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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 34 Recap

When Cheng Jianye returned home, she found Cheng Xin was sitting in the living room alone without turning on the lights. Cheng Xin asked why Cheng Jianye came back so late, and asked what was the relationship between Cheng Jianye and Yao Jiaren. Cheng Jianye wanted to explain, but Cheng Xin interrupted him and said Yao Jiaren was himself.

She can’t accept the relationship between Cheng Jianye and Yao Jiaren. Cheng Jianye said that his feelings for Yao Jiaren are those of Cheng Xin. The relationship between him and Yao Jiaren is now friends, and will only be friends in the future. He doesn’t have anything in his heart. Everything can be compared to Cheng Xin, and Cheng Xin will stop now.

The next day Cheng Xin woke up early and called Cheng Jianye to run and exercise. What did she think that Cheng Jianye’s physical strength was much better than her, leaving her far behind. When Cheng Jianye went to work, he received news from Yao Jiaren. Yao Jiaren said that she understood Cheng Jianye. In the meantime, when asked if he could be friends with Cheng Jianye in the future, Cheng Jianye agreed.

Hongshuo’s general manager Sun watched Yao Jiaren’s show and was very interested in Yao Jiaren. He learned that Yang Chenguang and Yao Jiaren were alumni, so he asked Yang Chenguang to contact Yao Jiaren. Yang Chenguang asked Yao Jiaren to leave a way for herself. Yao Jiaren was moved by this. Hongshuo chatted with Mr. Sun Yang Chenguang. Mr. Sun tried his best to tout Yao Jiaren, saying that they were going to tailor a beauty show for her and praise her. Yao Jiaren was a little moved, so he replied that he would consider it. Yao Jiaren told Cheng Jianye about Hongshuo’s cooperation with him. He wanted to hear his opinion.

Cheng Jianye heard that it was a Hongda project, and his face was a bit bad. He said that he and Mr. Sun have known each other for more than ten years, but they have never had any business dealings. He felt that Mr. Sun had no rules in doing things. Yao Jiaren decided to reject Hongda as soon as he heard it. Mr. Sun must know her relationship with the Cheng Group, and he kept saying that he wanted to support himself. Who knows what Mr. Sun is making. , Yao Jiaren decided to do a talk show on a down-to-earth basis.

Lin Man called Zheng Gan to attend the commercial cocktail party. Zheng Gan thought for a while and decided to let Kong Hao attend it for himself. Lin Man was disappointed to see that Zheng Gan hadn’t come, so he wanted to continue attending the cocktail party. After leaving the venue with Kong Hao. Ready to drive Kong Hao back.

On the way back, Lin Man asked Kong Hao if Zheng Gan was really busy. She felt that because she had affected Zheng Gancheng’s feelings, Zheng Gancai avoided herself and said that Lin Man had taken the gift in the back seat. Kong Hao then remembered that tomorrow is Zheng Qian’s birthday. Kong Hao saw that Lin Man was in a bad mood, so he took her to a nearby park to relax. He kindly persuaded Lin Man to let go and not to struggle in a fruitless relationship. He asked Lin Man to give the gift to him. Zheng Qian was treated as a ritual of letting go.

After returning to daydreaming, Kong Hao and Mo Xiaobao presented Zheng Qian with a birthday cake, but Zheng Qian was unhappy. Because Cheng Xin had trouble with Cheng Xin, Cheng Xin did not give her a blessing, Kong Hao asked Zheng Qian to take the initiative. One point, Cheng Xin was invited to come to the birthday party tomorrow afternoon. Zheng Qian sent a WeChat message. Cheng Xin didn’t want to appear too active, so she deliberately left the message without replying. Kong Hao couldn’t help calling Cheng Xin directly. Cheng Xin pretended to be reserved.

Fan, only then agreed to go to the birthday party. Cheng Xin and Meng Xixi deliberately did some styling before going to the party in daydreaming. Cheng Xin planned to take advantage of the chance to reconcile with Zheng Qian, and decided to take care of Zheng Qian’s family law after the reconciliation. The daydreamers finally waited until Cheng Xin and the others arrived, and they deliberately let them sit together, Kong Hao and Mo Xiaobao began to help Zheng Gan again.

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