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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 26 Recap

Yuanling Marsh was Feng Ran’s previous home. Feng Ran came to worship the Old Dryad. The Old Dryad was her only relative, who died at the hands of Jingyang and Sen Yun. Feng Ran is a phoenix, but because she was born ominously from a young age, she was thrown into the Yuanling swamp. It was the old tree demon who warmed her body for three days and three nights with inner alchemy, which made her come alive. Depend on the old dryad for life.

It’s just that, in the fairy demon battle that year, Jingyang and Sen Yun destroyed the Yuanling swamp beyond recognition, and the old tree demon was burned alive in the sky fire in order to protect her. Jing Yang is Jing Jian’s brother, but Feng Ran has clear grievances and grievances. She didn’t count Jing Yang’s hatred on Jing Jian, but she would never forgive Jing Yang.

The three fire dragons wanted to absorb Jingyang’s immortal power, but they stopped because of Qingmu and his party, preparing to solve these four people first. Outside, Qing Mu told Houchi that he had already figured out a way to get the Emperor of Heaven to divorce. The heavenly emperor’s marriage is well known in the world. Houchi knows that retiring is not an easy task.

Qing Mu mentioned that Jingyang and a group of immortals disappeared in the Yuanling swamp not long ago. Jingyang’s spiritual power was not shallow, but he disappeared silently. , Qingmu and Jingjian suspect that Jingyang was captured by the three fire dragons, and specially invite this battle. The Emperor promised Yu Qingmu that as long as he brings Jingyang back, he can divorce at that time.

After listening to Hou Chi, he also brought up the matter of Feng Ran killing the third Royal Highness of Xuanjing Palace. In the battle between the two worlds of immortals and demon, Sen Yun and Jingyang fought, and killed the old tree demon by mistake. Despite being an enemy of the immortal and demon world, she can’t wait to get rid of Jingyang and then hurry up, but now Qingmu wants to rescue Jingyang as a bargaining chip for retiring, this is bound to make Fengran’s dilemma.

Feng Ran is a person from Houchi. Qingmu could not ignore Feng Ran’s feelings and only decided to retreat. This time Houchi came to Yuanling Swamp because of the demigod’s broken mirror image. She suspected that Bai Xuan was here. . The two were half talking, the three fire dragons came to arrest them, and the two did not resist, and followed them.

Qing Mu and Hou Chi discovered that three fire dragons were actually going against the sky to activate the spirit gathering array, forcibly ingesting the spiritual power of the fairy soldiers, even if his spiritual power was not low. The two were brought to Jing Jian. When Qing Mu saw Jing Jian, he staged a scene of an enemy meeting, letting those guarding them relax their vigilance, and Qing Mu defeated them one by one, preparing to rescue Jing Yang. Jing Yang didn’t understand Qing Mu’s feelings, but said that Qing Mu Gang’s actions on him deliberately embarrassed him.

Looking at Jing Yang’s arrogant appearance, Hou Chi couldn’t help but ridicule Jing Yang’s current situation. Now, there is a barrier of three fire dragons in the cave. They are not easy to split, so they have to draw the three fire dragons over and let him split the barrier himself. God’s promotion must overcome the thunder and calamity. Hou Chi wanted to lead the sky thunder to the cave’s three fire dragons, so she bowed to Jingyang. Her ceremony attracted the sky thunder and the three fire dragons. .

Three fire dragons appeared, and he was now the pinnacle of a demigod, which could not be resisted by Houchi and Qingmu. Feng Ran and Jing Jian appeared to help the two of them. When Feng Ran saw Jing Yang, they learned that Qing Mu and Jing Jian had come to rescue Jing Yang and used this as a bargaining chip to retire. When the enemy met, Feng Ran wanted to kill Jingyang for revenge. Jing Jian stopped Feng Ran. He didn’t want to watch Feng Ran do something wrong here, while Qing Mu and Houchi unconditionally respected and supported Feng Ran.

In the end, Feng Ran decided to release Jing Yang, and she would kill Jing Yang herself in the future, but at this time she had to take the back pond and leave the Yuanling swamp. Seeing that Feng Ran’s killing heart disappeared, the three fire dragons were furious and prepared to kill these people directly, but Lei Jie came at this time. Hou Chi knew that once the three fire dragons became gods, their lives would be destroyed, so Qing Mu and Feng Ran and Jing Jian Several people stepped forward and stopped the three fire dragons, and the three fire dragons failed to advance to the gods.

The three fire dragons failed to advance to the gods, and they will definitely not let a few people go. Feng Ran took a few people to the place where Apocalypse activated the World Destruction Formation. No one dared to step into this place. Qing Mu’s Tai Cang spear shocked the formation. The true God Yuwei in the middle left a few people to stay in peace. Feng Ran was angry because Jing Jian had just been protecting Jingyang. Jing Jian was caught in a dilemma between the two. He only said that if one day they meet each other, he will use his own life to resolve the grievance between the two. Seeing the appearance of the two of them, Qing Mu sighed.

After all, Jing Yang’s demise had harmed Jing Jian, and Jing Jian and Feng Ran would be impossible. During the conversation, Houchi could only hear someone calling the ancients. She walked toward Yuemi’s idol and saw some fragments of the past in Yuemi, but she didn’t know that this was the past between her and Yuemi.

Three fire dragons found the four of them and they were still in the formation. He was furious and prepared to take the lives of the four of them. Qing Mu managed to control the supernatural power of the white spear and defeated the three fire dragons. The three fire dragons were wounded and returned to the demon world to return to life.

Although he failed to advance to the gods this time, he left the dragon’s breath in Qing Mu’s body, and Qing Mu had not lived long. Listening to this, Sen Jian only told the three fire dragons not to tell Tianqi about this. Qingmu was obviously a member of the heavenly palace, and his death would benefit their monster race without any harm. On the other side, Qing Mu and Jing Jian returned to the Tiangong, and Houchi and Feng Ran went to the Tiangong to accompany Qing Mu to terminate their marriage.

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