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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 6 Recap

Han Shuang went back and said that Xu Chengyi really gave her a surprise, and asked Xia Yan if she really cared about her or regretted giving Xu Chengyi to her? They are best friends, there is no need to know that Xu Chengyi likes Xia Yan and then pretend not to know, that kind of feeling should be very enjoyable for Xia Yan. Xia Yan was puzzled by what Han Shuang said.

Ma Xiangnan told Han Shuang not to say anything, and told Xia Yan not to think about it. Han Shuang drank too much. Han Shuang told them to leave behind, and then Ma Xiangnan asked Xia Yan to go and chase Han Shuang.

Xu Chengyi recorded everything that Han Shuang said with him, and Mark felt that Xu Chengyi was really good at it. Xu Chengyi said that that person is not his talent. Early the next morning, Xia Yan went to Xu Chengyi and said that his words and deeds had seriously interfered with her life, and Han Shuang would not pester him in the future, hoping that he could only talk with her on official business in the future. But Xu Chengyi did not agree.

There were still many things to discuss between them, so Xia Yan said that she was going to resign. Xu Chengyi told Xia Yan to finish the task at hand before talking about it, but during this period, don’t talk about resignation with anyone.

Director Xue was very unhappy, so he called Xia Yan to the office and said that she was able to transfer early because of her outstanding ability. In the future, Xia Yan will directly accept Director Xue’s management, and she will be responsible for any problems, so Xia Yan You have to go through Director Xue to do everything.

Although Xu Chengyi is the chief operating officer, Director Xue is the direct leader of Xia Yan, and he cannot leapfrog to report problems in the future. Xia Yan knew what Director Xue meant, and said that it was a private matter to find Xu Chengyi just now, but Director Xue was still very upset and couldn’t talk about personal matters during working hours.

Xia Yan bought some cosmetics for Han Shuang as a gift, and then said that she would resign soon, not wanting outsiders to impair the relationship between their sisters. Han Shuang told Xia Yan not to do that. After saying those things before, he regretted it. Xia Yan asked Han Shuang what was the excitement of being with Xu Chengyi that day, but Han Shuang told Xia Yan to stop asking, she didn’t want to mention that.

Hao Jie asked Lin Hao to go out for a drink, saying that he not only lost his marriage, but also had a career and family. Lin Hao thinks that Hao Jie has the ability to work in a company in the city, after all, her contacts and abilities are there. At this time, Hao Jie saw that Xu Chengyi and Mark were also at the bar and greeted him, and then introduced Xu Chengyi and Lin Hao to each other. After Lin Hao heard that Xu Chengyi turned out to be Xia Yan’s boss, he felt a little nervous, so he simply greeted Hao Jie and left the bar.

Xia Yan saw a lipstick in his pocket while packing Lin Hao, but Lin Hao said that she didn’t know who it was. Xia Yan felt that things were not that simple, and asked Lin Hao to explain how to respond. It’s still half of the lipstick. Xia Yan went to Ma Xiangnan and talked about it, feeling a little scared. When I saw the lipstick in Lin Hao’s pocket, I remembered what Xu Chengyi had said about breaking up with Lin Hao.

Ma Xiangnan told Xia Yan not to think too much, but to figure out the matter first and then talk about it. Later, Lin Hao found Xia Yan and said that he was about to die. Now he finally found the owner of the lipstick, the girlfriend of Xiaoqiang’s roommate who rented a house in Beijing before. If Xia Yan doesn’t believe him, he can call Xiaoqiang to confront him, but Xia Yan is not like that. do.

Huo Kai went to the hospital to take a film with his suitcase on his back, and his leg was injured. Ma Xiangnan said that he now needs to be hospitalized for surgery and his family will accompany him, but Huo Kai said that his family are all abroad, and now he is the only one in China. Afterwards, Huo Kai was very active when he was hospitalized in the hospital, always playing piano and singing to the patients. Although Ma Xiangnan felt that it should not be done in the hospital and would affect the rest of other patients, he did not blame Huo Kai.

Mark arranged for his grandfather to go to the hospital to see Ma Xiangnan. Mark told his grandpa to sit in a wheelchair, and then said that he was going to be dying now. He wanted to use emotional drama to move Ma Xiangnan and promised himself. At this time, Han Shuang stood aside and directly exposed their tricks. Grandpa found the script written by Mark for him, which made Grandpa unable to swallow it, got up in the wheelchair and walked away. Han Shuang told Mark not to hit Ma Xiangnan’s idea. People had already left, so don’t bother her in the future.

Xiaojun went to Zhao Xiaolei and asked her why she broke up with Liu Yiming? The family knew that Zhao Xiaolei was going to get married, the wedding wine money was collected, and the relatives knew about it. Now let Zhao Xiaolei go and apologize to Liu Yiming. But Zhao Xiaolei said that Liu Yiming is married, and even if he is not married, he will not be with him anymore. Xiaojun said that Liu Yiming’s conditions are so good, Zhao Xiaolei is really capable.

When Han Shuang heard it, he scolded Xiaojun, saying that his sister had been bullied by others and couldn’t vent her anger, and even ran to her house to show her temper. Xiaojun was kicked out by his sister, and then Han Shuang and Xia Yan chased him out to teach Xiaojun. Now where he has a job, it is because of his sister, but Xiaojun just doesn’t appreciate it, saying that the friends Zhao Xiaolei calls are not good things. . Zhao Xiaolei told them not to be angry, and apologized to Xiaojun for what he said.

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