones and gave Ma Xiangnan a listen. After Huo Kai’s consolation, Ma Xiangnan was in a much better mood.

At the SG reception, Director Xue praised many colleagues for doing a good job and wanted to toast them, except that Xia Yan was not mentioned. Later, Xia Yan called Lin Hao and asked him to accompany him, but no one answered him. Lin Hao watched Xia Yan’s phone call in Hao Jie’s room and was afraid to answer.

Hao Jie told Lin Hao that her company would be established next week, and asked Lin Hao if he could help her in the past. But Lin Hao said that now he is different from before, and Hao Jie said it is different. Now she is divorced. Lin Hao asked Hao Jie not to say that, he was not Hao Jie’s first lover, but Hao Jie said that his previous lover was just acting on the spot, but he was serious about Lin Hao, and Lin Hao agreed with Hao Jie’s point of view. ,

Said that he was serious about her. Xu Chengyi watched Xia Yan drank too much and went to blame her for not being able to drink, and Xia Yan told Xu Chengyi that she had left because the company had Xu Chengyi. Although Xu Chengyi looked like a dog, he was indeed a big bad wolf. Xu Chengyi helped Xia Yan to send home. Director Xue, who was on the side of the scene where the two were together, looked very jealous.

Hao Jie told Lin Hao that he thought they were just for fun, but only after Lin Hao left did he feel that he could not do without him. Lin Hao told Hao Jie that he was going to marry Xia Yan. At this time, Xia Yan knocked on the door and asked Lin Hao to open the door. Lin Hao told Hao Jie to hide, but Hao Jie just refused to listen and asked Lin Hao to be in front of Xia Yan. Just refuse her, so I’m going to open the door.

At this time, Xia Yan and Xu Chengyi said that it was Lin Hao’s home. Xu Chengyi looked at the drunk Xia Yan in front of him and felt that there must be something wrong with Lin Hao’s family, and didn’t want Xia Yan to be injured. At this time, Lin Hao also walked to the door and saw Xu Chengyi and Xia Yan standing in the doorway. Hao Jie also went to see them in the cat’s eyes. He turned back and said to Lin Hao that Xia Yan seemed to be Xia Yan. Lin Hao also encountered the same problem.

Xu Chengyi saw that Xia Yan was already drunk and took her away, while Lin Hao ran to the window to take a peek at Xu Chengyi and Xia Yan. Xu Chengyi stood downstairs and looked back and saw that Lin Hao was peeking at him, and Hao Jie’s car was still parked downstairs, which made him more certain of his previous guess. Later, Lin Hao said that Xia Yan and Xu Chengyi were just colleagues, but Hao Jie said that they are not now, and that will not necessarily be the case in the future. The little girl now sees rich and powerful men who are not indifferent.

Xu Chengyi took Xia Yan to the hotel. The next day Xia Yan woke up and saw that she was in the hotel. However, Xu Chengyi suddenly went in and felt very nervous. Xu Chengyi bought Xia Yan new clothes and asked her to change it. Xia Yan was asked to pay for the fee, and Xia Yan was allowed a day off, and then left.

Xia Yan thought she had been put to sleep by Xu Chengyi and started crying very sadly. Ma Xiangnan watched Xia Yan’s clothes desperate and cooked porridge for her, but Xia Yan was not in the mood to eat, and went to the company to pack her things and leave. At this time Xu Chengyi passed by, and Xia Yan told him that he had asked for leave. This surprised Xu Chengyi, but he didn’t know what to say.

After Xia Yan went back, she told Ma Xiangnan that she had been put to sleep by Xu Chengyi, and Ma Xiangnan would call the police to deal with it, but Xia Yan told Ma Xiangnan not to do that, and now she doesn’t know whether it really happened. Last night Xu Chengyi’s recognition of his work caused him to relax his vigilance, and Ma Xiangnan said that that was Xu Chengyi’s routine.

After Xia Yan and Ma Xiangnan went back, Zhao Xiaolei said unhappy that Xia Yan forgot to take the phone when she went out, and she kept calling and no one answered. The clothes Xia Yan sent for washing yesterday was notified by Xu Chengyi to pick it up.

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