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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 5 Recap

Hao Jie went to Lin Hao’s office to see him, Xiao Jun felt that he shouldn’t stay there and took the initiative to go out. After that, Hao Jie asked Lin Hao to use the best office equipment. It seemed that Hao Jie had a good impression of Lin Hao and always had some jealousy about the relationship between Lin Hao and Xia Yan. He told Lin Hao not to do Hao for Xia Yan.

Jie’s favorite braised prawns with oil, and Lin Hao also promised that Hao Jie would not cook it for Xia Yan. It was just a fond memory between him and Hao Jie. The two seem to have an unusual relationship, but they are restraining each other from letting their relationship go one step further. After the two negotiated business affairs, Hao Jie told Lin Hao that she was divorced and could meet Lin Hao at any time in the future.

Xu Chengyi asked Xia Yan why he reduced the previous 50 talents to 30? Xia Yan analyzed Xu Chengyi and felt that thirty is enough. Xu Chengyi felt that it was Xia Yan digging a hole for herself, but she thought she could do it according to her own ideas. However, Xu Chengyi has always maintained an attitude of admiring Xia Yan, and seems to like Xia Yan very much, and all aspects intend to protect her.

Zhao Xiaolei met her blind date again in the library. He felt that the book bar environment he introduced was really good. After that, the uncle took Zhao Xiaolei to the other side and said that the stationery was made by the boss himself. Zhao Xiaolei liked it very much after seeing it. They are all creative and characteristic. Looking at the stationery, I had a lot of emotions about life. After that, the uncle felt that Zhao Xiaolei was still very interesting in life, and he recognized Zhao Xiaolei’s words very much.

After that, he said that he opened the book, and gave Zhao Xiaolei a card, and all the books there were discounted. Because Zhao Xiaolei had a deep impression on the uncle after the last blind date, the uncle was inspired by Zhao Xiaolei’s temperament, and he wanted to operate the book bar based on Zhao Xiaolei’s temperament. Because Zhao Xiaolei helped the uncle inadvertently, it was not an exaggeration to give her a discount card, and Zhao Xiaolei accepted it after hearing this.

Han Shuang was called by Xia Yan to say that the company was going to eliminate 20 talents, and Han Shuang was one of them, which made Han Shuang very uncomfortable. She went to help Xia Yan at first, but Xia Yan told Han Shuang they The company asked Han Shuang to release the number of videos in a month. Han Shuang is already a very mature Internet celebrity. There is no need to compete with those newcomers.

Signing with their company is a kind of restraint. At this time, Miss Cai also went to Xia Yan and asked why she was eliminated? Back then, Xia Yan asked her, and Ms. Cai did not violate the regulations in all aspects and did so in accordance with the company’s requirements. When I looked back and saw Han Shuang, she said that she had a nepotism with Xia Yan before she was left. This made Han Shuang anxious and told Ms.

Cai that she had been eliminated by the company, so she picked up a pen and signed it to Cai. Miss look. Xia Yan told Miss Cai that she didn’t know the list, and Xia Yan didn’t eliminate Miss Cai and asked her to go back first. Later, Director Xue said that Ms. Cai was eliminated by her, and she eliminated her because of her efforts. Although Han Shuang didn’t work hard, it was very popular just to post a few videos. That was the talent their company needed. It should be said that Han Shuang had signed and left. Director Xue blamed Xia Yan for considering the company’s interests.

I need to go back and tell Han Shuang that her beauty plan doesn’t seem to be very useful to Xu Chengyi, and Han Shuang said if Xia Yan is also interesting to Xu Chengyi, Xia Yan asked Han Shuang not to talk nonsense, she is the one who has the master of the plum blossoms. . I had offended him when I saw Xu Chengyi before, and now I still feel a sense of shock when I see Xu Chengyi. Choosing to ask them who made Xia Yan so scared, Ma Xiangnan told Zhao Xiaolei that Xia Yan’s boss was. Xia Yan asked Han Shuang to attend her graduation party for the last time. Although Han Shuang said he didn’t want to, he still wanted to go to the party to meet Xu Chengyi.

Several girlfriends went to the party with Xia Yan. When Han Shuang saw Xu Chengyi, he told his girlfriends that he would go to say hello to him, but Xu Chengyi watched Han Shuang pass by and asked Mark to behave, so Mark went on. Qian and Han Shuang introduced themselves. After the two had a drink, Han Shuang was about to leave, but Mark insisted on keeping Han Shuang not to let her go to Xu Chengyi. Han Shuang became a little anxious and told Mark to leave quickly. Shi Ma Xiangnan passed by and introduced the two of them.

Han Shuang took the opportunity to leave to find Xu Chengyi, but it was time for Xu Chengyi to come on stage to give a speech to the employees, and Han Shuang came to nothing. After that, the host asked everyone to use their mobile phones to send messages to the NetEase cloud backstage, and see who had the highest level to be able to perform with Xu Chengyi on stage. Director Xue was looking forward to a performance with Xu Chengyi. Unexpectedly, Xia Yan and Xu Chengyi were tied for first place in the group, which made Director Xue very unhappy.

After Xia Yan came to the stage, he said that he was not good at singing, so Xu Chengyi said that he knew that Xia Yan could play the piano and asked Xia Yan to play the piano. Xu Chengyi’s singing was very affectionate. The SG staff in the audience were all moved and infected by Xu Chengyi’s singing. Many girls said that it would be great if they could be on the same stage with Xu Chengyi, but everyone said Xu Chengyi was Director Xue’s food, but they were unmovable.

After Xu Chengyi and Xia Yan finished singing, Xu Chengyi introduced to everyone that Xia Yan is a new employee of their SG, but he will be a full-time employee after today, and he will become a regular employee in advance. This made the people in the audience very envious, and Director Xue was very surprised when he heard this, turned around and left the scene with an ugly expression.

After stepping down, Xu Chengyi was very gentleman and took Xia Yan’s hand to step down, but Xia Yan felt that it would be misunderstood, but Xu Chengyi disapproved and thought it was nothing. So Xia Yan said that she already had a boyfriend and was about to get married, but Xu Chengyi asked Xia Yan to break up. That person was not worthy of Xia Yan, which made Xia Yan very puzzled, and told Xu Chengyi to listen to it. The story of wheat ears. At this time, Han Shuang watched them talking very ambiguously and walked over, asking Xu Chengyi to have a chat with himself, Xia Yan took the opportunity to walk away.

Zhao Xiaolei and Ma Xiangnan went to Xia Yan and asked her what she was talking with Xu Chengyi just now. Xia Yan said Xu Chengyi told herself to break up with Lin. The two felt that Xu Chengyi was too much. They should tell Senior Lin Hao about that. Maybe Lin Hao can help. Idea.

Han Shuang told Xu Chengyi about his personality, and felt that they were all superficially strong, but they all wore a mask. Xu Chengyi said that Han Shuang’s analysis was very good and he knew men well, but Han Shuang felt that Xu Chengyi also knew women very well, so Han Shuang said that he would get Xu Chengyi drunk. Xu Chengyi looked forward to Han Shuang and said that he was also looking forward to it. Later, Xia Yan and the others were very anxious when they saw that Han Shuang and Xu Chengyi had disappeared. After that, Han Shuang sent a message to Xia Yan that Xu Chengyi had been taken away to open the house, and they hurried to find Han Shuang. Then he sent a message that Xu Chengyi was gone.

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