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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 33 Recap

Zheng Gan himself had no opinion, but he wanted to discuss with Kong Hao and Mo Xiaobao. Although Mo Xiaobao was sad, he wanted to realize his wish for Meng Xixi, so he agreed to help Meng Xixi hold a wedding. Meng Xixi also planned to ask Yao Jiaren and Cheng Xin to talk about this separately. In the evening, President Liu suddenly came downstairs at Yang Chenguang’s house and called Yang Chenguang to come out. Yang Chenguang tricked Mengxi into saying that he was going back to the company and working overtime and left.

Mengxie made an appointment with Cheng Xin, saying that he was going to marry Yang Chenguang, and asked Cheng Xin and Zheng Gan if they were still stunned, saying that their bridesmaid and best man could not have a temper at the wedding, and Cheng Xin wanted to be the frustrated bridesmaid. , So he said that he could hold back for the sake of frustration, and when she saw it, she asked Cheng Xin to go to the Daydream Studio to help herself as an overseer to see how the wedding scene was set up.

Cheng Xin went to the studio supervisor. She deliberately found faults on the spot, but she couldn’t say anything about Zheng Gan. The two of them were talking and arguing again. Kong Hao watched the excitement and wanted to strike the iron while the iron was hot to match the two, but made a mistake The words made Cheng Xin more and more angry.

Mo Xiaobao couldn’t stand it anymore, so the two of them stopped arguing and arranged the wedding scene properly. Seeing that Mo Xiaobao was a little angry, the two stopped quarreling. Mo Xiaobao heard Cheng Xin say that Meng Xixi wanted to use a flower wall to decorate the welcome card, so he called someone to decorate the flower wall overnight.

After Cheng Xin left, Meng Xixi made an appointment with Yao Jiaren. Yao Jiaren was worried that going to the wedding would cause Kong Hao and Cheng Xin’s dissatisfaction, so she didn’t plan to go to the wedding scene. Yao Jiaren also dragged Mengxi around the jewelry store and gave Mengxi a pick. A bracelet is used as a wedding gift. Kong Hao went home after setting up the wedding scene for Meng Xixi. Mother Kong was very happy to see Kong Hao coming home, and she took a picture of the girl to give Kong Hao a blind date. Kong Hao was very upset, saying that he just broke up and didn’t want to think about it, Kong.

The mother got angry and talked about Yao Jiaren. Kong Hao listened more and more annoyed. He accused Kong mother and said that if it were not for herself and Yao Jiaren, she would not break up. Confucius hurried to persuade them when they were arguing. , Asked Kong Hao if he saw the girl he introduced, Kong Hao resolutely refused, Kong’s mother threatened not to give Kong Hao pocket money in the future, Kong Hao angered that he would earn money and spend it on his own in the future.

On the second day of the wedding, Mengxi pulled the process heart, and patiently persuaded Cheng Xin to be patient and have a good chat with Zheng Gan, and make things clear. When Mengxixi talked with Cheng Xin, Mr. Liu came to the door again. After Mengxi tried to persuade Cheng Xin, Cheng Xin wanted to have a good talk with Zheng Gan, but when he saw that Zheng Gan was close to Lin Man again, he became angry again. Yang Chenguang went to see Mr. Liu and said that he was going to get married soon. Mr. Liu and himself were in the past. Mr. Liu gave Yang Chenguang a red envelope to open it when he reminded him of himself. After Yang Chenguang took the red envelope, he hurried back to start the wedding.

After the wedding, Yang Chenguang and Meng Xixi began to toast to the guests. Yang Chenguang confessed to Lin Man and Chu Yunfei. Cheng Xin used the topic to get angry at Lin Man and provoke Lin Man. Zheng Gan didn’t want Cheng Xin to embarrass Lin Man in public. He stepped forward to block the wine for Lin Man.

Cheng Xin became more angry and wanted to fight Zheng Gan for a drink. Chu Yunfei couldn’t stand it, so he blocked the wine for Cheng Xin. The atmosphere was very embarrassing, and Meng Xixi quickly came forward to ease the atmosphere. In the evening, after Yang Chenguang went home, he opened the red envelope given by Mr. Liu and found that there was a room card in the red envelope, so Yang Chenguang hurriedly hid it.

After the talk show went live, the click rate was very good. Zheng Qian also praised Yao Jiaren at the meeting. After Yao Jiaren went back, he called Cheng Jianye and said that he would invite him to dinner and celebrate. Cheng Xin watched Yao Jiaren’s program and saw the section where Yao Jiaren said about his girlfriends. She felt a little soft when she remembered that the two had been better.

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