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The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 Episode 24 Recap

Tongwei went home with Yu Shengsheng. After the meal was over, Yu Shengsheng had not found the right time to say. They didn’t go back very late. Seeing Yu Shengsheng’s expression, her mother knew that she had something to do, so she turned off the TV and asked her. Yu Sheng said hesitantly about her relationship with Jiang Yi. Her mother felt that Jiang Yi looked pretty good, and her father felt that he had a good personality after exposure, and her parents had no objection.

Tongyu told Yu Shengsheng’s parents about the difference between falling in love with big stars and ordinary people. The two felt that things were complicated, and Yu Shengsheng liked that they agreed to do their best to cooperate. Jiang Yi will go abroad for filming next month. It may take more than half a year. This month, there is nothing wrong. He proposed to go to the island to play. Yu Shengsheng was very excited and said that he would ask the editor-in-chief for leave.

Photos of Yu Shengsheng and Jiang Yi broke out on the Internet, and there was a lot of discussion on the Internet. Colleagues heard about it, and they surrounded Yu Sheng to say this or that. The editor asked Tong Wei to send Yu Sheng back. Tong Tong sent Yu Shengsheng to Jiang Yi’s childhood home, Jiang Yi had been waiting there long ago, Yu Shengsheng was worried that it would affect Jiang Yi, Jia Shu, Leyi and the others. Jiang Yi comforted Yu Shengsheng and told her not to think too much or pay attention to online public opinion.

Jiang Dachuan also actively controlled and commented on online information, persuading the voice not to blame Jiang Yi for not being able to make his relationship public for the time being. After all, Jiang Yi is now at the critical moment of transformation and hopes that voice can understand. Yu Shengsheng’s father’s colleagues also saw him and asked him. He said that Yu Shengsheng and Jiang Yi were just ordinary friends, and Shen Boqing also learned about it from the comments of Jiang Yi’s fans in the hospital.

Shen Boqing called and told Yu Shengsheng that he knew about her relationship with Jiang Yi, and he knew everything they exchanged. Yu Shengsheng was shocked to explain that she didn’t mean to lie to him. Shen Boqing interrupted Yu Shengsheng’s next words. He said that as long as she needed his help, she could come to him at any time.

As soon as Le Yi left the airport today, he was surrounded by reporters asking about Jiang Yi’s love affairs. He was confused, and went back to the apartment to talk to Jia Shu about it. Jia Shu said that he had reminded Jiang Yi a long time ago, and now it is not suitable for falling in love. When the small universe is disbanded, he can talk about love casually. Leyi heard that Jiang Dachuan said that Jiashu was very close to Yu Shengsheng’s best friend. Jiashu said that it was his old classmate, and Leyi reminded Jiashu that it was dangerous.

Yu Shengsheng and Jiang Yi couldn’t sleep much. They chatted for a while on the video call, and talked until they fell asleep. Xu Shuyi posted a Weibo saying that she was in a bad mood that day, and Yu Shengsheng was her friend to visit her, and Jiang Yi helped send Yu Shengsheng home. Yu Shengsheng did housework to divert his attention, but he still cared about this matter, and asked Tong Tong to check it out on Weibo. Tong Tong picked nice comments and read it to Yu Shengsheng.

Yu Shengsheng was picked off, and she was very awkward. She was in a bad mood, and her colleagues were also very angry when she saw her comments. The internet was all scolding her for comments. Jiang Dachuan, Yu Shengsheng and others got together to discuss. Jiang Dachuan checked that the company that posted this article is a newly registered office and there is no one. The lawyer is trying to find a way. They have already filed a complaint on the platform. Hope this article It can be deleted as soon as possible, but it has already been sent out.

Zhang knows that he calls and scolds Brother Curly. It’s normal for a star to be scolded for eating this bowl of rice, but Brother Curly does not like the sound of an ordinary person. She doesn’t like the sound but she has a bottom line. He does this. She sees I’m not used to it, I won’t cooperate anymore. Zhang knew that he had sent Tongwei’s contact information and work address, and Jiang Dachuan asked the lawyer to contact him.

Yu Shengsheng’s father was frustrated when he saw the comment on Yu Shengsheng on the Internet. Yu Shengsheng’s mother called and told Yu Shengsheng that she rushed over in a hurry and learned that her father was all right, squatting on the ground and crying. Jiang Yi wanted to visit Yu Shengsheng’s father in the hospital. He sent a WeChat message to ask Yu Shengsheng for his consent, but Yu Shengsheng refused to let him go.

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