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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 24 Recap

Qingmu went to Qilian Mountain to look for the back pond, and met Kaye from Qingchi Palace. Kaye admired Qingmu for a long time, and came forward to chat with Qingmu. On the other hand, Tianqi has now changed his name to Jing Yuan. He hopes that Houchi can follow him to the demon world. The reason why Houchi can’t display his spiritual power is because there is a strong seal in her body, and her bracelet can give her enough spiritual power. Bao, if Houchi is willing to follow him to the demon world, he will definitely help Houchi lift the seal in his body.

Along the way, Houchi was entangled whether to go to the Yaozu to recover his spiritual power. Qingmu sent a bunch of flowers at this time. This bouquet of flowers was obtained from searching the Qilian Mountains. Ben Qingmu wanted to tell Houchi what he was saying. However, he said that these bunches of flowers were invaluable treasures that Changque found from the Jiaolong clan.

They were used as medicine. It took him more than a hundred years to cultivate and grow the flowers. Chang Que’s mind was ruined. After listening to Houchi’s words, Qing Mu was only dumbfounded, and decided to help Changque find the seeds to make up for the long fault.

In Tiangong, Jing Zhao talked about her love for Qingmu, and also mentioned that the feathered umbrella lost control for a while in the watch mountain. Wuhuan asked Jing Zhao to take out the feathered umbrella. She was shocked by the magical power of the apocalypse on the umbrella, which made her remember. Back then, she broke into the scene where she accidentally killed Yuemi by mistake. Afterwards, Wu Huan came to the pilgrimage hall.

After the gods closed, the pilgrimage hall fell in the heavens. She once thought that she, Twilight and Gu Jun were the last people in the gods, but Tianqi was still alive. Ten thousand years have passed, and the four true gods have been sealed with the gods forever, even if the apocalypse comes, in her heavens, she will never let the apocalypse get better.

Wearing a mask, Wu Huan came to Qingchi Palace to search for the Apocalypse. She learned that the Ziyue Monarch is the Apocalypse. She wanted to kill the Apocalypse. When the Apocalypse dealt with it, Bai Jue and Houchi also appeared, and Wu Huan had to leave first. . Wu Huan found out that Apocalypse had not recovered the power of God, but she must not tell Twilight about this, and could not let Apocalypse be a counterweight to her. For this reason, Wu Huan is willing to use Qingmu. If Qingmu is Bai Jue, he will surely become a spear to destroy the apocalypse. If Qingmu is not Bai Jue, it can also be a great help for her.

Tianqi talked frankly with Houchi. An extremely powerful divine sense was sealed in Houchi. This divine sense also sealed her spiritual vein. If Houchi wanted to unlock the seal, she could become the most powerful among the three realms. With a powerful existence, no one from the Three Realms can deceive her and humiliate her, but he must also pay a corresponding price. He doesn’t know whether that divine sense can be integrated with the current divine sense of Houchi.

After the words fell, Tianqi left time for Houchi to consider. He put up a weak and serious injury in front of Houchi. Houchi knew that Tianqi was injured today, and agreed to let Tianqi stay in Qingchi Palace to rest. Qingmu’s heart was full of jealousy. He only went forward and said that he knew how to heal, and performed acupuncture and moxibustion on Tianqi. The pain made Tianqi grin.

Qing Mu is the master of Tai Cang spear, and Twilight marries Yu Qing Mu and Jing Zhao, and wants Qing Mu to enter the Heavenly Palace to take charge of the three armies. Jingjian knew that Qing Mu had no intention of Jing Zhao, so he refused for Qing Mu, but Wuhuan could not tolerate Jing Jian’s rejection, so he immediately asked Jing Jian to send a letter to Qing Mu and ordered the three armies to go with Jing Jian.

In the Qingchi Palace, Houchi refused Tianqi. She only wanted to be the Houchi and didn’t want to unlock another divine consciousness. Tianqi did not force the Houchi, but only left her Lingyu. On the other side, Qing Mu learned of Houchi’s birthday. He knew Houchi would not be born after Bai Xuan left. He still cooked a bowl of longevity noodles for Houchi with great care, and took her to Qilian Mountain to see the fireflies in the sky.

Under the witness of the fireflies in the sky, Qing Mu expressed his own feelings. He likes Houchi, and will always accompany Houchi to see the three worlds. He likes her and avoids her. Hou Chi knew that she had a heavy responsibility on her shoulders. She still had Bai Xuan to find, so she could not agree to Qing Mu. Qing Mu only took Hou Chi to the North Sea. In this desolate sea, he killed the monsters day after day.

The beast, he never knew his true identity, but when he first saw him in Watch Mountain, he identified Houchi. He would not stop Houchi from shouldering responsibility. He only wished to stay with Houchi and guard her all the time. After listening to Qing Mu’s true love confession, Houchi no longer hid his feelings, only hugged Qing Mu tightly.

In Qingchi Palace, Qing Mu gave his most cherished sword to Houchi and set off a splendid firework for Houchi. The two embraced and watched the fireworks. Houchi had the happiest birthday in thousands of years. It’s just that in the dark, Tian Qi looked lonely at the back of the two embracing, he still couldn’t get the heart of the ancients after all.

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