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The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 Episode 25 Recap

Jiang Yi approached Jiang Dachuan to propose the dissolution of the small universe. Jia Shu and Le Yi also agreed, because Jia Shu guessed what they were going to do. The dissolution of the small universe is estimated to be able to refresh the screen for ten days and a half, then who will pay attention to the matter of Yu Shengsheng. Both Jiashu and Leyi can understand Jiang Yi’s current choice, and Leyi is also very grateful to the two brothers for taking care of themselves. After all, the small universe has not been officially disbanded to take care of his development.

The official announcement of the dissolution of the small universe, hot searches continue, everyone is reminiscing about youth, no one is caring about Yu Shengsheng and Jiang Yi anymore, the official account that spread the rumors has been blocked by the platform, and it can be found on the Internet. Basically all articles have been deleted. Pei Jiashu’s article is not suitable for reposting now. The editor-in-chief approached Tongwei to discuss that he wanted to stop the entertainment detective.

Jiang Yi asked Shen Boqing to listen to his views on the exchange. He said that the magnetic field around them was formed by different factors. The magnetic resonance of Jiang Yi and Yu Shengsheng only accounted for a very small part, causing them to interact with each other. The change in swapping and swapping conditions may be caused by a third-party magnetic field change, and this change is related to a lot of things. This is a very complex subject and involves a lot of fields. Shen Boqing told Jiang Yi objectively that the risk of exchange between him and Yu Shengsheng was very high, and they would be very dangerous if they encountered special circumstances.

Yu Shengsheng’s parents fell asleep on the sofa. When Yu Shengsheng saw it, he woke them up and let them go back to sleep. Yu Shengsheng and Jiang Yi met to watch a movie. They sat in the empty movie theater, with a seat between them.

Both of them talked to Shen Boqing, their eyes were red, and there were tears in their eyes. Jiang Yi felt guilty for letting his voice be attacked by public opinion, and he was helpless and powerless. After a long chat, the two decided to break up and just be pure netizens. After the movie, the two separated. After returning home, the voice was hiding in the bed, while Jiang Yi sat alone in tears.

The next day, Yu Shengsheng came out to have breakfast with her eye masks. She had three days left in her annual vacation and her parents were about to go to work. Her father asked her what she was doing at home. She said to tidy up the house and cook dinner in the evening and wait for them to come back. Yu Shengsheng told her parents about her breaking up with Jiang Yi. The parents were surprised but didn’t say much, just let her think clearly, and they support her no matter what decision she makes.

Yu Shengsheng still goes to work with Tongwei every day, while Jiang Yi went abroad to make a movie. They became netizens and only chatted on their mobile phones. Yu Shengsheng occasionally took a picture of her and Jiang Yi.

A year later, Jiang Yi’s mother called Jiang Yi to tell him good news, and he smiled very happily. Xu Shuyi came to thank Jiang Yi for supporting her show. The producer knew that she invited him to be very surprised. After all, he stopped Weibo this year and went abroad to make a film. After returning to China, he also made a literary film by Director Chen. The solo album is about to be released, but he didn’t even participate in a variety show. Everyone is looking forward to seeing him. Jiang Yi couldn’t say anything unexpected. From now on, it will be his normal state. Xu Shuyi said that no matter how good the conversation is on the show.

Tong Wei asked Yu Shengsheng to watch Jiang Yi’s interview together, and Yu Shengsheng asked when she had lifted Jiang Yi from the ban. Wasn’t she afraid that Yu Shengsheng would never mention her old love. Tong Wei said that it has been a year, and Jiang Yi is a big star after all. She doesn’t mention what’s the use, colleagues in the company have not been talking about him, and his news on the Internet has not been interrupted. Yu Shengsheng refused to let Tongyu watch the interview by herself. Tongyu used a radical method to say that she hadn’t forgotten Jiang Yi.

Otherwise, why didn’t she even dare to watch the interview, Yu Shengsheng agreed. During the interview, Jiang Yi and Xu Shuyi talked a lot about the reasons why he went out without a mask in the past six months and why he did not shy away from his female friends, colleagues, and relatives when he appeared in public. Because instead of being a well-protected star, he is more willing to live the life of an ordinary person.

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