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IP: Cyber ​​Sosahan IP~サイバー捜査班 Episode 1 Recap

Episode 1: First 2 Hours Special

Shohei Tawada (Shotaro Mamiya) ,  a detective in charge of cyber general crimes at the Kyoto Prefectural Police, was about to enter an abandoned factory, which is the hideout of a phishing group, with a detective from the Second Investigation Division. The hideout was the place that was determined as a result of analysis by Kazumasa Anraku (Kuranosuke Sasaki) , the chief of the Cyber ​​General Criminal Affairs Section

However, just before the plunge, Anraku senses that a “mobile hideout” is hidden in the abandoned factory from a trivial hint. As you read, the suspects are trying to escape with the container truck, and the investigators are confused by the truck that jumped out of the factory at a tremendous speed! With the wit of a new detective, Kizuna Komiyama (Haruka Fukuhara) , who was rushing to the scene , I managed to catch him.

I was relieved to be able to secure a fraudulent group-Kizuna and Tawada encounter an unexpected situation. The body of a man who shed fresh blood from the back of his head was left in the abandoned factory …!

Soon, the identity of the body was found to be Takeaki Ishimoto (Koki Okada) , a former detective who was dismissed from disciplinary action five years ago . It was thought that he was killed after being part of a fraudulent group due to a grudge against the police organization, but when he sent the body to dissection, a strange thing was found in his stomach. The USB memory was taken out. Ishimoto was beaten on the back of his head and was dying, and it seemed that someone had forcibly swallowed the USB memory.

If it was an impulse murder due to a split of friends, would it be such an elaborate thing? Anraku finds out that the criminal’s aim is “social hacking” to set up a virus using the USB memory, but at that moment, the virus is activated. An emergency situation occurred in which all the network functions in the Prefectural Police Headquarters stopped, causing great confusion! In addition, an unexpected development of the second murder occurred …!?

While the investigation was extremely confused, Anraku and Kizuna focused on an “accident” that Ishimoto was investigating independently before being dismissed from disciplinary action. Kizuna and Tawada went to ask Junko Shizuno (Momoko Kikuchi) , the mother of the accident victim, about the situation, and the incident unfolded unexpectedly …!?

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