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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 43 End Recap

Towards the evening, Lin Nansheng went to the Shenji grocery store alone. When he and Meng Annan met for the first time, they were already at war. Meng Annan raised the pistol at the fastest speed. Just about to take the next step, Zhu Yizhen hurried downstairs. When she heard the news of Ji Zhongyuan’s sacrifice, her face became pale, especially when she heard Lin Nansheng’s self-destructive identity, her eyes were full of disbelief. .

Lin Nansheng took the initiative to explain his intentions, hoping to pass the war incident report through Zhu Yizhen’s radio, and even willing to hand over the gun in order to dispel her suspicion, representing that he did not have any conspiracy or maliciousness. Zhu Yizhen promised to call her superiors to check the authenticity of the information. Lin Nansheng personally wrote the content. Taking advantage of her time to send the report, she simply looked around and accidentally saw a wedding photo hanging on the wall.

Meng Annan kept a close eye on Lin Nansheng throughout the whole process and did not slacken for a moment. As time passed slowly, he finally waited for a reply from the Intelligence Department of the North China Bureau, thus confirming Lin Nansheng’s true identity. At the moment when Zhu Yizhen copied the text, there was an urge to tears in her eyes. She looked at the two lines and was silent for a long time before telling Meng Annan to put down the gun and let him go to the first floor.

However, as soon as Meng Annan left, Zhu Yizhen immediately locked the door and took the matchbox from Lin Nansheng, which contained a battle plan about the battle of Xu Bang. In fact, Zhu Yizhen had already doubted Meng Annan a long time ago, but there was no evidence until Lin Nansheng found the watch and finally understood why Ji Zhongyuan was betrayed.

At the same time, Meng Annan called to inform Wang Shian of the arrest. Just after hanging up the phone, Lin Nansheng was already standing behind him, took out his watch without hesitation, and revealed that he was an undercover agent sent by Chen Moqun to the Communist Party. Meng Annan stopped looking for reasons to quibble, and rushed to Lin Nansheng in an instant. Both wanted to control each other by force, and they were all messed up and beaten up and down for a while.

Hearing loud noises coming from downstairs, Zhu Yizhen tried to stabilize her mind, and took the opportunity to send the telegram to the organization. At the same time, she admitted that because of her fault, Ji Zhongyuan had sacrificed and the Shanghai site suffered heavy losses, so she applied for punishment. Due to Meng Annan’s fierce resistance, Lin Nansheng had to kill the killer. Just as he and Zhu Yizhen were preparing to escape, the police had deployed control around the shop.

With Wang Shian’s arrival, the shop was empty. Lin Nansheng led Zhu Yizhen to evacuate from the rooftop vent, and happened to be surrounded by Wang Shian at the corner of the alley. Lin Nansheng and Zhu Yizhen got into the car under the rain of bullets and rushed out of the siege, avoiding the firepower of the KMT secret agents all the way.

Because of the large number of people on the other side and the blown out of the car’s tires, Lin Nansheng wanted to cover Zhu Yizhen to go first. However, Zhu Yizhen used her life to protect Lin Nansheng’s safety. At the moment of the moment, Lin Nansheng jumped into the water with Zhu Yizhen in his arms. He should have hugged him tightly, but countless bullets came in, completely dispersing the two of them.

Fortunately, Lin Nansheng was rescued by Fu Fu, the ship’s chief, and has since stayed in Xietang Town to recover from his injuries. During the period, he repeatedly inquired about Zhu Yizhen’s whereabouts, but there was no news. In the days that followed, Lin Nansheng went to Chunhui Primary School to teach and educate people and became the most popular music teacher in the local area until the early spring of 1949. In this ordinary day, no hundreds of people gathered on both sides of the street to warmly welcome the PLA. ‘s arrival

The red flag floated over the end of the plain weaving like a water net, and the radio broadcasted the good news of the liberation of all parts of the country. Lin Nansheng was very excited and soon contacted his superiors to formally return to the army. According to the instructions that Lao Zhang received, the Communist Party was ready to attack Shanghai. Lin Nansheng urgently asked Lao Zhang about Zhu Yizhen, and urged the organization not to give up searching, even if it was disappointed every time.

Soon after Shanghai was liberated, Lin Nansheng would also leave Xietang Town and set off to report to the East China Bureau. Before leaving, Lin Nansheng sat in the classroom lonely, thinking about his journey along the way, as if seeing Zhu Yizhen playing the piano in the sunset, she couldn’t help crying, like a helpless child.

When Lin Nansheng calmed down, tidyed up his clothes and walked outside, he suddenly heard a familiar voice behind him, and looked back, from shock to excitement, to tears of joy. At the door of the Chunhui Primary School, Lin Nansheng and Zhu Yizhen led the children to sing a farewell song. The two took pictures in front of the camera, leaving a piece of eternal memory.

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