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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 7 Recap

In November 1946, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi and others were making dumplings together. Dongye brought a call from Comrade Luo Ronghuan about Zhu Rui and Han Xianchu’s looting. Luo Ronghuan has already criticized them, but this incident also reflects the fact that the equipment in the Northeast is very backward.

Always picking up the foreigners that others don’t want is not a solution. They all agreed to let the Northeast Bureau find its own way. After all, the Northeast is an industrial city, and there are many Japanese craftsmen there. Later, they talked about the training of recruits. Mao Zedong emphasized that we must spare our hands for ideological education and solve the problems of who should serve as soldiers and who should fight for them.

Mao Zedong was best at this, and he joked that he would go to the grassroots to do this work. Zhu De said that he should honestly direct the central government and let other valuable grassroots cadres let go of their hands and feet. Wang Cuiyun started recruiting. Liang Shiying also wanted to join the army. Wang Cuiyun wanted to drive him back to farm. Unexpectedly, what Liang Shiying said caused Wang Cuiyun to immediately change his mind and allowed him to register. In the third column of the Northeast Democratic Alliance Army-Linjiang, Fang Tianjing and Wang Fumin of Jiu Company wanted to be deserters. Zhao Xuzhen saw them and did not expose them, but deliberately thought they were showing respect, and then let them go back.

As an instructor, Zhao Xuzhen guided Jiulian. He let Jiulian’s comrades run 10 kilometers with a load early in the morning. After running, he asked all the comrades of Jiulian a question whether the rich fed the poor or the poor fed the rich. Many people think that it is the rich who feed the poor. Zhao Xuzhen said a few words to make them think about this issue. When Wang Fumin on the side heard what Zhao Xuzhen said, he seemed to think of something, tears in his eyes with anger. Later, Fang Tianjing worried that Wang Fumin would be shaken to escape, and reminded him that this was Zhao Xuzhen’s deception. They must not be deceived, and they have to run away if they have a chance.

Wang Fumin said that he would not be deceived. After Fang Tianjing left, Wang Fumin walked into the crowd and listened to Zhao Xuzhen talking about his tragic past, and another squad leader Lin Changfu telling his story. Wang Fumin couldn’t help but speak. The oppression of the rich made his family ruined. Wang Fumin vowed to fight in the future for their poor people. Fang Tianjing, who had just come out of the house, saw Wang Fumin joined the eager discussion, and knew in her heart that it was almost impossible for Wang Fumin to escape with herself. Du Yuming returned to Nanjing and went to the familiar wonton stall to eat wontons. He learned that prices in Nanjing were soaring and the people lived in hardship.

Du Yuming gave Chiang Kai-shek a popular song in the communist army to illustrate the active grievance movement in the communist army. However, Chiang Kai-shek did not believe that such a song could resist the army. Guo Rugui reported on what he knew. He said that the current battle lines are lengthening and the gap between the Communist Army and the Kuomintang is gradually narrowing, but Du Yuming believes that the reversal of the advantages of the Kuomintang and the Communists does not lie in the strategic and tactical aspects. But before Du Yuming could continue speaking, Chiang Kai-shek interrupted him impatiently. The Kuomintang is preparing to conduct an investigation. However, in the eyes of Du Yuming and Zheng Dongguo, this is a new form of corruption.

There are students on the street propagating and clamoring, and they are also starving. Du Yuming believes that the students’ affairs should be solved by the students themselves. As a result, the army sent soldiers to suppress the student movement, and the students immediately became scattered. In December 1946, while replaying the old tune of peace talks, Chiang Kai-shek issued orders to various theaters to deploy combat missions in the first half of 1947 in an attempt to launch a larger-scale offensive. Du Yuming mobilized his troops to attack the Linjiang area in an attempt to eliminate the South Manchurian troops of the Northeast Democratic Allied Forces, and then transferred troops northward to complete his strategic plan of first south and then north.

In order to smash the plan of the Kuomintang, the Northeast Democratic Alliance decided to stick to the South Manchuria and consolidate the North Manchuria policy, so that the North Manchu force and the South Manchu force cooperate with each other to break the Kuomintang’s offensive. In the south of the Linjiang front line, heavy snow flew, the soldiers were trembling from the cold, and even the soldier Ergouzi died of freezing. Fang Tianjing wanted to persuade Wang Fumin and herself to escape, but Wang Fumin said nothing and punched him. The enemy rushed up, and the gun was so cold that he couldn’t move it. Wang Fumin immediately thought that it was expansion and contraction, and he called on everyone to pour hot urine on the gun.

Soon after, the assault horn sounded and Wang Fumin was shot, but he still rushed forward. Fang Tianjing looked at the instructor on the side and saw the Wuxiongguan pass in a daze. The enemy was about to shoot Fang Tianjing. Wang Fumin blocked two shots for him. Before he died, Wang Fumin told Fang Tianjing to follow the Communist Party.

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