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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 31 Recap

Mengxixi was about to leave, and Mo Xiaobao was about to send Mengxixi home. He couldn’t help asking if Mengxixi really wanted to bet on Yang Chenguang for the rest of his life. Mengxixi said that he would give Yang Chenguang another chance and also give himself An explanation, she actually knew what Mo Xiaobao thought about her. She declined Mo Xiaobao and wished Mo Xiaobao happiness. Mo Xiaobao was still worried about Yang Chenguang’s character failure, so she told her to be embarrassed if Yang Chenguang bullied her. , Be sure to tell yourself.

Cheng Xin pretended to be depressed and was admitted to the hospital. He wanted to draw Zheng Gan’s attention. Zheng Gan rushed to the hospital from Tengda. He looked at Cheng Xin very worried. He quickly said that he hadn’t taken care of Cheng Xin’s emotions. Cheng Xin looked at Zheng. I was satisfied with her performance. Yao Jiaren came to visit Cheng Xin. Cheng Xin was very angry when she saw Yao Jiaren. She asked if Yao Jiaren broke up with Kong Hao because of Cheng Jianye. Yao Jiaren felt that Cheng Xin thought about herself so much.

Disappointed, Cheng Xin forgot that she was still pretending to be sick, so she jumped out of bed and quarreled with Yao Jiaren. Seeing Cheng Xin pretending to be sick, Zheng Gan was very dissatisfied with Cheng Xin, so he taught Cheng Xin a few words and left. Yao Jiaren also left the hospital when she saw this. Kong Hao chased after her and asked about her and Cheng Jianye. Yao Jiaren didn’t want to talk to Kong Haoduo. She only said that she was worthy of herself and worthy of anyone, but whether she had new feelings or not, she would agree. Kong Hao doesn’t matter anymore.

Now in the ward, only Mengxiu comforted Cheng Xin. Cheng Xin said that she knew that the reason for her upset was that she felt that she had sent Zheng Gan away. The third party between them was Zheng Qian’s career. After a few words of comfort, Cheng Xin asked about her and Yang Chenguang again, feeling that she and Yang Chenguang were wronged and embarrassed by her reunion with Yang Chenguang. The two were about to leave the hospital and ran into Lin Man at the entrance of the hospital. Lin Man wanted to have a good chat with Cheng Xin, but Cheng Xin didn’t want to tell Lin Man to tell Lin Man to stay away from Zheng Gan and left after speaking.

After Zheng Qian returned to the studio, he told Kong Hao that he still decided to pick up the talk show, and advised Kong Hao not to be emotional, but to focus on work. The reason why Yao Jiaren broke up with Kong Hao was because he couldn’t see Kong Hao. Hopefully, Yao Jiaren will not regret choosing Kong Hao only if Kong Hao is self-motivated and working hard. Kong Hao was very angry for a while, put aside his ruthless talk and quit, and was unwilling to work with Yao Jiaren. After Mo Xiaobao knew the struggle of the two, he said that he and Kong Hao Zheng Qian did not start a business to make a lot of money. He didn’t want the three of them to hurt their relationship because of work. Zheng Qian said that he just wanted Kong Hao to grow up and let Kong Hao grow up.

Distinguish between work and relationship. At this time, Kong Hao calmed down and returned to the studio. He heard Zheng Qian and Mo Xiaobao’s conversation at the entrance of the studio. He changed his mind and decided to do a talk show with Zheng Gan, make money and work hard. After the two settled their suspicions, they continued to discuss the follow-up preparations for the talk show with Tengda. This time the show was recorded in a studio. Chu Yunfei proposed to set the shooting location in the Daydream Studio. Zheng Gan worried about Kong Hao, Kong Hao said. It doesn’t matter to me, it’s so decided.

Cheng Xin was sad for a while and ran back to the house where Jiang Jie lived before marrying Zheng’s father. She asked Jiang Jie if he had quarreled with Zheng’s father and if he felt ignored by the other party. Jiang Jie persuaded him a few words and said When Cheng Xin grows up, it is impossible for Cheng Xin to receive constant attention like her parents. She must learn to be tolerant and grateful.

The next day will be filming. Yao Jiaren is worried that Kong Hao will be in trouble during the recording, so some are not in the state. Zheng Qian said that he had vaccinated Kong Hao, but Yao Jiaren said that Kong Hao’s temperament is inaccurate, Zheng Gan also I was a little worried, and I would talk to Kong Hao after I went back. Kong Hao was a little impatient and promised that he would put work first. Yao Jiaren was still practicing Taiwanese books.

Cheng Jianye called her to greet Yao Jiaren and cheered her up, saying that he would invite Yao Jiaren to dinner when the first episode was finished. Cheng Jianye was very happy when he found Cheng Xin went home when he went downstairs after the phone call. The night before the recording, Kong Hao also had trouble sleeping. While Zheng Gan was asleep, he sneaked out and drank a night of wine. The next day Zheng Gan saw the drunk Kong Hao not beating, and desperately filled him with a drink to sober him up. After a while, the recording started. Both Yao Jiaren and Kong Hao were in a minor situation. Fortunately, both stabilized and continued to record.

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