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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 3 Recap

Bai Jing came to Ma Kun’s house and said that she wanted to talk to her about something. As soon as she entered the house, she found that Ma Kun’s house was full of dogs. Ma Kun told Bai Jing that she was really not a stray dog, but an abandoned dog. All the dogs are certified. When they first arrived, they said that there was something at home.

They came to pick them up after a while, but they didn’t come to pick them up. When they arrived, some said there were pregnant women at home, some said they were moving, and some said they didn’t want to raise them but were embarrassed to say. Ma Kun told Bai Jing that after she became a volunteer, she was responsible for raising dogs in a civilized manner. Later, everyone knew that she liked small animals and was softhearted, and it gradually became the current situation. Bai Jing told Ma Kun that this kind of behavior was an act of overwhelming love and drowned herself.

At the same time, she proposed to move the dog to the volunteer activity center, and then contacted the stray dog ​​service center to get neutered. Ma Zong listened. Some are anxious, indicating that these dogs are not stray dogs, and they are not worthy of being owners if they are abandoned. Bai Jing told Ma Kun that the overflow of love cannot solve the problem. The heart can be soft, but the hands cannot be soft. There must be a rule for ocher.

All the dogs were sent to the service center. Ma Kun was accidentally bitten by the dog. Bai Jing immediately took Ma Kun to get a rabies vaccine. Just as Lin Jin was driving, Bai Jing asked Lin Jin to send Ma Kun to the hospital. Because Lin Jin was pregnant, she was especially afraid that Bai Jing would be infected.

At night, Lin Jin put on children’s toys again, and Bai Jing was still talking about dogs, so Lin Jin didn’t want to pay attention to her. Bai Jing saw Lin Jin’s thoughts and tried to argue with him again. Lin Jin said that she would rather be despised by Bai Jing, and would also give a short report to Bai Jing’s parents, so that Bai Jing could settle down. Take care of those abandoning dogs.

Square Dance Aunt Xu dominated the court with a basketball. He Miaoyun saw it and was so angry that Bai Jing came to the scene to try to mediate. Aunt Xu said that Friday was stipulated to play basketball during this time period, but did not say They can’t play basketball. He Miaoyun and the others felt that the aunts were rascals.

When the aunt heard that He Miaoyun wanted to play an online celebrity and posted the video online, he suffered too many verbal attacks. Bai Jing immediately calmed down and said that she asked He Miaoyun to delete the video. Bai Jing’s mediation did not play a big role. The two groups smashed basketballs on each other. As a result, the basketballs should not be smashed on Bai Jing’s nose. A lot of nosebleeds. Ma Kun came over and called, saying that something was wrong with Uncle Jiang. Bai Jing immediately followed and left as soon as he heard it, and asked He Miaoyun, Aunt Xu and others to wait for her.

Uncle Jiang interrupted the trailer and clamored that he had to tow himself away if he wanted to tow, and then he stood in front of his son’s car. Uncle Jiang was sent to the Public Security Bureau because of the assault. After understanding the situation, Police Officer Luo told Bai Jing that today’s matter was Uncle Jiang’s army, but it is not easy to deal with whether it is right or wrong.

It is recommended that you adjust yourself first. Coincidentally, He Fenfang arrived and immediately took over the work of mediation. Lin Jin rushed to the Public Security Bureau and found that Bai Jing’s nose was bleeding, and she instantly became angry, saying that today’s affairs must be reported to her parents. Bai Jing said that she volunteered just to make the baby grow up in a better environment. He felt that Lin Jin couldn’t understand the heart of a new mother. Lin Jin was also uncomfortable.

He just hoped that Bai Jing would not have another accident. The two had a violent temper, and Bai Jing was also upset. When parents called, Lin Jin concealed the busy work of being a volunteer for Bai Jing, reporting good news but not worrying. When Lin Jin hung up, Bai Jing sincerely expressed his gratitude to Lin Jin. Lin Jin clearly told Bai Jing that this was the last time he had lied for Bai Jing against his will. Let’s not take it as an example. This made Bai Jing feel warm.

He Miaoyun carried a big bag and tricked He Fenfang into going out to play basketball. He Fenfang was also a monkey spirit, so he took out a Hanfu from her bag and complained that He Miaoyun didn’t work well or play basketball. He Miaoyun told He Fenfang that his fans like to play basketball in Hanfu by themselves, and filming videos by themselves is a good job. He Fenfang asked He Miaoyun to delete the last video, but He Miaoyun was unwilling.

Bai Jing took a taxi and happened to hit Wen Jing’s Didi taxi. Bai Jing told Wen Jing that she had a friend who engages in online education and could recommend Wen Jing to work there, but Wen Jing told Bai Jing that she didn’t need it. There was nothing wrong with the Didi driver. . When Bai Jing heard this, she cried, feeling that she was particularly wronged, saying that she was kind, and she just wanted to do things well. Wen Jing immediately comforted Bai Jing, but didn’t take back the evaluation of her just now. Wen Jing suggested that Bai Jing first listen to people’s words when dealing with everything.

Bai Jing met her former colleague Ke Yu strictly, saying that many people were very disappointed in the company, the loopholes were closed, and she did not invite Bai Jing to go back. Simply the big guys resigned together and told Bai Jing that sometimes they ignored others too much. Feel. After hearing silence, Bai Jing immediately apologized to Ke Yu sincerely. Ke Yu told Bai Jing that the person who had resigned made a joint statement.

Now netizens are supporting Bai Jing. In the future, Bai Jing does not need to wear a mask to go out. As the operator of the game, Ke Yu took Bai Jing to watch the game, only to find that He Miaoyun was actually on the scene of the game. He Fenfang secretly hid while watching He Miaoyun play a basketball game. Bai Jing repeatedly boasted that He Miaoyun played well. In the middle of the game, He Fenfang was afraid of being discovered, so he left the field first.

He Fenfang told Bai Jing that he was in charge of He Miaoyun and hoped that she knew whether she really likes playing basketball or red. Bai Jing apologized to He Fenfang, but He Fenfang disapproved, and told Bai Jing that she used to grow up in a hutong. At that time, it was really not like now, the neighborhood residents are super close, but now they live in the community, all of them have some indifferent. Bai Jing told He Fenfang that modern people have a particularly strong sense of boundary, and some things still have to think of ways.

Yu Haiyang told Bai Jing that it was not easy for him to look at Old Jiang, otherwise how could he keep his zombie car blocked all these years. At the same time, Yu Haiyang complained that Bai Jing was too unkind in doing things. Old Jiang was more than sixty people, and the zombie car was a thought of Old Jiang. Jiang Pan is the pride of old Jiang. In order to find a right wife, he bought this second-hand car, but Jiang Pan married a Sichuanese girl abroad. How did you know that the two had a quarrel on this matter, but Jiang Pan was abroad Lost his life. He Fenfang told Bai Jing that real talents have temperature, and don’t always look at these trivial things.

When Bai Jing He Fenfang came to Uncle Jiang’s house, Uncle Jiang thought it was the trailer again, so he didn’t want to bother her at all. Bai Jing deliberately said that there was an accident with the car, and Uncle Jiang opened the door. Bai Jing told Uncle Jiang that the car should be greased, otherwise it would rust.

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