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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 15 Recap

Glory told his teammate that Da Kun had passed away, and now they can only rely on themselves. He ordered his teammates to start immediately. Mu Qing was replacing the nutrient solution for Zhao Nan. Suddenly, he found that the time bomb on Zhao Nan had begun to count down. Mu Qing secretly told Zhao Nan that he was sent by Liu Ju to rescue him, but Zhao Nan said that time was too late, and he let Mu Qing go first.

At a critical juncture, Mu Qing recalled the number of chapters and pages of the poetry book that Ou Kexin had mentioned with him. Mu Qing tried to enter this number, and sure enough, the bomb code was cracked. Mu Qing asked Zhao Nan to wait for the rescue from the police station.

Mu Qing cracked the bomb code. Xiaowei suspected that Mu Qing was the inner ghost. He forced Mu Qing to see Uncle Glasses, but Mu Qing explained that Da Kun was the inner ghost. He just didn’t want to get into the trouble of the police when he rescued Zhao Nan. At this time, Uncle Glasses came. It turned out that Serena had already contacted Glasses. Glasses came to ask Mu Qing what was going on, but Serena temporarily turned to Mu Qing, and he and Mu Qing worked together to fool the glasses away. Xiaowei said that he can’t believe in glasses at the moment, so he should follow Mu Qing first, but if he finds evidence that Mu Qing framed Dakun, he would not spare Mu Qing.

In the hospital, medical staff were trying their best to rescue Zhao Nan, and Zhao Nan was out of danger soon. Liu Ju told Glory that it was the glasses that bought the driver to kill Da Kun, and that the 80% was what Mr. Ou meant. Liu Ju reminded Honor that after starting Skylark, Honor needs to protect two undercover agents at the same time.

In the evening, Li Yimeng ran to apologize to Glory. She said that she was too impulsive before, and Glory forgave her. On the other side, Mu Qing was also lamenting that his day was really thrilling. Mu Qing recalled the collection of poems Ou Kexin mentioned to him, and he became more and more convinced that Ou Kexin was a skylark.

The three big kings gathered again, when did the onion-head Tucao glasses become so kind? When such a big thing happened on Mu Qing’s site, the glasses didn’t get rid of Mu Qing. The glasses gave Onion a gun and let Onion kill Mu Qing by himself. But Onion said he was too reckless to go now, and he planned to attack Mu Qing on Ou Kexin’s birthday. The glasses reminded Tie Guanyin that the three of them are now together. Tieguanyin said he understood. Immediately after Tie Guanyin left, she told her younger brother to find out where Mu Qing was, and she wanted to find Mu Qing in person.

Mu Qing came to Ou Kexin to confirm his identity, and he gave the collection of Shelley poems to Ou Kexin. However, Ou Kexin’s attitude was vague, she did not directly admit that she was a skylark, which made Mu Qing also very puzzled. At this time, Tie Guanyin came, and after a few chats between Tie Guanyin and Ou Kexin, they asked Kexin and Mu Qing to go out for dinner. At the dinner, while Ou Kexin was away, Tie Guanyin secretly told Mu Qing that Glasses and Onion Tou would deal with him, and that he had come to cooperate with Mu Qing.

Mu Qing told Li Ruosheng that Tieguanyin wanted to cooperate with him. He also said that he wanted to divide Dakun’s site, but Li Ruosheng disagreed. These sites were hard to come by, and he didn’t want to let go. . Mu Qing said that the three big kings have not profited from Da Kun’s site, and they will never give up. The best way is to retreat. Da Kun’s site is now being watched by the police and placed in his own hands. On the contrary, the risk is greater, so it is better to be a favor to divide these sites out. Li Ruosheng asked Mu Qing how to do well in favor of the water, and Mu Qing said that this needs to be smooth and clear.

On this day, everyone came to Mr. Ou’s home to celebrate Ou Kexin’s birthday, and Onion satirized Mu Qing at the dinner, but Ou Kexin cleverly resolved the embarrassing atmosphere. Afterwards, everyone was showing the birthday gifts they gave to Ou Kexin, but Mu Qing did not prepare a gift. Mu Qing immediately said that he could unconditionally promise Ou Kexin three things. The first thing is to let Mu Qing be Kexin’s preparatory boyfriend. If Mu Qing performs well, he can be promoted to a genuine boyfriend.

Mr. Ou asked Mu Qing privately whether he would be bored with Kexin who was clingy. Mu Qing said that Kexin was very frank and cute. He said that he knew that Kexin was the jewel in Mr. Ou’s palm, and he would definitely pay attention to proportion in the future. Mr. Ou was very satisfied with Mu Qing’s answer, and he asked Mu Qing to re-establish the sales network within two weeks. Mu Qing said that he could do it in only one week.

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