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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 25 Recap

Wuhuan looked worried and worried. Twilight came to ask Wuhuan. Wuhuan only claimed that he was worried about his children. Twilight knew that Jing Zhao was infatuated with Qingmu, but Qingmu had a better relationship with Houchi. It is believed that children’s affairs cannot be forced, and if Qingmu is unwilling, it should not be forced.

Wu Huan disapproved of it, she mentioned the confession of Too Cangqiang. Now Qingmu has too Cangqiang. If it can’t be used by Tiangong, Twilight is one step farther away from the desire to open the God Realm.

Jingjian led the heavenly soldiers to the gate of Qingchi Palace. Qingchi Palace was not a place for people to enter. Fengran only let Jingjian enter Qingchi Palace alone. Jing Jian saw Qing Mu in Qingchi Palace. Tianzhao was passed to Qingmu alone, and Houchi took Feng Ran to avoid it first. Qingmu learns that Twilight wants him to be in charge of the three armies, he refuses, and he is unwilling to marry Jing Zhao. Jingjian and Qingmu have been close friends for many years.

He analyzed the current situation, and he was afraid that this time Wuhuan ordered soldiers to come to Qingchi Palace with him in order to deter Qingchi Palace. Qingmu didn’t want to be involved in Qingchi Palace, he decided to accompany Jingjian to the Tiangong Palace, and Xiang Wuhuan Mu Guangming definitely refused this matter. The words of the two were heard by Houchi not far away, and Houchi chased them out.

She knew that the resignation was not that simple. Twilight wanted Qingmu’s too much spear, and she told Qingmu to be cautious in her words and deeds. , She is waiting for Qing Mu’s return in Qingchi Palace. If Twilight wants to use Qingmu to be unfavorable, she will never agree to Qingchi Palace. The two embraced tightly, envious of Jing Jian on the side, and Jing Jian assured Hou Chi that he would do his best to help Qing Mu retire.

After the demon clan has fired his troops, he can play against the immortal clan at any time. Tianqi knows the current situation, he said that Wuhuan still wants to use the forest to find the purple moon whip, and now he must not dare to declare war on the demon clan. In order to contain the fairy clan, Tianqi decided to help the three fire dragons in the Yuanling swamp become gods, so as to deter Wuhuan. In the palace, Qing Mu came to see Wu Huan. He refused his marriage to Jing Zhao. Wu Huan didn’t get angry, but he didn’t agree, so Qing Mu was asked to think more about it.

After Qing Mu left, Hou Chi has been worried about Qing Mu with a frown, and Feng Ran and Chang Que have been by his side, thinking of ways to make her happy. Jing Zhao was dissatisfied when he learned that Qing Mu had retired, and then learned from Jing Jian that Qing Mu liked Houchi. She believed that Houchi had bewitched Qing Mu, so she ran to Qingchi Palace to demonstrate against Houchi with great fanfare. The godlike posture of Houchi appeared in front of Jing Zhao.

Jing Zhao knew that his spiritual power was not as good as Houchi. He only said that her mother’s birthday was her marriage ceremony with Qing Mu, and Qing Mu had promised to marry him. Jing Zhao’s provocation fell in Houchi’s ears, and Houchi’s divine mood was slightly stunned, but still calmed down and let Jing Zhao leave Qingchi Palace quickly, otherwise she would be a punishment that Jing Zhao could not bear if she brought down a few heavenly thunders.

In the Yuanling swamp, the three fire dragons received a ray of divine power from the apocalypse. Sen Jian asked the three fire dragons to become gods as soon as possible. All matters need to be considered carefully before proceeding, but the three fire dragons are ignorant because of the old enmity between Jingyang and Jingyang. Sen Jian’s persuasion focused on Jingyang, trapping Jingyang in the Yuanling swamp.

Jingyang was trapped in Yuanling Swamp, Qing Mu took the initiative to ask for it, but Yuanling Swamp and his party were extremely dangerous. He asked Twilight for a promise to be used to divorce. Qing Mu found a chance to divorce and spread to Hou Chi. In the bottom of her heart, Hou Chi was finally relieved, and she also knew from Feng Ran that there would be a demigod in Yuanling Marsh, so she thought it was most likely Bai Bai Xuan, prepare to go to Yuanling Swamp with Feng Ran.

Qingmu and Jingjian came to Yuanling Swamp, and it happened that Fengran and Houchi also arrived here. Qingmu’s eyes were full of joy when he saw Houchi. He wanted to go forward to see Houchi, but was stopped by Jingjian. Jing Jian drew Feng Ran away for Qing Mu and left the opportunity of being alone to Qing Mu and Houchi. Qing Mu was very grateful to Jing Jian. But I don’t know that Jing Jian also wants to be alone with Feng Ran. Feng Ran sees Jing Jian’s deliberate divergence, but still cooperates with Jing Jian, leaving the space alone for the two of them.

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