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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 2 Recap

He Fenfang asked Lin Jin and Bai Jing to drive away first, and then criticized Yu Haiyang for not setting up the fruit stall outside to occupy the road. He also told Yu Haiyang that this was the last time. If he occupied the road again, he would call Chengguan, let Chengguan take his fruit stand. Bai Jing and Lin Jin were going to go upstairs to wait for the elevator.

They happened to meet Ma Zong pulling three dogs and planning to go to the elevator. The neighbors were a little dissatisfied when she saw that they didn’t want her to go to the elevator. After taking the next elevator, the elevator came. Lin Jin asked Ma Zheng to take the elevator first because Bai Jing was pregnant, and he and Bai Jing waited for the next elevator.

Wen Jing celebrated the move of Bai Jing and Lin Jin, and asked her when she would start decorating the baby room, but Bai Jing told Wen Jing that she might live in another few months and then move again. Wen Jing felt that Bai Jing was too tossed, and Lin Jingang wanted to talk to He Fenfang. It was related, but Bai Jing was pinched and refused to say. Why Wen Jing Fenfang spoke fair, indicating that if he was He Fenfang that day, she would think she was suspicious.

Bai Jing complained that there is Yu Haiyang upstairs and a basketball court downstairs. The management of the community is chaotic and the human feelings are indifferent. The baby is never allowed to grow up in such an environment. Lin Jin hinted that Bai Jing should stop talking. Wen Jing understood Bai Jing and became sensitive and sentimental after pregnancy. Bai Jing planned to wait for her health to get better, and insisted on moving away, not living in Chaoyang home.

Wen Jing told Bai Jing that she had rejected the Chaoyang community that she disliked, but she chose the place carefully at the beginning. Wen Jing also asked Bai Jing if she knew who the neighbor was next door, and persuaded her to live in the modern community. The same, I didn’t care about it before, I didn’t notice it. I’m pregnant now and I’m more sensitive. In fact, even if I change to a new community, it’s still a big difference. Lin Jin agreed with Wen Jing and said that the volunteer He Fenfang was better. When Bai Jing heard of He Fenfang, she became angry, thinking that Chaoyang Homeland had become what it is now because of Sister He’s in charge.

Wen Jing was deliberately angry with Bai Jing, so she could become a volunteer if she could. Bai Jing was so excited that she claimed that she was a volunteer when she was in college, and the two almost quarreled. In the end, Lin Jin talked about his 5G business, which made the two girlfriends screw together again. Bai Jing reminded Wen Jing that she had just divorced during this period and she should spend more time with Cheng Cheng. After all, the children at this stage are psychologically sensitive.

Wen Jing answered the phone and said that there were guests at home, so she went home early. Wen Jing found He Fenfang as soon as she returned to the house. Wen Jing knew that He Fenfang was mostly due to Chengcheng’s practice. He Fenfang gave Wen Jing an idea to let her daughter be Chengcheng’s exclusive sparring partner. He Miaoyun only has video playback in his heart, and he is not willing to be a piano partner. He Fenfang feels that playing racquet videos is not a serious matter. He Fenfang threatened He Miaoyun with flowers, letting He Miaoyun know that the economic base determines the superstructure, and those who do not work cannot eat. In desperation, He Miaoyun agreed to become a training partner for Chengcheng.

The elevator failed, and many people were waiting for the elevator. When Bai Jing was walking down the corridor, she found a fire. She immediately slapped the door to evacuate the crowd, dialed 119, and took the fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire. He Fenfang who heard the news also participated in the fire fighting. After understanding, the cause of the fire was cigarette butts, but fortunately, it was discovered in time. Bai Jing did a good job but didn’t want to admit that she discovered the fire first, so she deliberately changed the topic by finding another topic. Bai Jing and He Fenfang learned about the elevator malfunction and learned that the maintenance of the elevator requires funds.

The property monitoring confirmed that Bai Jing discovered the fire first. Secretary Bai felt that Bai Jing was hiding his head and revealing his tail. He was worried about what was going on, so he called Xiaoyou and planned to find out what happened to Bai Jing. This understanding is incredible. Bai Jing joined the party in her freshman year and is an outstanding party member every year. She is also an outstanding volunteer in her junior year and senior year.

Secretary Lu and He Fenfang mentioned that they had had such a big misunderstanding before, and they were worried that they would have a knot. Now, taking advantage of Bai Jing’s renting He Fenfang’s house, he persuaded Sister He to take advantage of this time to put out the fire together and talk to Bai Jing. Sister He shrugged off, feeling that Bai Jing’s knot would be unresolved for a while, and later, Secretary Lv told He Fenfang not to wait, the knot should be resolved rather than knotted, and she pointed out that Sister He was afraid of difficulties, indicating that Bai Jing was excellent. You should still get in touch with the young party members. He Fenfang said that most of his thoughts were lax when he heard it.

At the same time, he proposed to use the fire-fighting thing to write a credit on Bai Jing’s party member file. He Fenfang intends to take this opportunity to have a good chat with Bai Jing. When Bai Jing asked about Wenjing’s maintenance fund, He Fenfang knocked on the door and came to Bai Jing. He Fenfang said that after checking the surveillance, Bai Jing was the first to find the fire. In addition, the community is planning to recruit new volunteers and hopes that Bai Jing can consider joining.

Upon hearing this, Bai Jing spoke out and accused He Fenfang of investigating herself, reminding He Fenfang that he must not be overly enthusiastic, otherwise he would easily invade others’ privacy. Bai Jing bluntly said that she was a person with a clear distinction between right and wrong, and could not accept He Fenfang and the muddy working style, so instead of accepting volunteer work, she relentlessly rejected He Fenfang.

As soon as Lin Jin went home, he complained that Bai Jing was pregnant and went to put out the fire. At the same time, he asked her about her refusal to be a volunteer. For Lin Jin, he didn’t want Bai Jing to be a volunteer. After all, he had a big belly and advised Bai Jing not to be a volunteer. To mix things up. Bai Jing told Lin Jin that she was not purely for herself, but mainly wanted to let the baby live in a better community environment, otherwise it would be irresponsible to the baby. Lin Jin was also quite helpless when he heard it. He had always been unable to persuade the stubborn Bai Jing. Bai Jing always did what he wanted. At the same time, he made it clear that he did not agree with the volunteers.

He Fenfang convened the owners to discuss the elevator maintenance. The owners raised many questions, such as the zombie cars in the community, the use of basketball courts, pet dogs, etc., and it was clear that these problems were not resolved, and they did not agree to sign the consent form. Bai Jing listened to the meeting and called Lin Jin. She already figured out that she must be rooted in the community, otherwise the words at the Internet conference were empty talk. At the same time, Bai Jing did not allow her baby to live in such a community environment. in.

Bai Jing took the initiative to find Secretary Lu in the neighborhood committee, and formally signed up as a community volunteer. He Fenfang and Secretary Lv were very happy when they heard it. Bai Jing pointed out that it was the way Sister He had been dealing with the mud that led to the current chaos, which made He Fenfang somewhat unable to come to power. Bai Jing said that the working methods of the community need to be improved, and she also put forward some regulations and suggestions, and suggested that everyone submit a work report every week.

When Bai Jing did this, other volunteers in the community also got emotional, and Secretary Lu asked He Fenfang to have a good chat with Bai Jing. He Fenfang told Bai Jing that she had just spoken, and she was like training her subordinates, knowing that everyone will have to get along with each other for a long time. When Bai Jing heard it bluntly, she would not spend a long time with everyone, and at the same time let He Fenfang change the way everyone works.

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