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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 23 Recap

In the enchantment of Watching Mountain, Jing Zhao’s pride and the red sun’s divine consciousness started, Jing Jian stepped forward to protect Jing Zhao, he let Jing Zhao stop, but Jing Zhao relied on having a feathered umbrella, hurting Hong Sun, the last ray of Hong Sun’s soul Disappeared, Bai Jue also recovered his spiritual consciousness at this time. Tai Cang spear recognized the Lord, and for a time the power of the true god moved the mountains and the sea, even the emperor of heaven and the emperor of Donghua who were far away in the palace were aware that the emperor immediately knew that this was the coercion of the true god. The power of the true god stunned the immortals, but the ancients were unscathed.

Seeing that Qing Mu had chosen too much a gun, Jing Zhao wanted to step forward and ask for credit. It was she who solved the fire Qilin and helped Qing Mu. Qing Mu now has Bai Ju’s divine consciousness in his mind. His eyes are cold, but Dao Jingzhao rushes to his cultivation place and kills his mountain guardian beast. The sin is unforgivable. Houchi watched Qing Mu’s words and deeds.

When he led the gods to visit the god Bai Jue, Bai Jue recognized that she was an ancient woman when she saw Houchi, so he hugged Houchi in his arms and he returned. After that, Bai Jue looked at Jing Zhao on the side and couldn’t help but sneered. The descendants of Jinlong and Phoenix dared to break into his enchantment without permission. When Bai Jue wanted to kill Jing Zhao, Houchi pleaded for her fear that Bai Jue would kill the two of them. In the future, Qingmu will not escape this incident, and the Emperor and Donghua also came to visit Bai Jue.

When Bai Jue wanted to make a sound, his consciousness retreated and fainted in the arms of Houchi. The Emperor of Heaven detected that there was no Bai Jue’s divine consciousness in Qing Mu, and then closed his hand. Now Tai Cang Qiang has recognized the Lord, and he has also dismissed all the fairy demon. Hou Chi is cold toward the Emperor, and he brings Qing Mu back to Qing Chi. palace.

Tai Cang Qiang has recognized the Lord, and Tian Qi also knows the true identities of Qing Mu and Hou Chi. He wants to take a trip to Qing Chi Palace to make Ho Chi fall in love with him again, while Dong Hua returns to Liaowang Mountain and only goes to Liaowang Mountain. The quietness is also coming to an end. In the Qingchi Palace, the back pool has exhausted the good medicinal materials in the Qingchi Palace to treat Qingmu.

In any case, the entire Qingchi Palace will protect Qingmu. Chang Que recognizes Qing Mu’s identity, and Qing Mu is now the master of the Great Spear. He thinks it is troublesome to take in Qing Mu Ding, but Feng Ran is on the side but carefully sees that Hou Chi is unusual for Qing Mu, I’m afraid Qing Mu Soon he will become a member of Qingchi Palace.

At night, Tianqi came to see Houchi. He claimed to be here to solve the doubts in Houchi’s heart, but he did not tell Houchi everything that year. Only Daohouchi was the little maid under the seat of the ancient gods. Chi has a previous life Yuan League, and Qing Mu’s last life was precisely the culprit who broke them up. Hearing this, Houchi only interrupted Tianqi’s words, she didn’t believe in Tianqi’s words at all. At this moment, Qing Mu came to look for the back pond.

He protected the back pond. Apocalypse only ridiculed that Qing Mu’s current superior strength was not equal to him. The two of them said a word, and the apocalypse had the upper hand. Qing Mu was so angry that he left, protecting Qing Mu in Houchi’s words, and asked Tianqi to leave Qingchi Palace as soon as possible. Because Qingmu left with a black face, Tianqi was only proud of his heart. This is the first time he has angered Bai Ju in this way since he was born in Qiankuntai, and he finally took a breath of illness.

Qing Mu was jealous because of the apocalypse, he had a fight with Houchi, and decided to come and apologize to Houchi. Seeing Houchi changed into new clothes, Qingmu only felt that Houchi was very beautiful, but he didn’t know that Houchi was changed specifically for Qingmu. Before Qing Mu could praise him, Tian Qi stuck to Houchi again. He came to Qingchi Palace again and wanted to have a drink with Houchi in spring.

Seeing Apocalypse ten twists, Qingmu became jealous, and decided to go to spring and drink with the two. Qing Mu was hurt, and Qing Mu was not allowed to drink in the back pool. The Apocalypse used a barrier to trap Qing Mu in it, and he went to drink with the back pool. The two sat down, and Houchi asked Tianqi about Bai Xuan, and Tianqi knew that Houchi came for this, but he didn’t know who Bai Xuan was.

At the request of Houchi, Apocalypse unlocked Qingmu’s barrier. Qingmu and the little paper man searched for the back pond in two ways. The little paper man found the back pond first, but was discovered by Tianqi, and Tianqi deliberately said it. If he loves Houchi, Houchi does not want to be too entangled with Tianqi, but also speaks clearly with Tianqi, hoping that Tianqi will not show her better, and it is not him who matches Tianqi.

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