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Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 Episode 14 Recap

The ZGDX team is about to do a simple warm-up with the nursery rhyme that A Tai is about to play, and chatted with his teammates for a while. At this time, Lu Sicheng reminded that the nursery rhyme contest was about to begin. The nursery rhyme hurriedly sat back in position, but the nervous nursery rhyme was at a loss, and could not even find the mouse of his computer. Upon seeing this, Lu Sicheng personally shook the nursery rhyme’s hand. After the nursery rhyme was held, he found the mouse for the nursery rhyme. Lu Sicheng comforted the nursery rhyme with concern.

At the beginning of the game, the nursery rhyme still chose the hero who was blown up last time. Because of being too nervous, the nursery rhyme made frequent mistakes, and he would die, and would retreat at every turn. Seeing that the nursery rhymes were not playing, Lu Sicheng began to use words to stimulate the nursery rhymes. The nursery rhymes became more and more nervous and his hands began to tremble. Although his teammates all went forward to sell them, the nursery rhymes were still inadequate and they were killed.

Soon, team battle broke out between the two sides. Old K took the lead to sell himself, but the nursery rhyme did not catch the opportunity. Later, the old cat also rushed to support, but the nursery rhyme still retreated, and the reaction of nursery rhyme also made his teammates shake their heads. At that time, maybe it was Lu Sicheng’s ridicule that played a role, or the sudden encouragement played a role, and the nursery rhymes began to fight back.

Soon, A Tai and nursery rhymes were left in the game. The scared nursery rhyme decided to go home, but Lu Sicheng encouraged her to continue pushing the line. In front of the crystal of the TAT team base, the nursery rhyme and A Tai who guarded the tower faced each other. The nursery rhyme overcoming the pressure in the heart began to deal with A Tai while dealing with Tower A. In the end ZGDX won the game. The teammates began to applaud the nursery rhymes.

The nursery rhyme at the end of the game looked at the picture of victory, and the fingers still maintained the movement of the tower a mechanically. There are also faint tears flickering in his eyes. The people of ZGDX stood behind the nursery rhymes one after another. When the nursery rhymes passed away, a group of people started talking and laughing. Finally, in order to celebrate, a group of people decided to go out to eat and drink with public funds.

Soon, ZGDX was going to the game again. On the bus, nursery rhymes watched videos on the Internet and ran to discuss with Xiao Rui. At this moment, Lu Sicheng grabbed the phone and told nursery rhymes that these words were written by others. , But was ruthlessly dismantled by Xiao Rui. Suddenly, the driver slammed the brakes, and the standing nursery rhyme was about to fall down because of an unstable center of gravity. When it was said that it was too late, Lu Sicheng took the nursery rhymes and took them to himself. This scene stunned everyone in the car. Lu Yue in the back row even picked up his mobile phone to take pictures, adding fuel and jealousy to his mother. Reported the situation.

The people who came to the meeting place began to barbecue. Just as they were eating and drinking, Mother Lu called and asked a curious nursery rhyme who Lu Yue was, but Lu Yue made a mystery. Lu Sicheng, who came back, answered the phone and started to explain to Mother Lu on the other end of the phone. The nursery rhyme on the side mistakenly thought that Lu Sicheng had a girlfriend, and she went to the toilet under the pretext of being jealous. The nursery rhyme came back and saw that Lu Sicheng was still on the phone, so he decided to go to barbecue.

Mother Lu, who was hung up, continued to bomb Lu Sicheng with the phone, but Lu Sicheng, who had no choice, answered the phone. On the other end of the call, Mother Lu talked about the blind date. Lu Yue, who couldn’t stand it, took the call and tried to speak for Lu Sicheng. , After being easily threatened by Mother Lu, he surrendered to the enemy. Here, the nursery rhyme is very uncomfortable to hear that the woman is extremely good in all aspects.

After the episode, Lu Sicheng called Mother Lu again, not knowing what to say. The rest of ZGDX had a barbecue while discussing the countermeasures for the next game. Seeing Lu Sicheng’s back, the nursery rhyme was deeply fascinated.

After a night, everyone in the ZGDX team began to study the opponent’s routines carefully, and they kept playing training games to get in touch with each other. While the group was sitting and discussing, Lu Sicheng went downstairs to find the key to go out. Upon seeing this, the nursery rhyme hurriedly stood up and asked. Facing the nursery rhyme question, Lu Sicheng patiently explained it, and then, careful Lu Sicheng took slippers for the nursery rhyme.

Lu Sicheng, who came to the agreed place, wanted to send Sunuo home straightforwardly, but Suno was overwhelmed by Lu Sicheng’s appearance and even went to the toilet to make up for it. Speaking of this Su Nuo, that is also a natural beauty, who speaks softly. Sitting down, Lu Sicheng received a text message from the nursery rhyme, and the two chatted briefly.

Seeing Sunuo coming out, Lu Sicheng took Sunuo to pack the nursery rhyme The Little Octopus Prince. Lu Sicheng who came to the front of the stall immediately attracted the attention of the people around him. Hearing the praise of Lu Sicheng from the people around, Shu Nuo felt happy. The two were just about to leave, but God didn’t save face and it started to rain. Gentleman Lu Sicheng ran to drive. Now, Sunuo was more satisfied. After getting in the car, Lu Sicheng confessed his thoughts, and Suno felt disappointed when he heard Lu Sicheng reject him.

At the base, the nursery rhyme saw that Lu Sicheng hadn’t come back, and he was absentmindedly scrolling through the game video. Lu Yue started talking coldly, and the nursery rhymes brought in gradually became annoying, so he refused Lu Yue’s invitation to the game. , Made an excuse and went back to the room.

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