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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 4 Recap

Lin Jin accompanied Bai Jing to the hospital for a pregnancy check. Along the way, Lin Jin persuaded Bai Jing to be a volunteer. Bai Jing didn’t want to listen to his nagging, so she deliberately shouted that her stomach hurts and told Lin Jin to shut up. Frightened, let Bai Jing stop scaring herself with the child’s affairs. After Bai Jing’s check-up, Lin Jin frowned when seeing the doctor’s report. Fortunately, the inspection indicators were normal, and many indicators were better than last time.

Bai Jing asked the doctor if she could do some service work in the community with her current situation. The doctor told Bai Jing with certainty that it would not affect her, but don’t make violent and dangerous moves, and what else should be done. She also told Bai Jing that as long as the pregnant woman is in a positive mood, it is good for the fetus, and that it is better to keep a good mood and not to be too tired.

Bai Jing was so happy when she heard that, but Lin Jin was still uneasy and asked the doctor if Bai Jing had been in contact with cats and dogs. The doctor made it clear that if it is a stray cat or dog, they have to check for Toxoplasma gondii, and tell Bai Jing that there are stray cats and dogs in each community now, and they should still avoid contact. Bai Jing is calling and asking He Fenfang to find Ma Kun to find out the epidemic prevention disciplines for stray cats and dogs in the community.

Now that there are many stray cats and dogs in the activity room, you have to prepare for work in advance and go to the pet hospital for a while to ask if you can be a group Make up the vaccine. Lin Jin, who got the report, was very happy to see that the inspection report was negative, but immediately became unhappy when he heard that Bai Jing was going to the pet hospital. Lin Jin felt that Bai Jing regarded being a volunteer more than the children in their stomachs. He was a little angry but worried about Bai Jing.

Bai Jing lay on the sofa and asked Wen Jing who was mopping the floor. Wen Jing complained that when the child landed, Bai Jing He Linjin would have to soak in the child’s diapers. Wen Jing also thinks that Bai Jing is now a volunteer now, it is not the best time, and Lin Jin is relatively cautious in this matter. Bai Jing admits that Lin Jin is more rational than her when it comes to being a volunteer, but she has a particularly strong sense of mission after pregnancy, that is, she wants to do something for the baby in her belly. Wen Jing advised Bai Jing that people who are pregnant are like this.

They feel that the world is not good enough for the little angel in the belly. After pregnancy, mood fluctuates more or less easily, but there are so many people and so many things in the community, Bai Jing, you can Changing Uncle Jiang can still change the ocean. As soon as the voice ended, Wen Jing received an appointment call to pick up customers at the airport, so she asked Bai Jing to help pick up her son Zhao Jincheng from school in the afternoon.

When Bai Jing drove to the school to wait for Zhao Jincheng, she unexpectedly saw Uncle Jiang looking forward to the school gate. When she was surprised, Zhao Jincheng appeared, wondering who Bai Jing was looking at, and followed Bai Jing’s eyes. Zhao Jincheng also knew Uncle Jiang. Bai Jing asked him if he knew who Uncle Jiang was coming to pick up. He suddenly remembered that he heard Wen Jing call before, guessing that Uncle Jiang was mostly looking for his grandson Jiang Xiaopan, who had just returned from abroad.

In the car back, Bai Jing felt Zhao Jincheng a little unhappy, and Zhao Jincheng told that she didn’t want to practice piano. Bai Jing thinks that if Zhao Jincheng really doesn’t want to practice piano, she should tell her mother. Zhao Jincheng was very depressed and didn’t want to waste his mother’s money, but his mother said that the competition in the future would be fierce and he should not lose at the starting line.

As soon as she entered the community, Bai Jing saw the police car approaching and headed towards the community activity room, and quickly told Zhao Jincheng to get off the car and rush over. Ma Kun told Officer Luo and the others that cats, cats and dogs are really not stray cats, they are fostered by their owners. Officer Luo comforted Ma Kun not to be too excited, they also came to understand the situation first.

The police feel that these dogs have been abandoned for a long time without annual inspection, which is equivalent to stray dogs. Ma Kun asked the police officer to give himself another month to deal with these cats and dogs. When Bai Jing came to the activity room, Officer Luo quickly explained about the cats and dogs. Officer Luo asked Bai Jing about the situation. Are these dogs in foster care? Bai Jing told Officer Luo that he was right, and now the cats and dogs are managed uniformly. It is also to help these cats and dogs find adopters, so that they will not be abandoned.

This is not also to reduce the trouble and burden for the police. Officer Luo told Bai Jing that they came this time because someone made a video report and said that this kind of thing is indeed difficult. Cheng Cheng wants to adopt and abandon the dog so that the dog will not become a stray dog. Bai Jing believes that since everyone has the same goal, they should work together to prevent the epidemic. If they say that their volunteers will not be able to solve the problem of abandoning the dog. ,

When the time comes, the functional departments will step in and treat these abandoned dogs as stray dogs. Officer Luo praised her for a great change. Zhao Jincheng told Bai Jing that he wanted to raise a dog, but his mother wouldn’t let it. Bai Jing thinks that whether it is practicing piano or adopting a puppy, she persuades Zhao Jincheng to tell her mother seriously that her mother will listen and believe that she also believes in her. Cheng Cheng told Wen Jing about raising a puppy, but Wen Jing firmly opposed Zhao Jincheng’s raising a puppy.

At the same time, she also said that Bai Jing not only encourages Cheng Cheng not to practice piano, but also encourages Cheng Cheng to raise a dog. Children should not be too indulgent. Quietly complaining about Bai Jing, I have been taking care of me for seven years. At this time, there was a quarrel on the basketball court, and the angry Wen Jing directly shouted to keep her voice quiet. Bai Jing saw that it was He Fenfang and He Miaoyun’s mother and daughter, and went downstairs to find them.

He Miaoyun ran away holding the basketball when she saw it. Bai Jing told He Fenfang that she would cut off pocket money if she was in charge of the child. He Fenfang told Bai Jing that He Miaoyun’s rebellious period began at the age of twelve, and she didn’t have any trouble with her. After speaking, the two followed He Miaoyun secretly. Bai Jing asked He Fenfang when the relationship between the two mothers and daughters became like this. He Fenfang told Bai Jing that her husband had left early and ignored He Miaoyun somewhat, so He Miaoyun inevitably blamed herself.

He Fenfang and Bai Jing Secretly following, he found that He Miaoyun was not heading to his home. It didn’t take long to find that He Miaoyun was looking for her boyfriend Gao Hong. The two of them were worried that they would be discovered and hurriedly hid behind the car. However, Gao Hong immediately sent He Miaoyun home, and Bai Jing also advised He Fenfang not to worry. Sister He told Bai Jing that as a volunteer, she wanted to understand it in her heart.

In addition, she also asked Bai Jing to help persuade He Miaoyun to find a decent job. Don’t think about making videos and becoming an internet celebrity all day. . At night, Bai Jing asked Lin Jin how to solve the stray cats and dogs in the community using technology. Lin Jin told Bai Jing to use 5g technology to solve the stray cats and dogs. Lin Jin talked about it and told Bai Jing that he wanted to make the community progress. It had to rely on technology. Bai Jing told Lin Jin that she really admired him. Bai Jing searched the Internet for videos taken by He Miaoyun.

The next day, Bai Jing found He Miaoyun, and He Miaoyun also guessed that He Fenfang made her a lobbyist. He planned to let Bai Jing go through the process with him and just explain it to He Fenfang. As a veteran Internet practitioner, Bai Jing pointed out that the videos He Miaoyun made are messy, and He Miaoyun must admit that the videos she is making now have no traffic. However, Bai Jing has a way that He Miaoyun can not only gain followers, but also help the community solve problems. Maybe He can treat her differently. The key is whether she is willing to take videos as she said.

Wen Jing caught a cold. Zhao Jincheng was especially sensible and helped her mother make a cold medicine. Looking at her sensible son, Wen Jing was particularly moved. Soon after Bai Jing came to the door, she took the initiative to ask Wen Jing to take Didi orders and pick up Zhao Jincheng by herself, as an apology. Wen Jing thought it was okay when she heard it, but she always felt that there was a conspiracy in it. Bai Jing made it clear that there was no conspiracy, but there was a conspiracy, and she would tell Wen Jing at night.

Bai Jing drove Zhao Jincheng to school and asked about Jiang Xiaopan in his class. When Bai Jing heard that Zhao Jincheng and Jiang Xiaopang had a good relationship, she decided to leave the puppy in the volunteer room so that Zhao Jincheng would be after school every day You can go and see it as the puppy he adopted, but in exchange, he has to bring Jiang Xiaopan to the community room to play with the puppy. Zhao Jincheng especially wanted to raise a puppy, so naturally he did not hesitate at all, and readily agreed to bring Jiang Xiaopan to the community room after school.

He Miaoyun went to the stadium to do interviews, and many people confided their feelings very truthfully. Grandma Xu’s grandson recognized He Miaoyun and planned to use her video to talk to her grandma. Bai Jing asked volunteers to have a meeting to discuss the issue of parenting, but the volunteers had opinions, pointing out that the elevator maintenance fund had not been resolved yet, and that they had to be resolved one by one.

Bai Jing felt that since the maintenance fund could not be collected, other problems should be solved first. If more problems were solved, the owner would naturally be able to sign a consent form. There must be a circuitous route to solve the problem. Bai Jing learned that most of the children in the community go to Xiangyang Elementary School and arranged for other volunteers to coordinate investigations. However, everyone felt that Bai Jing regarded herself as a subordinate, so everyone refused to go to the site for various reasons. go alone.

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