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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 32 Recap

Cheng Xin stayed at home for one night. When she woke up the next day, she kept secretly observing Cheng Jianye. She found that Cheng Jianye was dressed up and even sprayed on perfume. Cheng Xin was a little worried. She went to Daydream Studio and took Kong Hao. Called it out, let Kong Hao think of a way, don’t let Yao Jiaren and Cheng Jianye get too close, Kong Hao said that he would contact Cheng Xin when he had a way.

When Yao Jiaren was recording the show, she left the station book and said what she wanted to say to Cheng Xin and Kong Hao in the show. When Zheng Gan saw Yao Jiaren talking about her girlfriends, he thought she was right, so he didn’t call Ka, and waited for Yao Jiaren to talk about Kong Hao. At that time, Kong Hao couldn’t help but lose control of his emotions. He left the shooting scene. The good memories in Yao Jiaren’s mouth were memories that would be painful to Kong Hao.

Yao Jiaren was calm but he was heartbroken. When Yao Jiaren saw Kong Hao leave, her mood became unstable, and the recording could only be postponed. Chu Yunfei knew that after the recording was postponed, he was very disappointed with Zheng Qian. If he couldn’t deliver the film on time, Daydream would have to pay a large amount of liquidated damages and let Zheng Qian quickly solve the problem. Zheng Gan called Yao Jiaren and asked to make up the recording overnight.

Yao Jiaren did not hesitate to print it out, but when he contacted Kong Hao, Kong Hao was eating noodles with the noodle shop where Yao Jiaren had been dating. Kong Hao made up his mind to get out of the broken relationship. After deleting Yao Jiaren’s WeChat account, Kong Hao failed to get it in place, and Mo Xiaobao replaced the photography. After shooting for one night, the filming of the show was finally completed, but the matter is not over yet, and now they have to do the post-production of the video before they can hand over the film.

The first episode of the program was successfully handed in. The platform was very satisfied with the program. Zheng Qian was going to return to the studio to have a celebration banquet. Cheng Jianye also invited Yao Jiaren to have a meal to celebrate. The two were eating, Cheng Xin suddenly appeared, and she forced Cheng Jianye to pull Cheng Jianye. Go, let the driver take Cheng Jianye home. Cheng Xin glumly asked Chu Yunfei for help. When Chu Yunfei heard that this was the problem, he said that he was still busy with the company’s affairs and left quickly. At this time, Kong Hao sent a message to Cheng Xin, saying that he had thought of a way.

Kong Hao asked Zheng Gan and Cheng Xin to have a dinner together. Cheng Xin and Zheng Gan were a bit embarrassed because they didn’t like each other. Kong Hao told Zheng Gan about Cheng Xin’s concerns and asked Zheng Gan to help him out. Zheng Gan thought for a while and said that Cheng Jianye lacked concern. If Cheng Xin could care more about Cheng Jianye, Cheng Jianye would not regard Yao Jiaren as a tree hole if he had spiritual sustenance. Cheng Xin felt that there was some truth, so she ran back home and cared about Cheng Jianye. She personally cooked a meal for Cheng Jianye and offered to move home. Cheng Jianye was very happy.

Meng Xixi called Yang Chenguang out for dinner and asked him what he thought about the wedding. Meng Xixi proposed to hold a wedding in the Daydream Studio. Yang Chenguang refused to agree. Mengxixi said that he wanted to take the opportunity of this wedding to match Zheng Qianhe. Cheng Xin reconciled, Yang Chenguang was a little confused, so he asked a few words, and Meng Xixi talked about the relationship between Chu Yunfei and Lin Man between Cheng Xin and Zheng Gan. After thinking about it, Yang Chenguang agreed to Meng Xixi’s proposal.

With Mengxixi’s consent, Mengxixi went to the Daydream Studio and talked about it. Mo Xiaobao’s expression changed when he heard that Mengxixi was about to hold a wedding. Kong Hao quickly pulled Mo Xiaobao away. Meng Xixi told Zheng Gan about his idea of ​​holding a wedding in a daydream, and said that opening the time capsule at that time might make Yao Jiaren and Cheng Xin reconcile. Zheng Gan asked Yang Chenguang if he could agree to hold the wedding in Daydream. Meng Xixi apologized to Zheng Gan for Yang Chenguang and asked him if he could forgive Yang Chenguang.

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